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james arthur was probably that kid that ate glue and sniffed scented markers to get high in class

he still does it to this very day i caught him squatting behind a garbage bin, scented markers spread out like a buffet, face covered in glue

Opened morning walk down by water with seagulls ducks crows show-off sky. A sky you stop and look at looks at you.

Massage all hands and lavender and music. Why do this for yourself you have to do this for yourself all the tenses of tense must be evicted from your land.

Sort half-started half-finished crayon drawings lego books markers scissors glue dolls gum clothes beds.

Sand the new shelves of you, first-coat prime the new space of you. No music for a while it’s quiet brush quiet brush breathing outside occasional geese.

And water your plants every one the way every week love and tending love and tend you. Water-keys return to roots turning sinking sighing satisfied.



what’s in my pencil case?

hello again! the new school year for us starts on the 1st of february, so i decided i’d show you all what i’ll be taking with me every day. last year i carried two pencil cases around so i had my mildliners and every colour of muji pen with me in every class, but i never needed them so i’ve decided just to bring the essentials this year.

picture one
• two 2B grey leads and four pilot frixion highlighters in pink, yellow, purple, and blue from officeworks
• two black, one blue, and one red gel ink pens from muji

picture two
• page tabs that match my pilot frixion markers from the newsagency down the road
• two sets of sticky notes from officeworks
• rubber bands and paper clips from officeworks

picture three
• a 30cm ruler, scissors, glue stick, whiteboard marker, and sharpie from officeworks
• a TI-nspire CAS calculator bought through my school
• a pen from a five pack from kikki k

picture four
• clear sticky tape from kmart
• a sharpener, 16gb usb stick, stapler and spare staples, and whiteout tape from officeworks

not shown
• an erasor from officeworks

Life has been feeling kind of pointless lately. I’m writing down a list of tiny little things to stay alive for. If you have time to scroll past this or like this, would you mind taking a second to reblog and put in the tags below some general little joys in life to stay alive for? It can be something like “finding a penny tail’s side down in a parking lot” or “how the moon looks in the morning”, or “scented markers”. Help me fill the page, and maybe you can start one of your own.
You’re not alone. Stay alive.

DIY~Beautiful Themed Dollar Tree Matchbox Ornaments!

[This project is from this 53-minute youtube video.]

I knew I had to do this fucking project the moment I saw it.  Life kept getting in the way, so I skipped life this week to make something for you.

What you need to make this thing:

(I missed SO MANY THINGS in this photo.)

  • matchbox
  • permanent markers or leafing pen or metallic markers
  • tacky glue
  • glitter
  • Mod Podge Gloss or Dimensional Magic or something
  • awl or pushpin
  • decorative button pack or some rhinestones or whatever
  • E-6000 glue or similar
  • wire cutters
  • 2 head pins
  • eye pins
  • plastic beads
  • Beadsmith 1-step Looper or some round-nosed pliers
  • 2 pairs of pliers
  • small metal charm
  • jump rings
  • about 10 inches decorative ribbon
  • Fray Check or similar product

I’d like to thank @badromancenovelquotes for the Fray Check and the E-6000.

First, dump the matches out of your matchbox.

Next, cover the box in the marker color of your choice.  It is hard to do this on the printed part of the box.

But it is also less urgent because you will be covering the whole fucking thing with glitter.

After about 3 coats of metallic marker on the cover, it looked like this:


Next, put some tacky glue on the box cover:

Use your finger to smear this glue out into a single layer.  This took more glue than you would think.

Sprinkle on the glitter.  It turned out that I got better coverage by spreading out the glitter with my finger than by pouring the glitter on and tapping it right back off.

Let the glue dry.  Once dry, tap any excess glitter out of the box and off of the cover, and cover the glitter still on the box with a light coat of sealer, smeared on with your finger.

She used Mod Podge Gloss to do this in the video.  I don’t have any of that, so I used Dimensional Magic. I don’t think it matters, the important thing is to keep the goddamn glitter from shedding.

You have to glitter and seal all sides of the cover, and this takes about 24 hours.

Once the box part is dry, you can make the holes in the short sides.  These holes are in about the middle of the side of the box.  She used pliers or some shit to do this, I just used an awl.

You could also use a pushpin.

After about a day’s work, you should be able to put the glitter away.

