glue it

You have been here to try and keep me sane-
Whatever sanity I still have left, anyway.
Right when I want to go insane,
You tell me, save it, for better days.

You let me lose my crazy mind
Only so that I can find it, one more time.
You tell me to think things through
Before I let my emotions stick like glue.

You keep me with my feet on the ground
While helping me rise up higher than I thought.
You brush my doubts away with a blown kiss
Like they are leaves, lost in a breeze.

You tell me to breathe, making me feel at ease;
It’s like I can feel my mind- finally settling down.
You tell me to let out all that’s in my beating heart;
And you pick up my broken pieces, working to put them back.

This isn’t a love poem-
And yet, 
It is.


@teacup13…because a mere thank you, just would not do.


Jess & Reagan: Pep Talks

Imagine Reagan trying to comfort a crying baby.

Edit: Dudes, I know the point is that Jess understands Nick more than Reagan and not about their motivational skills. ‘Tis me trying and failing to be funny. Come on, I thought you’d be used to my bad jokes by now.

I just love the creeping resignation on Reagan’s face as she word-vomits. It, erm, hits home. Sigh.


I don’t even know how many hours of frustration have gone into this. The shield was a piece of cake compared to this damn sword but BY GOLLY SHE’S DONE. I have suffered many hot glue gun burns but it was well worth it. Also, the gaudy flowers…..I had to get really creative concealing the battery packs for the led lights…. <3

I wont let you bring me down,
I won’t let this break out.

I’ll treat you with
the disdain you deserve,
I ’ll lock you away
where you’ll stay.

I won’t let you
hurt me anymore,
I’m on a journey,
the only way is up.

Nothing can stop me,
even if its two steps forward
three steps back.
I’ll keep going,
til I’ve paved the cracks
with super strength glue,
so tough even the worst
can’t make it through.

I’m going to show you,
I can be what I thought
I’d never achieve.
I’ll make it out, I have to,
I just need to believe.

So today,
I’m starting my recovery,
there’s no looking back,
now I’m well on my way
to fixing all those cracks.

—  Erin, start of my recovery.

to expand on the camp counselor au: teru is in it for the Monies and the Good Guy Rep, shou is also in it for the sweet moneys and also because it was either that or find a horrendously mind numbing summer job. at least he’s outside.

shou is in charge of arts and crafts for exactly one day. he accidentally glues a child to a picnic table and is quickly switched out of arts and crafts. they let him lead hikes after that, because then at least hes far away from everyone else when he’s singing the inappropriate versions of camp songs too loudly. the kids are totally enamored of him, the rest of the counselors less so but they cant fire him because then they wouldnt have enough people on staff. he stays (for now)

teru is in charge of a group of third graders. he expects to be hailed as their god because he is older than them, but there has never been a rowdier and more antiauthoritarian being than the eight year old. its not that his kids dont like him, its just that he is SO easy to make fun of. he is infinitely covetous of shous mysterious child-wrangling powers and voices many many complaints about the rowdy redhead in charge of hikes tht eventually one of his kids just str8 up tells him to ask him out, teru INSISTS that NO i dont LIKE him i HATE him OBVIOUSLY cant you tell from how much i TALK ABOUT HIM

shou is sitting at a picnic table during lunch one day when teru brings his kids around and tries to get them all to stay put and eat quietly and the Gay Thoughts smack him in the face out of nowhere. he falls off the picnic table

teru is Ruthless when it comes to making his campers clean the latrines

shou is really Really good at the super complicated friendship bracelets and makes approximately ten billion

shou: hanazawa-kun i made you a friendship bracelet!! :D :D

teru: FUCK YOU SUZUKI *lets him tie the bracelet on* i literally hate you so much *admires the bracelet daily* he’s awful i wish i never met him *cries when he loses it in the woods* i only miss it because it matched my favorite shirt

shou: you lost your bracelet!! so i made you another one that’s better!!


the second to last day of camp is an overnight stay for the kids. shou gets assigned to crash with teru’s group that night, convinces teru to come on a snipe hunt with them. suffice to say they awkwardly make out in the woods and shou gets poison ivy

powers are optional ig, this was supposed to be headcanons but now i guess im writing a fic

!!!! i am now 100% on board with this au 

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Hi! I'm planning a cosplay of a character that has a gap between her two front teeth. Do you know of a way that I can replicate that?

