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Shoma Uno ft. Yuzuru Hanyu, “What are you interested in these days?” || 2017 World Championships (x)

Baby Girl (Jungkook/Reader)

Prompt: May I request a Jungkook smut in which you are bf and he has always seen you just as a kid because you’re younger than him. He doesn’t mind being shirtless around you or you hearing him talk about the last night’s girl with a friend. To the point of you getting so frustrated about him not treating you as a woman and plainly thinking of you as his cute and innocent girl friend that one day you start dry humping him saying something along the lines: do I still look that innocent to you (oppa)? thx

Genre: Smut, Slight Angst, Slight Humor, College!Au, Best Friends!Au

Words: 3.5K+

Author: Admin Nan

Summary: It was a boiling summer day you realized your attraction for the cute, older boy next door. 

Tags: Swearing, Dry humping, Thigh riding, Sub!Kook, Oppa, Park Jimin - Reader Discretion is advised.

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sticky situation
  • Ethan: Where's my glue?
  • Mark: You don't get glue. You do without glue.
  • Mark: You make your own glue...
  • Mark: *starts laughing*
  • Mark: Just give self a good SQUEEZE!
  • Ethan: ...I'll be back.
  • Mark: Have fun making the glue!
  • Ethan: But what do I do if I have no glue?
  • Mark: You make do!
  • Ethan: I make do?? But how do I-
  • Mark: Figure out without glue!
  • Mark: If you can't get the man-glue, you get the-
  • Mark: *realizes what he's about to say*
  • Mark: -the baby glue?
  • Ethan: Baby glue? You monster!
  • Ethan: *looks to camera*
  • Ethan: What do I do?
All I Wanted; C.H. 30

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Hello lovely people,

This is the last part of All I Wanted. I had a blast writing this and I want to thank you all for the kind words regarding this story (or any other of course). It’s been a fun way for me to make fun of my disastrous love life and I’m glad you’ve accepted me with such open arms.

Enjoy the last part,

Lots of love, 
L. xox

“I’ll see you later love.” I smile into the receiver as I bid Calum goodbye. Calum didn’t want to end things, but that didn’t mean that Meredith had let things go. Two, almost three weeks had passed and I hadn’t heard from my best friend since. I would feel betrayed too, but I would appreciate it if she could at least try to be happy for me. She said so herself – Calum had changed since we started hooking up, and it had only gotten better now that I was his girl.

“Of course, babe. I’ll phone you later.” Calum answers before I hear the click and the annoying tune, indicating our telephone conversation had ended. I slide my phone back into my pocket as I let my gaze wander back to the make-up articles in front of me. I had decided to treat myself with a little shopping spree and my first stop was new eyeshadow and lipstick.


I freeze in my spot when I hear her voice, clutching the eyeshadow I had taken off of the rack in my fist. I slowly turn my head and raise my eyebrows when I see a nervous Meredith staring at me with the tiniest of smiles of her lips. “Uh, hi?”

“Hi. Uh – it’s been a while.” She mumbles and I refrain myself just in time from scoffing as I avert my gaze from hers. It hadn’t been my choice to let it ‘have been a while’. I wouldn’t go all out and say I wasn’t in the wrong because I clearly was, and I was aware of that, but Meredith not answering any of my calls or texts was a ball that was in her court.

“Yeah, I guess.” I mutter back, dropping the eyeshadow back in its original place while I focus on another part of the aisle, hoping to get away soon before we’d starting fighting again.

“Do you – uh, do you have time for a chat?” I turn completely, my whole body facing hers as I watch her rather tentative posture. Normally Meredith was filled with confidence – a bit too much if you asked me, it leaned more towards arrogance sometimes – but now she was a trembling mess. I guess it had done her worse than it had done me. On the other hand, I had Calum supporting me whenever I had a mental breakdown about this friendship.