Cut any shanks off your decorative buttons with the wire cutter.  Figure out placement, and then use the E-6000 or similar glue to fasten some buttons into the box and some on either side of the cover.

My pack had two unicorns, two pegasi, two hearts and two glittery stars.

Let the glue dry for at least four hours.

I couldn’t find my head pins for this project.  Which is weird, because usually I can’t find the eye pins.

I also didn’t have any of the spacer beads used in the video.  I did, however, have a fairly small plastic bead.

I put the bead on the eye pin and ran it through the hole like so:

Then I put a slightly fancier bead on the pin outside the box and made a loop with my looping pliers.

I got looping pliers because I am bad at making loops and @loveandasandwich suggested them.  If you don’t have any, just make a loop the usual way, with round-nosed pliers.  There are lots of tutorials out there for this.

There wasn’t room for a bead on the bottom of the box, so I used the pliers to make a right angle at the loop in the second eye pin, and that worked fine.

Put your beads on eye pins, make a loop at the straight end.  Here I have the star beads on their own pins and the letters on one pin.  I put the unicorn charm on the end with a jump ring.  The charm is only enameled on one side.

You are supposed to put the box in the cover before this next part, but I forgot.

Put a big jump ring through the loop at the top of the box.

Close the jump ring up again.

Fold the decorative ribbon in half the long way and slide it through the jump ring until the ends are even.  Tie a knot in the ribbon.

Trim the ends at an angle and put some fray-check on them.  Mod Podge would probably also work.

Let the fray check dry, and you’re finally done!

I have absolutely no idea what you are supposed to do with this fucking thing.

Sure is shiny though!

time: about 2 days
cost: something like $20 US, depends what you already had
injuries: some terrible hand cramps & poison inhalation

You can buy my magic box here.

Harry was a sweet little six year old with dark hair that went everywhere, crooked glasses, which he always broke and a plan. You see father’s day was approaching and Harry had 3 amazing people in his life that he considered father figures.

Harry was up at the top of the hill by his house, he had gone with Lily to the Muggle store and bought paper, glue, paint and markers. He wanted to do it the Muggle way. Harry started with the cards, the first one was red, his dad’s favourite. He wrote in big scribbly letters, HAPPY FATHERS DAY! He drew a stag on the front and very carefully, as he wasn’t great at writing wrote out,

“I love you, you’re my safe, my strong, my no scared. You’re my flyer and my biggest smiles, i love you”

He painted his hand and smoothed it on the inside.

Next he did his godfather, Sirius. He wrote HAPPY SUPER AWESOME UNCLE’S DAY! Then drew a shaggy black dog beside it. Inside he wrote,

“You like bikes and so do I, we go and drive fast, you’re the best, and cooler then dad. But don’t tell him. I love you”

He smoothed another handprint and made the last one.

The front read the same as Sirius’ but the inside of Remus’ read,

“You showed me books and how to write and taught me not to be afraid of things that are sometimes scary and I love you”

Once those were done he started their gifts.

Then the afternoon of fathers day he invited them all for a big dinner. They had a big long table and a nice meal and then Harry gave out his cards. James smiled and hugged him tight. Remus smirked and kissed the top of his head and Sirius, as always teared up and hugged him far too long.

He then presented them with his home made paper ties, he cut and pasted them. Sirius’ was black and gold, James’ was red and blue and Remus’ was yellow and purple. The guys laughed loudly before putting them on proudly and taking a wonderful picture with their favourite little man.

“The holiday’s pretty dumb but it’s still fun to make stuff. This is just a buncha arts and crafts left over from last year.” Daggett says, carrying a container full of construction paper, small frilly scissors, markers, glue and other art materials of the like. He then places it upon the kitchen table before taking a seat and removing some of what was piled within the box to get a better look at it all.

“It’s supposed to be about mushy feelings and kissing but the only thing I really like about it is the candy.” The beaver tells his friend with a small shrug. He wasn’t really one for romance or any sort of intimacy honestly but it was a short activity to pass the time that he deemed interesting enough.

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Here is a limited run of the Nuka Zapper pistol that I made for 3 of my friends. What makes them limited is due to the bases they sit on due to only having 3 dry baby formula container lids to use for the bottom. The rest of the base is comprised of EVA foam for the bottom, sintra for the saddles, clear acrylic sheet and printed logos with hammered steel paint. The Zappers are made using a plastic Perrier bottle, foam core poster board, foamular insulation board, a sharpie magnum, a googly eye, a fat crayola marker, hot glue casts for the barrel fins, screws,sintra, skewers, printed labels and a bottle cap.