Hello there!

There’s two ways to do this:

One is a product called tooth black. This is a mouth-safe product applied to the teeth to make it appear that you have missing teeth. If you apply it to the area where the gap is supposed to be, you can create that illusion. Downsides are that it’ll make your front teeth look narrower (which may look odd) and may wear off over the day.

Two is to get prosthetic teeth, as either a full piece or just the two front teeth. These are fitted with meltable plastic beads and then glue into the mouth with mouth-safe adhesives (like denture glue). I can’t find any full prosthetic pieces in a quick google search, but if you get or make individual teeth (like the individual vampire fangs), you can glue these on further apart from your natural teeth and use tooth black to fill in the gap. The downside to this is that it is very difficult to eat and drink with dental appliances like this in.

I hope that helps! :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

I'm torn, Roomfriends...

I want to be so excited for “Young Adult” but I just keep thinking about how they gave us “Glue” and then had Nick say he was “in love” in the following episode. Although his declaration wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected, it still did slow the momentum built up from “Glue” quite a bit.

New Girl episodes never end with things unresolved, so I’m just worried about the end of “Socalycon”. Nick and Reagan will still be together for a full episode and probably most of episode 21 as well, so they actively choose to stay together in episode 19. I just can’t help but wonder what it will be that keeps them together if Reagan notices Jess acting like Nick’s “girlfriend without the rewards”. What will Nick or Jess say to make that better? I feel like it’s much too late for an “ILY” but I also wouldn’t put it past the writers to throw it in just to resolve the N&R “arguement” or whatever it will be in that episode.

As always, I’m probably way over thinking this but I just kind of have a bad feeling about “Socalycon”.


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omg have you heard of lipstick vagina glue, some male dr, made it, he thinks it's better then pads, tampons and cups, like what is it with cis males thinking they know whats best for someone who actually gets periods? glueing your lips down there shut, sounds so bad, and the guy, thinks we do nothing because we're too busy with our periods, basically calling us lazy and take care of our periods to much.

What the fuck? In addition to sounding extremely messy and painful, it sounds like it can also lead to a lot more infections and increase the risk of toxic shock syndrome. Why do non-menstruating people insist on pulling this shit….



the pretty ugly - starring: me. (◕‿◕✿)

here have some crappy pics from my crappy bathroom with my usual make up, lmao. i am bad at selfies- …and make up, sorry fam. :c

but i’m so happy it’s finally here! i still have to cut the lace front so it fits better and get lace glue. the dress will take a lot more time but maybe i’ll manage to take some pics here and there. it has more curls than expected and it’ll probably a battle to style it properly but it’s so pretty. ♥‿♥ it’s actually a bit more blondish but i put it in photoscape and increased the contrast so you can see something because my phone has such a bad cam, meh.

false ciri, my child, you are not forgotten. ♥

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Jess will bring The Pepperwood chronicles that didn't sell in "glue" to her school to impress the kids, and will ask Nick to do a book reading in the school library, becoz she wants the same reaction from these students as she got from that teenage girl who bought the book in "glue" and will want them to also think of Nick as dreamy etc, but these "young adults" will instead criticize his book in ways he's never heard of before, hence the title "young adult", (can't disclose my name sorry)

Is this a theory, or do you know something? Hence you not disclosing your name… hmmmm 😏🤐
Sorry it took me ages to reply, was offline for a bit. (That’s rare with me lol)
Really curious to find out if you’re right about this!

So back in elementary school, I was extremely shy and quiet and innocent (or so they thought) and just a sweet little angel. Literally every year when we had parent conferences, every single one of my teachers would tell my mom they wish they could replace all of their students with 30 Sazans.