“Now?” I am kind of perplexed to run into her here – although the city wasn’t that large, you never ran across someone around here. And I know Meredith had purposely been avoiding me these past days. I cross my arms across my chest, still not quite sure what she desires of me – and right now I wish I could call Calum and ask for his advice.

“Okay look, I’m sorry Y/n. I overreacted I know that and if you decide to not be friend anymore that’s fine by me, seems a bit impossible though with all the –“ I scrape my throat to stop her rambling. She takes a few seconds to recollect herself before she speaks again. “Let’s talk this out, please? Over a cup of coffee?”

“Okay, fine.” The nerves have slowly dissipated knowing that she isn’t here to yell furiously at me some more, but rather to talk it out among friends. That doesn’t mean all of the nerves are gone yet though, seeing as how this could easily turn out into a complete disaster – something that had happened multiple times in our friendship over the years.


I had laid my cards out on the table, telling her everything that had happened in the past three months, skipping on some of the passionate details but emphasizing how I felt about Calum from the start. I wanted her to know that this wouldn’t be some fling that would tear our friendship apart. If Calum and I ever decided to part ways, I wasn’t planning on staying away from the Hood residence all together. Meredith was still my best friend and I wasn’t planning on changing that anytime soon.

“So… It was you Calum asked me advice about?” Meredith questions for the second time since our first cup of coffee and this conversation started. It had gotten a lot better than I expected and I weren’t one to complain.

“I guess so, that I don’t know. If it were anyone else he wouldn’t have gotten a second chance, let alone a third one.” I laugh wickedly, finishing off with an awkward ‘ah’ at the end as our conversation falls back to silence. “Well, if we’re being honest with one another…” Meredith starts off and I feel my eyes widening as I bite my bottom lip.

“I think if Luke and I didn’t talk, I wouldn’t have spoken to you ever again.” Meredith starts stirring her cup absentmindedly as she tries to avoid my gaze. “Luke caught us, I didn’t plan on him knowing.” I start defending myself, but Meredith shuts me up with a sigh.

“I know. He told me. He also told me you both seemed smitten about each other and I would be a bad friend and a bad sister if I at least didn’t support two of such important people in my life.” I smile when I realize it’s the first time she has voiced her approval of me dating Calum.

“I’m glad you’re not pissed at me anymore. I really need my best friend to gossip with.” I laugh as I grasp Meredith’s hand and give it a firm squeeze. “I missed you too.”

“Are you seeing Calum today?” Meredith asks as she waves at the waiter for our check. I still feel kind of awkward answering any question about her brother but she really seems like she wants to keep being my best friend, so I have to be honest with her like I was before.

“Yeah, I was supposed to meet him later.” I push a few coins towards Meredith to cover my drinks and get up to put on my coat. “Oh, we should hang out later, I’ll ask Michael too.” I am reluctant to agree, but if I want to keep these charades up there is nothing else I can say besides “Oh, okay. That sounds great.” My smile is not genuine and I think she notices, but her smile is even more forced that I imagine mine displays. “I’ll see you later then.” I press my lips against her cheek and walk out of the bar.


“What a surprise to see you here so soon.” Calum grins at me, clad in only his boxer shorts as he leans down to greet me with a kiss. The kiss is shortened as I pull away and push past Calum to be indoors. “I ran into Meredith right after I spoke to you. We talked.”

“Oh?” Calum smiles as he closes the door and lets his arm snake around my waist. “You don’t seem surprised.” I state, absentmindedly dragging my fingers along Calum’s exposed arm, pressing my back against his solid chest. “Not really, no.”

I hum, turning around in his arms as he starts kissing my neck again. “Calum…”

“I saw her in the morning. We talked things through. It would be a nick of time before she spoke to you too.” Calum hums contently as he pushes me backwards, towards the stairs, while I struggle against him. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because I wanted to talk to you about this personally, not over the phone. Now…” Calum grins as he presses his lips against mine feverishly, my eyelids immediately fluttering closed. I enjoy the moment, Calum’s hand roaming along my back before they rest on my bum, which they give a firm squeeze.

