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One-paragraph appreciation for the introvert types

ISTJs:  I think it’s great that there are so many of you, because ISTJs drive the world, get stuff done, and always seem to know what’s going on. You’re so incredibly reliable and trustworthy and we need people like that. Without your devotion and logical thinking, the world would be nowhere.

ISFJs: You guys are the glue that holds society together. I love how much you care about everyone and how much effort you put in to make sure everyone is okay. Seriously, you deserve more credit for being such great people, and you have both the drive and natural kindness to help a lot of people.

INFJs: Not only do you have other peoples’ best interests in mind, you guys dream big and have bold ideals. You may not think they’ll happen, but because you’re all so gutsy and organized (unlike me) I feel like you can and will accomplish your goals. I wish there were more of you, because you’re brilliant.

INTJs: You nerds are going to change the world. Seriously, you’re all intelligent, knowledgeable, determined and generally great at stuff, and you’re unbound by expectations. You are creators, challengers, improvers, and while you are few, you can have massive effects on the world on your own.

ISTPs: I know none of you are that dependent on the approval of others, but for what it’s worth: you are great. Your cleverness, pragmatism and bravery mean that you can accomplish awesome things that others could only dream of, and your calmness under pressure is something I strive for.

ISFPs: I feel like the world would be so much more peaceful if people adopted your mindset. It’s incredible how well you guys can see the beauty in others and the world around you. Flexible, talented people like you have so much potential, and since you’re all so kind and charming it’s great to be around you.

INFPs: You guys are most interested in deep thoughts and long-term goals and don’t care about shallow things. And that’s a wonderful way to be. I’m so glad that there are people like you: deep thinkers who don’t forget to look after others, altruists who still seek to define themselves. You fit so many great qualities into one incredible personality.

INTPs: My fellow oddities, you are awesome. You have whole worlds inside your heads, and you tend to know the right answers and ask the right questions. Your curiosity and imagination combined are a force to be reckoned with, and you are definitely some of the smartest people in the world.

Deep Space Nine RECAP: 5x06

I mean obviously.

Season 5, Episode 6: ‘Trials and Tribble-ations’

A coupla suits arrive in Ops, announcing they’re from the DEPARTMENT OF TEMPORAL INVESTIGATIONS, good god yes.

Dax grins. “I guess you boys from Temporal Investigations are…always on time.”

Kira laughs, the space bureaucrats do not, and I am flipping my shit because no one told me that Deep Space Nine’s love letter to The Original Series was also their tonally perfect homage to the X-Files comedy episodes?? BUT IT SO IS. [Update: SO VERY IS]

Kira shows the suits in to Sisko’s office, where Ben, eager to share Deep Space 9’s bounty of space bevs, the glue that holds this society together, asks, “Are you sure you don’t want anything?”

“Just the truth, Captain,” Suit One responds.


Ok here’s some elements essential to the BRILLIANCE of the meta-tastic comedic episodes of The X-Files, which would have been in its own fifth season at this point, and clearly known and loved by the Star Trek: DS9 writers:

- suits, whose demand for explanations provides narrative framework and ballast — check, just brought those in by turbolift
- outlandish supernatural plot devices — born ready
- diegetic jokes — Jadzia Dax has us covered, now and always
- genre jokes, always with the ~feel~ of puns even when they’re not, delivered straight BUT
- with this pervading sense that everyone involved, actors fully but on some level even characters too, are playing it Extra Straight as their way of having as much fun with it as possible
- basically, everyone holds their stares for one hilarious beat too long to leave space for the imaginary *wink*

It is HEAPS OF FUN because the sense of everyone being in on the joke includes us, the audience, and so we love these episodes for their sense of community and affection as much as we do for their creativity and cleverness in taking a break from form to comment on the form. These kinds of episodes are the best and bounciest and all silliness in the service of sincerity and I’M SO HAPPY and we’re only just starting, ahh, AAHH.