Always Been You.

Prompt: hey :) can you do an imagine where stiles is in love with lydia and he always talks to the reader about her bc they’re best friends and she helps him every time because she has a crush on him and wants him to be happy but one day when stiles comes to her to tell her that he wants to ask lydia out and then the reader gets mad and they fight and she ends up confessing her feelings to him? you can choose how it ends :) – Anon

Author’s Note: Wow, so I may have gone a little overboard with this one. 12 pages. I think this is the longest one I’ve written (12 pages!) haha. Anyways, I kind of changed just a little bit. I hope you like it! Thanks for the request! (:

Always Been You.

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Third Grade – Valentine’s Day

Three little kids sat around the dining room table in the McCall house. Scraps of paper, glue sticks, kid scissors, markers, and packs of Valentine’s Day cards with different characters on them scattered the wooden table. On one end of the table sat a nine-year-old boy with dark hair and a crooked chin. He was working on a special heart-shaped card for his mom after putting names on all of his Superhero Valentine cards. In the middle sat an eight-year-old girl with a slightly unruly set of blond curls falling in front of her blue eyes. She tried to blow them out of the way as she concentrated on writing names down on her Disney princesses cards, but the ringlets just fell right back down. On the opposite end of the table sat another nine-year-old boy with chocolate colored eyes and moles that speckled the side of his face. He was in deep concentration as he wrote a name as fancy as he could on the front of a pink heart-shaped card.

Once Stiles got it as perfect as he could, he flipped to the inside of the card. “I don’t know what to write on the inside…” He muttered as he stared blankly at the pink paper.

“What do you mean? Who is it for?” The curly blonde asked.

“Lydia Martin, probably.” Scott responded, not looking up from his card.

“Wh… why would you be making a special one for her?” (Y/N) questioned.

“Because he likes her… A LOT.” Scott replied for Stiles once again, still not lifting his eyes from his project.

“Oh…” (Y/N) responded somewhat glumly. “Well, why don’t you just say that on the card?” She asked, looking at her best friend.

Stiles shook his head a little, “I don’t know…”

“She’ll never know unless you tell her, dude.” Scott pressed (Y/N)’s suggestion, but Stiles just shrugged his shoulders.

The next day, children milled around the classroom as they stuck cards in decorated shoe boxes. Stiles walked cautiously over to Lydia’s desk, watching to make sure no one was around to see him drop his special card in. He slipped the love note into the glittery, pink, and feathery box and then coyly walked away while sticking cards in the rest of the boxes. Little did he know that a curly headed blonde was watching from the other side of the room with sad eyes.

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Heyyyy~~ I’m starting school in September which means (!) I.Need.STATIONERY! Like, seriously: Stationery shopping is one the most exciting parts of being a student^^ So I made myself a list of the basic things I need. Nothing extraordinary but checklists are really helpful in order to not to forget a single thing + I’m going to another country soon and will buy some stuff in there as well~ Here’s a list of my essentials: •school bag
•water bottle
•pencil case
•pens: black, blue, colored
•glue stick
•pencil sharpener
•notebooks: A4 & A5
•paper clips
•desk organizer
So that’s pretty much all the things I have on my list. Maybe I will remember something more but this is the main stuff. Hope it helps~ Stay awesome•^•

With Sailor Moon my love to Anime and Manga has started. So I have been very happy to mix my passion with Sailor Moon to my love for paper. 

This had been a Secret Santa Picture I made for a Secret Santa Activity on Animexx :). 

Made with paper, fabric, fabric roses, glue, watercolors, salt, markers  and cardstock

Watch me for more fantastic paper projects :).

thinking about Mabel holding her great uncle’s hand and being endlessly fascinated by how different it is from her own. Mabel’s hands are small and delicate. kind of sticky from glue or spotted with marker smears

Stan’s fingers are thick and crooked and his hands are scarred from brawls and heavy labor but they’re also quick and sneaky. perfect for tickling an unsuspecting great niece or pulling a coin out of a great nephew’s ear c:

*Same if he had a son, btw.*

N: N would have a laminated list of all the do’s and don’ts of kindergarten made for her, and he’d read it to her right before she leaves for school. He’d also remind her to not act up or else she’d get in trouble with him, before going off on a tangentof his own kindergarten experience. Papa N just wants her to succeed. “Do share your toys with your friends. Do respect your teacher. Do not share you lunch with anyone. Do not sniff glue or markers. Oh, and give this apple to your teacher.” 