“Calum?” Our make-out stops when we hear Meredith’s voice from the kitchen. We part ways and step aside when the kitchen door opens and reveals Meredith, Michael behind her.

“Oh hey. Didn’t know you would be here.” Meredith smiles awkwardly, a grin we reciprocate. It’s quiet for just the longest second and I breathe a sigh of relief as Michael speaks up.
“Hey, wanna hangout? I brought my guitar.” He motions to the large pack on his back and I know it’s more towards Calum but I’m thankful he decides to break the tension. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had no clue what was going on and how badly he had helped us out just now.

“Yeah, of course, I’ll get some pants on.” Calum grins at me before he jogs up the stairs and leaves me there to awkwardly smile at Meredith as Michael disappears from sight. Meredith turns around and motions for me to follow her and I do so without a word.

“Want anything?” She motions to the fridge and I shrug my shoulders, indicating I didn’t mind whatever she gave me. I’m handed a beer and follow her outside, Michael already soaking up the cool spring sun.

Calum joins us soon after and takes a seat beside me. He doubted at first, clearly contemplating if it were okay to sit beside me with his sister around. He settles for his hand on my knee, a completely ignorant gesture but something so huge to where we came from.

It’s awkward, and even that’s an understatement, but I have absolutely nothing to talk about. The last few weeks had been revolving around the guy beside me, and I wasn’t going to tell my dirty little secret to Meredith – in hopes of reconciling, of course – with the male of said stories right beside me.

“I’ve invited Luke as well; hope you don’t mind.” Michael states absentmindedly, tweaking the strings of is guitar. My eyes are glued to the neck of the musical instrument but inside I’m grinning brightly. I could talk to Luke, my new found friend, and this awkwardness would all go away.

It were a few quiet, very quiet six minutes. As I hear the fence click, indicating Luke’s arrival, I almost want to fly out of my seat and go greet him up front – almost.
Calum’s hand on my knee is the only thing stopping me right now. It would look quite weird if I were so giddy to meet my boyfriend – it still tastes sweet on my tongue – his best mate.

“Hi guys, what’s up!” Luke yells as he appears in sight, stopping in his tracks as he feels the tension. The air is thick and I won’t deny it. I really want this to work though so I hope Luke plans on being my glue.

“Why are you looking like that Luke? I know.” Meredith smiles coyly as she gazes from Calum’s outstretched arm to Luke’s I-am-trying-to-be-stoic-features. I jump as I hear her voice and hold in my breath as Luke gazes from me to Meredith and back to me before his mouth opens.

“I know that you know. You thought this hiding shit from everyone was bad for you? How do you think it was for me? I am such a blabber mouth; my cat knows everything!” Luke stammers hysterically, pointing at Calum and I, drawing laughs out of all of our mouths.

Thank you for being my glue. I mentally thank Luke, smiling brightly at him as he winks at me. “Glad it worked out for you, little one,” Luke ruffles my hair and drops down beside me, “Although I am disappointed in you two. You could show some more love, I know you have it in you!”

You would think Luke would make things awkward again, but Meredith grins brightly – genuinely, not forced this time – as Calum gazes from her to me. Calum leans over to press his lips against my cheek and Luke ‘ooh’s like a little girl, clapping his hands like a retarded seal.

“I am so happy we’re done from keeping shit from our friends.” Luke sighs as he takes a swig from my beer, a loud scoff passing my lips as he does so. He is right. I’m elated as well.

“You’re right.” Meredith grins and lifts her glass, ushering us to toast. I look around and see Luke smugly grin as he holds my beer up to the middle of the table, a pout present on my lips. “Well I don’t have a drink to toast with, not anymore at least.”

Calum’s arm winds around my waist and easily slides me from my seat at the table onto his lap, pushing his beer into my hands as his hands rest on my waist. “Use mine.”
“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life; friendship.” Luke grins, probably amazingly proud that he came up with such a sophisticated quote.

