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Mystic Messenger headcanon request!! You've done nonbinary and male, how about ftm transguy MC?

Awwwww yiisssss! Perfect! Thank you for the request darling~ (๑♡⌓♡๑) Please feel free to honestly let me know how these are!!! - Mod 606


  • 707% your biggest supporter around you. 
  • Always telling you how handsome you are. 
  • Orders you binders appropriate for every single outfit. Makes sure they’re extra comfortable and your correct size so that it doesn’t cause you any bodily harm.
  • “You were named by the greatest man I ever met…” “Seven… I named myself.” 
  • When you’re feeling particularly glum looking at yourself in the mirror he comes up behind you and lifts your arms up and makes you flex!!! “Look at these guns, baby! Kachow! You’re the manliest man I know.” 


  • Introduces you as his boyfriend so that nobody has a single second to question it.
  • Always so excited to see the changes in your face!!! He loves to rub his hands across your skin and feel for growing stubble
  • Helps coach your voice. As it’s changing, you feel uncertain and insecure, but he helps you manage it better. “When I went through puberty, my voice was unbearable. I can’t believe you get to sound so hot going through yours.” “…Zen.” *cue MC blushing* 
  • Calls you his man constantly. 


  • You are the BEST man he knows! The best! You are his BOY! FRIEND! 
  • He will literally fight anyone who tries to invalidate you. He will kick someones ass, okay? 
  • Tries to share clothes with you even though you’ve tried to politely let him know that you have two separate tastes in fashion.
  • The second you decide you want to start T he’s by your side and praising you in every way he knows how!!!


  • As soon as you decide what style you feel most comfortable in, he’s buying you a million different variations of that outfit so that you always!!!!!!!! Feel that comfortable.
  • Seriously. It’s a struggle between you two because he’s already had to have two extra closets built in he’s bought so much clothing.
  • Not to mention he also buys you the same outfits he has so that you two can match. 
  • Jumin is a sap for you. He doesn’t like PDA but will call you his sweet boy when you’re alone CONSTANTLY!
  • Lets everyone in the chat know that his man is his man and if he catches them messing with you they’re all gonna get their asses kicked. Not by him, but by someone who knows what they’re doing. Probably an Olympic fighter.
  • You’re his favorite boy in the whole world.


  • Jaehee helps you come to terms with yourself. She’s always by your side, asking if you’re comfortable, if things are okay, if anyone said anything to you.
  • ALWAYS lets you be the big spoon. A L W A Y S. 
  • Whispers in your ear about how handsome you look. Tells you you look more like yourself than ever.
  • Supports you with her entire heart. Tells you you’re honest. to. GOD. the best looking man she’s ever seen. 
Strictly Business, Then

“You’d like a what?” 

The voice was muffled. As if Mack was almost sheepish with his request. 

“You know. The ones they have in the - look. Can you make me an exploding pen or not?”

Fitz scoffed. “Who do you think you’re dealing with? Of course I can.” 

“Awesome. Thanks, Turbo.” 

“So, how are you and Coulson? Any luck on your -” 

“You know we can’t discuss missions, man.” 

“Yeah, yeah. New orders and all. It’s just - not the same without all of you here.” 

“Believe me, we feel the same.” 

There was a long silence between the two, when Mack spoke again. 

“How are things with you and Jemma? You two finally settled in?” 

And the feeling of glumness Fitz was wrestling turned to light when her name was mentioned. As it always did. As it always does. 

“She’s perfect. We’re perfect.” 

And they were. 

Her new title took her away from him more days than he could count, and he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t disappointed. 

But. Her motive. 

Her strategy for moving up in S.H.I.E.L.D.. It was admirable. 

They had had a thorough discussion of it about four months ago.

Fitz smirked.

Quite thorough. 

“You seemed quite chummy with the new Director just now, didn’t you? Like you were already the best of pals.” 

He had waited to confront her when they were safely tucked away in their bed and began debriefing the events of their first introduction to Director Scumbag.

Her demeanor with him had really bothered him all day, and it steadily stewed in his brain while he itched to ask her about her change of attitude. 

After all, they had spared the man no expense just the day before. She was just as livid with the Director’s new courses of action as he was. 

But before he - unfinished conversations would not be reintroduced to their steady relationship, so he decided to ask her about it. Point blank.

He tried to keep the bitterness out of his voice. He really did. 

But her expression revealed that his words stung just a little. 

Before he could apologize for his tone (although, really, what was he supposed to think?), Jemma scooted closer to him, reaching for his hand, intertwining it with hers. 

She wouldn’t look at him as she spoke quietly. 

“Do you trust me, Fitz?” 

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liverpepper twins!! i get a lot of messages asking ‘how close do you think the twins actually are’ and IMO!! THEY ARE VERY CLOSE!! AND LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH!!! so i drew them at age 13 when roxas still had brown hair hehe