Leo: Leo would help his little girl slide on her backpack and then give her fifty million hugs until he’s satisfied. He’d then follow her into the school until he couldn’t anymore and gets escorted out by security. That whole day he’d bother you with his worries of if she’s okay or not. “Do you think she remembered to wash her hands after she used the bathroom? Do you think she made any friends? Do you think she remembered to color inside the lines?!”

Ken: Ken would kneel in front of his little girl and ask her if she was sure she had everything she needed to start the day. He’d then remind her that if anything were to happen to her then to immediately tell the teacher who would call him. He’d then wish her luck and send her on her way watching her backpack flap up and down on her back. “Now remember: Smile and make lots of friends!”

Ravi: Ravi would also kneel in front of his little girl, but ask her a bazillion questions. The same questions that he asked before he left the house. He’d seem really nervous and a little hesitant to let her go, but that’s because he realizes that his little girl is growing up fast right in front his eyes. “Is your lunchbox still in your backpack? Do you need the potty? Do you have a fever? Remember what I said about bullies? And if  you meet Uncle Jaehwan’s kid, run.”

HongBin: If you’re with HongBin sending her off then he’d be cool as a cucumber, if not he’ll be in slight distress. He’d keep fixing her uniform or school outfit making sure she’s lent free and then ask her countless questions if she’s ready for school or not. When the bell rings he’d freak out and squeeze his daughter into a tight hug and most likely not let go. “Are you sure you want to start school? There are germs and little boys. Don’t worry we can explain it to your mom.”

Hyuk: Hyuk will teach his little girl a couple of safety tricks just in case she encounters a bully. They wouldn’t be conventional tricks, but his parenting skills are questionable anyway. Once he’s done, he’d send her off with a hug and a wave. A big grin will be plastered on his face as he continuously waves goodbye until she disappears into the building. “Bye sweetie. Have a great first day in Kindergarten. Remember what I taught you? Aim below the belt.”

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Mothers Day || Future

Melina had managed to sneakily grab some coloured paper from her mother’s office throughout the day so she could work on her card that she had been planning for quite some time. After a few minutes of getting herself covered in glitter, Melina wasn’t sure if Zasha was going to make a card or not and decided that he could help her with the glue. Grabbing some markers, Melina padded her way over to Zasha’s room, knocking at the door quietly before putting her thumb in her mouth and waited patiently.

From left: “No Fun in Vogue,” 1978; “Ideals of Order (Your Food and Falconetti),” 1983; “Kinghorse (and Endpoint) Descend,” 1989

Celebrating the Lost Art of Flyers Through the Lens of the Louisville Punk Music Scene

Gone are the days when all a person needed to disseminate information were some paper, markers, a glue stick and a stapler - along with the required telephone poles on which to attach the resultant flyers. “White Glove Test: Louisville Punk Flyers 1978-199″ (Drag City, $40) showcases a collection of these DIY works of art that came out of one of the most storied independent music scenes in the country, responsible for such seminal bands as No Fun, Slint and Bonnie Prince Billy.

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i feel like i don’t fit in with the studyblr community.

now, this community is one of the nicest group of people ive ever seen! but i also dont fit into the typical “studyblr” box.

im trans,
i dont have enough money to buy muji or anything other than walmart,
i don’t go to target (too far) or stationery stores,
i don’t have apple products,
i don’t have a spotless and aesthetically pleasing white/black desk (years of crafting has left my desk covered in dried glitter, glue, paint and marker),
im not good at taking photos,
im too anxious to approach anyone in the community,
im riddled with depressive states and anxiety,

im not what people think of when they hear “studyblr” and that’s why it took so long for me to make this blog (a year!!) and that’s why im making this post.
im not sure what the real point of this is- not attention, but more of, recognition.

i want to meet others in similar (and different!) situations.
i want to point out the diversity this community has that goes overlooked.
i dunno, i just want u guys to know that i… exist? that there’s true diversity here and that we deserve to be the face of this community too- everyone does.