“Isn’t that love instead of friendship?” Meredith grins as she raises an eyebrow at a non-suspecting Luke who starts chuckling loudly after. “Laughter is the shortest distance between people.”  

I slap his shoulder lightly as I shake my head, “Stop it!”, rolling my eyes before I let them scan over my friends. He had a point there, though. Laughter brings people together and maybe without knowing, maybe not, Luke had glued one of the first little pieces of this back together. A nice set of friends, a loving boyfriend and my best friend back at my side. I guess I got all I wanted.

Feysand jokin'

Feyre: *painting on the roof when Rhys walks in*

Rhys: *stands behind Feyre and begins tracing circles on her back* Feyre darling…

Feyre: *continues painting* Yes my love?

Rhys: *smirks* what’s the difference between a piano, tuna, and a tub of glue?

Feyre: *sighs* what.

Rhys: you can tuna piano but you can’t piano a tuna…


Rhys: *stifling laughter*

Feyre: what about the tub of glue? Looks like someone’s getting rusty on the jokes. *satisfied smiles, squeezes Rhys’s hand*

Rhys: *holds onto Feyre’s hand and spins her to face him* I knew you’d get stuck on that. *loud cackling*

Feyre: *stares at him wide eyed, hesitantly smiling*

Rhys: *saunters away with a smug smile*

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How would the chocobros react to their S/O having to take care of their wounds after battle?

I wasn’t too sure about the question because I don’t know if you’re asking the reaction of the chocobros tending to their s/o’s wounds or the other way around. I’ll just include both, just to be on the safe side!


  • When it comes to tending his s/o’s wounds, I’m pretty sure he’s going to want to know what happened and how did they get the wounds in the first place. He’s super protective when it comes to his s/o, so if it’s caused by someone, you best believe he’ll beat the crap out of them. He’s just going to try to clean up their wound and probably have Ignis help since he’s most likely, out of all the chocobros, know how to take care of wounds and give stitches if it is ever needed. He would also start blaming himself for letting it happen in the first place because he should’ve been there for his s/o.
  • If he’s the one with the wounds, his s/o is going to try to help tend to his wounds and he’s just trying to brush it off like it’s nothing. He doesn’t want to worry his s/o, so he’s going to try to hide it.


  • It is most likely that he’s going to panic and keep pestering his s/o, wanting to know what happened. If anyone lays a hand on his s/o, he’s going to find them and try to make them pay for what they did to his s/o by giving them the same wound among others. Prompto would’ve wanted to stick close to his s/o if they’re planning to come with him to battle. I could also tell he’s willing to take the hit for his s/o if there’s no way to dodge on time (i.e. that’s probably why he does so much in battle ffs). So if he sees a slightest paper-cut, he’s going to want to take care of his s/o to the extreme that it would probably annoy them at first, but would appreciate all of what he’s doing.
  • Prompto would be terrible at hiding his wounds, so his s/o would be able to tell right away that he’s hurt. Like Noctis, he’s going to try to brush it off, but he wouldn’t protest to his s/o wanting to tend to his wounds. He’ll just smile the entire time, watching them clean his wounds, and trying to be a bit helpful at least.


  • Two words for the creature or person responsible for causing the wound: they’re dead. The moment Gladio lay eyes on them, they’d be petrified from such stare that they’ll probably just do it themselves. Gladio wouldn’t let them have the satisfaction, though. He’d call Ignis up to help take care of his s/o’s wounds while he goes off to find them. After the battle, Gladio would come back to his s/o as Ignis finishes up and leaves those two alone. Gladio starts saying he should’ve stuck to his s/o like glue. Just by looking away for a second when someone else gets hurt, most likely Noctis, his s/o gets hurt as well. He starts saying he should’ve done better, but he took care of the person or creature responsible. Then he tries to lighten up the conversation by saying now they both have battle scars.
  • He bears so many scars so one more wouldn’t bother him one bit. Gladio wouldn’t try to hide it because he knows it’s just going to worry his s/o further if he does. He just bluntly tells them what happened and he lets his s/o tends to his wounds. Otherwise, he’d just do it himself and let it heal, adding one more scar to his growing collection. Gladio knows it’s going to be a part of his job and he makes sure his s/o knows what to expect. Bond of trust and whatnot.