Okay, well, there was this EVIL girl who made me eat glue once in 2nd grade and she was such a bully. The library had this contest where they filled a jar with jellybeans and whoever guessed the correct amount in the jar would win a prize. That evil girl won the prize and I was so mad at the injustice (like really???) so I stole her prize and put it in my book bag. 

It was on my teacher’s desk. So she realized later on that someone had taken it off her desk. She asked who it was. Dead silence. She asked a few more times and nobody answered. She searched through everybody’s desks. Nothing. So she made us check our book bags and she was gonna come around to each person and look. I was like…crap…what do I do. So I start crying. And I was like “Ms. Poe, *sniffle* somebody put it inside my book bag…it wasn’t me *sniffle*” and she was INFURIATED. She was like “who would do something like this to this sweet girl??? If I find out who it is, there will be serious consequences” and then she hugged me and said she’s sorry.

Maybe The Real Ravus is The Culmination of The Loved Ones He Lost Along The Way:

Or, an analysis of Ravus Nox Fleuret and how he became the person he is by XV game canon; from his real parentage to the truth about the chip on his shoulder to how love and death slowly came to mean the exact same thing to him and how that shaped his personality.

Be warned - copious amounts of headcanon abound. Pretty much everything under the cut is pulled together by the glue of a theory. A cool theory, but a theory nonetheless.

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I hate this crazy theory for Young Adult. Aly said Nick reminisces about his relationship with Jess to her students but it ends up backfiring somehow. And the kids read Nick's book, which, as said in Glue, has explicit sex scenes! When I get these two informations together it makes me wonder if the sex scene was indeed inspired by some of their encounters and if the kids read that and want to talk about it and that's why Nick&Jess are in trouble? It's kids + a sex scene lol this'd be hilarious

HAHAHA, maybe the shed scene is the captain. And Nick secretly liked it. 😂
But it would be weird right if Nick talked about their sexlife in front of students… I can imagine that that’s what their fight is about. Nick being innapropiate and Jess getting mad about it lol.
Whatever happens, I love it when they fight! and that Nick reminisces about their relationship (to Jess!) will always win me over. ❤


Take Care: Week 2!

Playing a drawing-from-description game, priming our canvases with rabbit skin glue, and exploring the museum galleries after-hours! We also got to see x-rays of a Rauschenberg painting. SO cool!

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I don't know if somebody asked you this before but I'm intereted. What is your opnion/headcanons of the Dategumi (including Sada-chan now, yay!)? Since your favourite sword is Mitsusta I'm sure you have your own vision of this Date famly.

i like to think that dategumi is a pretty closeknit family but not quite in the way the awataguchis are because ichigo’s such a central figure in that group

they’re all brought together because they were all at one point owned by the date family. shoku kuri and sada-chan would’ve been around for date masamune’s time, while tsurumaru came many many years after that and would’ve been around with kuri and sada-chan i think

mitsu’s kind of the glue that holds the group together (and sayo makes an observation similar to this in Recollection 37), even though ironically he’s the sword who spent the least amount of time in the date family

i’d consider kuri and mitsu the two anchors for the group, especially kuri because of how… constant he is? like he’s a very straightforward person and even though he always turns down the notion that he’s getting along with anybody he’s the type of person who wouldn’t hang around people unless he really trusted them

kuri’s half-heartedly at odds with mitsu, who he thinks gets into his business way too much. he likes sada-chan, especially since sada’s one of the few who don’t get his “i’m not gonna get along with you” shtick when talking to him in Recollection 27. with kuri and tsuru they definitely got that whole “we’re friends but i a m s o f e d u p w i t h y o u r s h i t” thing going on and tsuru loves teasing the hell out of kuri

i could go into more detail but i tend to derail a lot orz but i think dategumi has a really interesting group dynamic. it’s funny to think that out of the four of them mitsutada and tsurumaru are actually the most likely to need support from the group because they have some… complicated issues going on with their histories