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Post Season One Character Analysis: Steven Quartz Universe

Starting the series as the typical naive, annoying, only occasionally obnoxious young protagonist, Steven has probably experienced the most growth of all. Over the course of the season, he’s moved away from the fumbling kid who gets in the way to the literal glue that holds the group together. He’s still just a kid, but he’s slowly shaping up to be a mature, integral part of the group. 

What I’ve really enjoyed seeing is the slow progression of Steven’s powers. In “Gem Glow,” he has trouble summoning his shield at all, but by the end of the season, not only is he able to summon his shield more intentionally and consistently, he’s also tapped into other powers - his bubble, his healing powers, and his ability to create sentient life. Slowly understanding the basis of his powers has been nice, too - no, eating Cookie Cats won’t help you summon your shield, but the joy and happiness you felt when your family went out to buy up the last of a discontinued product just for you does. Looking back at every time Steven has been able to summon his shield or create his bubble, it was always during moments of overwhelming emotion.

Steven’s relationship to Rose is interesting to say the least. Steven comments himself in “Indirect Kiss” that he doesn’t know how to feel about his mother - he’s never even met her, as Pearl so eloquently reminded him, and the only knowledge he has of her is second-hand information from the gems and Greg. All Steven knows is the mess Rose left behind and the hole she left that he’ll naturally feel the need to fill. And while Steven may be the leader the Crystal Gems needs, he’ll have to learn to lead as Steven, not as Rose’s replacement.

Steven uses the unconventional method of not immediately demolishing anyone who isn’t firmly planted on the side of the Crystal Gems - and so far, this has worked out for him … mostly. This is in direct opposition to how the gems tend to handle things - that is, with brute force and immediate attack. His capacity for empathy and patience is unmatched, and something that will undoubtedly prove very beneficial to the group. He has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders at such a young age, but so far is handling things well. That said, eventually all of this will wear him down, and hopefully he’ll learn that he can’t always shoulder everyone else’s burdens; he does have to take the time to focus on himself from time to time.

Steven has spent the entirety of season one working to fit into the group, and while at times it felt he was more of an honorary member, he is now a fully-fledged Crystal Gem; he always was, really. Steven has a unique part to play - he is the link between humans and gems, the only one of his kind. What he brings to the table is unparalleled and invaluable. I cannot wait to watch this fluffy marshmallow of awesome continue to grow and learn.

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Hi! May I have an elorcan one shot, please? Something fluffy/funny, awkward first date modern AU? Thanks so much!

@kateflowrchild13. I’m sleep deprived. I don’t know what’s happening. I tried. Unedited. 


Elide slammed the pile of books of the counter, and seethed at the plethora of folded edges between the papers. She sprung the book open, and began pressing the pages into the original positions, angrily muttering under her breath. One binder had fallen apart quite disastrously where the hot glue trick wouldn’t simply due.

“I’d like to check these out,” a deep voice rumbled, and the book nearly slipped from her hands.

Not many frequented the library near the end of hours where storms picked up at night, ranging from whirling winds to jagged hail storms. She’d used to feel uncertainty and fear clouding her mind and ghosting across her skin, but these past months, she’d become acquainted with the late hours, and security of unexplained comfort.

Elide looked up, and blinked.

The male blinked back at her.

He held out a stack of three, thick books, and set them on the counter.

Elide continued staring at that rough-hewn face, and onyx eyes. She hadn’t been used to seeing large males with ropes of corded muscle and tanned skin, all the stronger bodies called away to to serve in the army against a distant queen Maeve’s own.

So Elide soaked in the sight of this muscular male oozing power and strength.

Manon would have already had him in her bed, and Aelin would have been checking out more than those books on the counter.

He scratched the back of his head, revealing the nape of his neck, curled with dark markings she found utterly fascinating and outright mysterious. The markings from the borrowed books flew past her mind, and her own eyes traced the thin clothing that clung to his skin, doing wonders for his form.

“Am I not allowed to check these books out?” the male asked, swallowing. His arms gripped the edge of the counter, and Elide had never felt so small in her life, compared to this large specimen that had mesmerized her.

When he coughed, Elide’s eyes widened. She quickly look down and grabbed the books, the last one the heaviest. Running the books under the scanner, she internally cursed herself, hiding the blush creeping up in her face.

History of the Foreign Queen’s Governmental Regulation to Modern Policies, History of Assessment and Extrapolations to Genetics and Army Soldiers, and How to Get a Girlfriend, correct?” Elide stated, and restacked the books.

She paused at the third book, and watched the male look up at the gray-lined ceiling and brushed imaginary dust from his pants.

“Yes,” he said, voice hoarse.

Elide could imagine Aelin snickering next to her, hand propped under a chin in anticipation. Yet—this would most likely be her first and last chance to see a male of this size, astoundingly well-built, with piercing, dark eyes, not swept under the government cloning program.

The male reached for the stack of books, and Elide quickly and fiercely snagged the third book back. The customer abruptly dropped the others, staring at her with wide eyes. A ghost of a question lingered in his eyes, and those hands had gripped the edge of the counter again, and she swore that the material nearly crumbled from his sheer force.

She channelled her inner Aelin and Manon through her, a inhaled sharply.

“You don’t need this one,” Elide blurted, motioning to the last book. “I’ll be your girlfriend.”