  • Ignis would be quiet worried about his s/o, he wouldn’t even bother trying to hurt the person who hurt his s/o. Of course he’ll try to get rid of them and see if he could put them down, but other than that, he’s more worried about his s/o’s well-being. He would make sure that he would be able to get them away to a safe place if they’re too wounded to continue. I get the feeling he’d be distracted for the rest of the battle knowing that his s/o is hurt in the process, but he’d be more determined to get the battle over with quickly. It’s a whole different side of him, in my opinion.
  • Ignis would most likely try not to talk about what happened if it happens to him, but rather try to tend to his own wounds before his s/o notices. He’ll try to tell them not to worry, it’s just a scratch, and at least he made it out alive. He’d rather get a scar than to not see you again. He couldn’t bear the thought of leaving his s/o.
Laven and touch

Ok., o.k we all know that Lavi loves touching Allen right? Especially hugs and all, which we got some in series… But but, did you ever realize how often he does this?! Like really really, he is just like glue when you will look at official arts. :D Please look:

Lavi just loves putting his arm on Allen’s shoulder…

he REALLY does

And look how happy face Allen have when Lavi is near and so touchy:D

Such angelic

smile. :D awwwww :D And Lavi really never stops. :D Hhaha such possessive cutie boyfriend ;)

Look even on this kid au art Lavi does this, almost hugging Allen, and they are so happy :D 

And you see… when Lavi can’t be more touchy he tries at least to touch Allen even a little, to makes him feel his loooooove and support. :D 

Just look at his happy face when doing this. :D Awwwww :D 

Ane he even pats baby Allen

And Allen is so happy… :D (crying, how precious they are aw ////////) 

And really look Lavi body is like magnesium to Allen’s… Like he doesn’t even stop just at putting arm on allen’s shoulder, just he can casually resting on his back… :D (they are so close i’m just crying here o.k //// hahah ;))

And aw this one, look how these two are near two each other comparing to Kanda. :) (Kanda is probably very happy with this haha, Kanda you are such saint to dealing with these two touchy love birds all time around hahah :)) Like two glued angels. :D How happy they are. and haha look at Lavi’s hand. ;) Hahah i wonder what it is touching. ;) 

See? Lavi just can’t stop to be glued to his cute little boyfriend and they are so happy together. :D Awwwwww :D Just slay me. :D Too perfect babies. 

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RFA finding out MC was raped? sorry if it's too much for you..

It is not, my angsty friend. It is not.

Alright, buckle up my guy this is going to be a long one.

~~Sensitive material pls don’t read if this will trigger you!~~


  • Feels legitimately sick
  • Starts crying and holds you close
  • “How can this world…be so cruel?”
  • You’ve never seen him get this angry before, but he throws his gaming mouse and it smashes to pieces against the wall.
  • Throws his hoodie on and heads out the door. He realizes he’s frightened you and he needs to take a walk to calm down.
  • He feels like punching every man he see’s into a pulp. Any one of them could be…
  • Throws up in the nearest trash can at the thought
  • Right now he hates the world
  • He knows it happened before you met, but he hates himself for not being there to protect you.
  • Finds himself sitting alone at the park, crying.
  • He’s glad you’re not there to see him like this
  • Oh, right…
  • “I’m being kind of a selfish douche right now, aren’t I?”
  • He realizes, admitting it out loud to himself
  • You have to be feeling 100 times worse than him, and he left because he couldn’t control his emotions…
  • Show back up at apartment, a giant bouquet of roses in hand
  • “MC, I’m so sorry. There’s…no excuse for my actions! I’m here for you now. And I’ll protect you from now on. For the rest of our lives. No one will ever touch you again. I swear it.”