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what YOUR dunmer house says about you!
  • hlaalu: you love money and think you're hot shit because you make a lot of it. you are frequently called a 'cuck', but you don't care because you think you're rich. you have many friends, all of whom secretly hate you. you would sell your family to satan for half a corn chip.
  • redoran: you love rules. you love playing by the rules. someone once offered to remove the stick from your ass; you reported them to HR for harassment and had them put on disciplinary leave. when its your turn on the aux you put on an audiobook. the only reason you have friends is because you're the one who bails everyone else out once shit goes bottom-up, but they still hate you bc you never stop gloating about it.
  • telvanni: you think you can do whatever you want and then you do it. everybody hates you but you don't care because you hate them more. you probably describe yourself as chaotic neutral; everyone you know describes you as a dick. you make garden decorations out of doll parts and collect books you'll never read because they make you seem intelligent. you think "ethics guidelines" are holding science back, consider yourself as an intellectual, have made at least one 'triggered' joke at some point in your life.
  • indoril: you're a teacher's pet and damn proud of it. either you're a member of your religious sect or you're outspoken against religion on humanitarian grounds (but only gently because you consider yourself to be exceptionally tolerant.) you participate in charity and make sure everyone's aware of it. you're distantly related to a popular military leader and you think that's proof that you're the glue holding society around you together. you either have been or at some point will be hung from a flagpole by your underpants. also, you destroy everything you love
  • dres: let's be honest, you're kind of a redneck. like telvanni, you think you can do whatever you want, but 'whatever you want' for you usually involves a gallon of vodka and a puddle of mud. you start a lot of shit but somehow manage to not be blamed for any of it because while everyone else is dealing with the outcomes you're out in a swamp wrestling lizards. this uncanny talent allows you to start all sorts of drama and you do so with wanton relish. you're the one who called hlaalu a cuck.
  • dagoth: you're a goth, you know you're a goth, everyone else knows you're a goth, and yet you still insist that you aren't a goth. you're a hopeless romantic and you cry easily. sufjan stevens is your favorite artist and you feel as if he's the only one who really understands you. you're still obsessed with your first grade crush and you're proud of that because you think loyalty is the most noble trait one can have. you own far too many candles
  • sadras: you're the most unremarkable person in the world. the only reason you're successful is because you're a snitch and redoran thinks that makes you responsible
  • mora/clan ra'athim: you are a MESS. you're an absolute disaster. you're wildly successful in the same way that a tornado is successful. you're unstoppable, you do what you want, and nothing will be the same once you've finished throwing trees through houses. you love having sex with politicians. you're the extrovert on all those introvert vs extrovert memes. 'live fast die young leave a pretty corpse' is your motto. everybody loves you but you're still going to get stabbed in the back and honestly you wouldn't have it any other way.
  • sotha: everybody loves you, you don't know why, also you're probably dead
  • dwemer: you don't really fit in with your social group, but you're lumped in there anyway because nobody understands you. you enjoyed c0da. you have complex theories on philosophy which you're never going to share with anyone because nobody else is intelligent enough to understand them. one day you're going to disappear mysteriously and will go down as the most famous unsolved paranormal case of the 21st century
  • Aries: You will never understand why people are sad and nostalgic about their younger years. Why? Because you'll never grow old.
  • Taurus: You stay strong when the world around you is swirling in a terrifying chaos.
  • Gemini: Your mind is as sharp as a knife. And it will never go dull.
  • Cancer: You are bravely caring and nurturing in a cold, harsh, world.
  • Leo: You shine and stand out. You are the muse, you are everybody's inspiration.
  • Virgo: You provide order to a world that is drowning in clutter and disease.
  • Libra: You are capable of gently silencing the terrible conflicts of the world.
  • Scorpio: You are the only one willing to explore and accept the darkness the world has to offer.
  • Sagittarius: You are willing to go explore into the world, refusing to make yourself sheltered in a cage of comfort.
  • Capricorn: You are very capable of making your goals and dreams into a reality.
  • Aquarius: You are the glue that keeps society together, yet you are also the one who unravels the injustices in the world.
  • Pisces: You add beautiful, stunning colors of creativity and deepness to a stale, bland world.
International Working Women’s Day

The history of the working-class is in reality the history of working women. Under the dual koshes of class oppression and patriarchal discrimination, women have been consistently the motor of revolutions: in 1789, they marched on Versailles and brought King Louis back to Paris; their demonstration in Petrograd on this day in 1917 sparked the entrance of the masses into the Russian Revolution; in 1936 they formed the backbone of the Spanish democratic peasant economy; in 2016 they spearhead the columns protecting Rojava and Kobane’s fledgling republic from ISIS.

In many countries, women make up the majority of trade union members, and the majority of strike days are taken by women. They glue society together with one hand, and fight for a bright new dawn with the other.

Here’s to the women - truly kicking ass for the working-class.

Hot With The Chance Of Late Storm                                                                    - The Glue Society

10 Things PnF Fans Believe...

1. Watermelons should always be saved
2. One day vending machines will be the dominant race (It’s gonna happen)
3. Cowboys aren’t real (Have you ever seen one?)
4. A PHD is something to be appreciated (Pillow hurling dexterity)
5. Cheese puns are gouda
6. Lies are the glue that hold society together
7. You should never pour grape juice on a platypus
8. Klimpaloon exists
9. Ducky Momo is our friend
10. WE CAN


Without getting too madly political and analytical because once I start I will never STFU about the raging injustices and tribulations that we as a global community are forced to undergo…dear World, can we please just…fucking have a bit more compassion – towards each other and towards ourselves

It is the glue that stops our societies from flying apart, it is the expression of sympathy and empathy which we need in order to avoid descending into a quagmire of spite and malice, it is acknowledgement that others deserve to uphold their dignity, it is respect for this marvellous and terrible thing which we call Life

If we view things with a compassionate gaze, we make the path towards an equitable and enlightened society easier.

/amorphous rant @ self because ouching on behalf of every tear shed by anyone and everyone, I’m such a gigantic snivelling wuss

“Compassion hurts. When you feel connected to everything, you also feel responsible for everything. And you cannot turn away. Your destiny is bound with the destinies of others. You must either learn to carry the universe or be crushed by it. You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors.” Andrew Boyd, Daily Afflictions: The agony of being connected to everything in the universe.