  • Jumin Han.
  • Is.
  • Pissed.
  • If you had x-ray vision you would literally see his blood boiling
  • But this guy has subtlety down to a fucking science
  • He seems so calm and collected and listens to you tell him everything that happened with a straight face
  • His hands are gently placed on your own and his eyes don’t stray from your gaze
  • The next few days he is extra caring, extra gentle, extra kind.
  • You feel so relieved to have told him
  • And his warmth, his soft response towards you after learning the truth was all you needed
  • But Jumin Han does not forget.
  • Jumin Han does not forgive.
  • Not what this prick has done to you.
  • Behind your back, he reaches out to someone.
    • “Saeyoung, I need your help.”
    • “Oookay?…With what? It’s got to be interesting if someone with your resources is coming to me.”
    • “I need you to be 707 again. Just for one more job. And I need it to be strictly between us. You’ll understand after I explain everything.”
  • With his money and Saeyoungs help it didn’t take long to locate them and put the plan in place
  • ‘707′ located a small, uninhabited and remote island far at sea
  • All Jumin needed to do was give the men his order
  • Less than a week went by before his phone buzzed in his hand
  • “Hm?”
  • An unknown contact
  • A photo of a man; battered and bruised, lying on the shore with sand in his wounds. The hands that had touched you had been burned.
  • Jumin smiled
    • “What is it, Jumin? A cat photo?! Let me see!”
    • “No, MC. Just something for work,” he glanced up from his screen. “Oh no no…this won’t do. Those heels are all wrong for that dress. They aren’t elegant enough for your legs. Let’s go buy you some new ones that are more fitting.”
  • He glanced at the phone once more
  • [DELETE]

◉ Zen

  • He wanted to drink and smoke until he was numb
  • He wanted to throw you on his bike behind him and ride away to somewhere remote and safe
  • He wished he could travel in time. Lock you in some distant tower like the princess you were, and protect you with his life
  • But life was not like a fairy tale and reality never hit him so hard
  • He felt your smooth touch on the back on his hand and looking down, realized his knuckles were white from the clenching of his fists.
  • He wanted so badly to kick the shit out of that asshole…whoever they were.
  • But that might mean the end of his career, maybe even jail time? And how would he protect you then?
  • His head was swimming with thoughts
  • That whole night, and for the next few days he was stuck to you like glue.
  • He looked like hell
  • He couldn’t sleep
  • He lay awake clutching at your frame and listening to your breathing
  • He told his agent he was sick in order to get some time off to watch over you
  • He never felt so small and helpless before
  • Looking over his piles of fan letters, he tried to regain some sense of self when he realized
  • He wasn’t powerless
  • All of these people looked up to him
  • They watched what he did, bought what he advertised.
  • If he couldn’t turn back time and keep this from happening to you…well maybe he could use his fame to keep this from happening to other people
  • He dialed his agent at once to put a plan in place
  • Hyun Ryu would be the face and spokesperson for a new campaign against sexual assault.

◉ Jaehee

  • She tried to control herself but you could see the coffee cup in her hand shaking
  • She had a lump in her throat
  • “Thank you for telling me, MC. I…I don’t know what to say.”
  • It was hard for her to organize her thoughts. How could anyone have hurt this person. The person she loved so much, who brought so much light and peace to her life.
  • As much as she tried to suppress it, she felt the tears welling in her eyes and quickly wiped them away
  • She didn’t want to be a mess in front of you
  •  Jaehee cleared her throat, placed her coffee cup on the table, and grabbed your hands into hers.
  • “Can we take this to court? Can we take some legal action against this person? I don’t care what it takes, but they won’t get away with this damn it.”


  • He thought his stomach would drop through the floor
  • He felt like every nerve ending had been set on fire
  • You were laying on his chest on the bed that night, fast asleep.
  • Saeyoung ran his long fingers through your fragrant hair until the dawn poured through the window. His sleeve was soaked with the tears he quietly shed in the night as he looked at your peaceful sleeping face
  • Days went by
  • And an anger that began as a small match in his heart now felt like a raging fire which consumed him
  • Every chance he got, he was researching and researching
  • Why hadn’t you just told him who did this to you?
  • Well, he knew why
  • But why…
  • Maybe it was for the best
  • He had his own way of finding out
  • It took longer than he’d like to admit
  • He was rusty as hell
  • He searched police reports and newspapers, searched social media profiles
  • Finally he found them
  • “MC, I’ll be leaving in 2 days…another toy convention for the shop. I wish I didn’t have to leave you.”
  • He kissed your forehead
  • He used his special agent skills to locate the targets house and figure out when they would be alone
  • When they answered the door they were greeted by a powerful fist colliding with their nose full force
  • “That’s for MC, you fucking son of a bitch”
  • He grabbed them by their collar and lifted them up off the ground, raising his fist once more 
  • “And these next ones are for every year, every second she’s had to live with the thought of your disgusting hands on her. You’re lucky I don’t break every one of your fingers.”
  • He made a point to spit on the limp body before walking away, his phone buzzing in his pocket
  • “MC…”
  • He needed to come up with an excuse for his bruised knuckles before coming home…

Hello everyone!! I know every witch (whether you be a solitary, green, kitchen coven oriented, Pagan, Druid, Heathen, Wicca, Celtic, Norse or any other kind) celebrates the holidays differently. I personally love making wreaths for each holiday that I leave up until the next. I try as often as I can to use natural material but as I live in North Eastern Canada, there is barely grass poking through let alone wild flowers and leaves. So, I have gone to Michael’s to purchase my materials (except for the glue gun, the wire hanger and the tape. These I had at home)

So, here is my Wreath Tutorial!

Step 1: You want to shape a wire hanger into the best circle you can get. (Pliers may be needed for the corners as they can be stubborn)

Step 2: Get some painting tape and wrap it as tightly as you can around the width of the hanger. (this is so the wire is thicker for the glue and the glue sticks better)

Step 3: Get your floral materials together and start picking and choosing your first material. You generally want to start with thick, leafy material in order to cover the tape. Don’t worry if there are spots that are not covered, it will get fuller, I promise! Also, many of the floral materials you can purchase will have wires inside! Use them to your advantage to save glue and make it look more natural. If you are using natural products, a lot of glue will be needed unless you are using coniferous branches. These are pretty pliable.

Step 4: Once you get as much as the tape covered as you think you want, start with one color of flower (or leafs if you re doing a fall one, or pine cones or what not for winter)You want to start to fill in the spots where you can see the tape. Remember to mix it up. The direction and placement of the flowers shouldn’t all be uniform or it won’t look as … natural.

Step 5: Keep doing this for the other flowers colors. Add as many as you want, but remember that the first flowers you start with may end up being chocked out with all the other colors, so remember moderation. 

Now, this step is optional.

Step 6: Use twigs and other flowers to create a unique pentagram to hang in the middle of the wreath. Be sure to measure the twigs to fit in the middle of the wreath. I use ribbon the bind it in a knotted fashion and add ribbon to make it look nicer and brighter.

Just remember to make it your own, to have fun and try your hardest not to burn your finger tips TOO bad!

I hope you all enjoyed this and that if you decide to make one, it turns out the way you want it!

Blessings for you and your family and friends this Ostara!


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Member(s): Jackson
Genre: At this point, it ain’t even a genre. (But it can be smutty… [although not really])
Word Count: 1951
Summary: You excitedly waited for all of the GOT7 members to come home, as you have a whole night planned for you and Jackson. A night full of fun and games. Truth. Or. Dare.

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