Elide only knew his name because he needed identification before checking out the books. His card had been barely illegible, full of creases and grime. She hadn’t ask questions, and merely, and successfully, stored away the third hook.

Lorcan Salvaterre

The male had merely stared at her for as long as she had probably stared at him, an unfathomable look on his face. Then those onyx eyes had flickered to her name tag, and heaved a deep breath, a pained look crossing his chiseled features.

Elide had been ready to hurry to the employee’s only room before slamming the third book into that rough-hewn face.

“Elide Lochan,” he had gutted out so abruptly she had slightly jumped. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

She had said yes and ran away into the employee’s room—but didn’t check out the third book for him.

Minutes later, a knock had sounded through her hiding place, and Elide had reluctantly opened the employee’s room, biting down on her lip. By the Wyrd, Manon would have beheaded her by now. Aelin would have had been laughing her head off. (insert A/N: Sorscha would have been dead without a head)

The male stood taller, revealing his full height, the books nowhere in sight. He had stared at her so intensely Elide had wondered if she should slam the door in his face to recollect the emotions running through her.

“Elide Lochan,” he said firmly, with a touch of dark severity. “Will you go on a date with me?”

She had said yes and slammed the door in his face, her back against the wall.

A deep chuckle had resounded from the other side, and before footsteps had led away, he had announced his name to her, along with a date and location.

Elide had called Aelin and Manon.

“I have tonight at seven, at Emrys’s cafe,” she had rambled out, ignoring the blaring on the other end. Gods, what had she done?

Aelin and Manon had arrived at the cafe beforehand, situating themselves as empty tables, hoods pulled up, and half-eaten plates surrounding them.

Elide had rolled her eyes as she had walked in, spotting the tall and dark-haired male that had everyone’s eyes centered on.

Onyx eyes met hers, and the corners of his lips twitched up. He rose from his booth, holding out his hand. Elide blushed, and took it.

She settled into the booth, Lorcan following.

“You’re doing well,” she told him, smiling a bit, and noticed the bouquet of flowers in front of her. “Lorcan.”

He returned her smile, which shoved away the rough lines on his face. “I’ve had some cheats,” he easily returned, and jerked his chin towards the end of the table.

Elide stilled, and her eyes widened at the book there.

How to Get A Girlfriend innocently sat next to the bouquet of roses, a page flipped open. Elide immediately noticed the folded, doggy-eared pages, and flinched.

“How?” she demanded, and laid a finger against the brim of a cup.

“Well, after not having the chance to check out that book,” he mused. “I went to another, and checked it out from another librarian.”

Elide bit her lip, red running through her cheeks. A sorry bubbled out of her throat, and the male next to her merely chuckled softly.

She instead picked up the menu she knew by heart and skimmed over her choices. Normally she’d eat all out with Aelin and Manon next to her, but the male next to her was an unfamiliarity, a variable.

“I’ll have a salad with tomato soup,” she opted, and the male raised a dark brow.

“Lorcan,” a sweet voice breathed.

Lorcan turned around, and his eyes slightly widened. “Essar.”

Elide swallowed harshly, and stared at the intruding female with soft curves and soft smiles.

Essar smiled at Lorcan, and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. She glanced at Elide, and tilted her head to the side.

Lorcan placed his hand in Essar’s outstretched one, and guided her into the booth

across from them, the other female’s golden hair a halo outlined by a dark blue blazer. Doe eyes stared at them, full of unshed beauty.

Elide blinked at the her, hands curling around the fringes of her menu.

“Elide, meet Essar, my other date. The librarian I checked the book from,” Lorcan rumbled.

“It was quite a shock.” Essar blushed, and Lorcan leaned forward. “Are you his sister? You both have those piercing dark eyes.”

Elide had wanted to pierce her eyes through the other female’s, but instead she leaned back in her own seat, and sharply closed her menu. “No,” her voice rang. “I’m his date.”

Essar blinked, and her lips curved up into a smile. “I’m his girlfriend.”

Before Lorcan could settle into the booth, Elide’s hands flashed out to grab the book, ignoring the stray thorns scratching her skin. She slammed the book against Lorcan’s chest, rising from her seat.

“One rule,” Elide hissed. “In getting a girlfriend—” She flipped her hair over her shoulder “—is to not have two at the same time.” She didn’t turn around to see Essar’s face, and stood shoulder to shoulder to her now-ex boyfriend. “You never buy roses on the first date. And especially never fold pages in a book.”

She left the cafe, with the two hooded figures of Aelin and Manon trailing after her.

Sometimes I feel like Sarah Manning doesn’t really get the love she deserves? Like?! She’s such a hardworking and caring mother! She gave up her drugs for her own daughter and pretended to be someone else and went through all this scary shit so she could get Kira back. Like she fights HARD! She’s a fighter! And plus she’s got great style and a sexy ass deep voice. Also Sarah and Felix’s relationship are probably one of the most precious?? Cause while she has the bad ass attitude there’s like this soft fragile side to her like when she finally realized that Adele was actually Felix’s sister and she was no longer his only sister and there was like this heartbreak on her face but like she wasn’t gonna break down so she remained strong and like speaking of strong she’s kind of the glue??? Like to everyone? I mean… she holds all the sestras together. Sarah Manning is a beautiful strong ass babe and one of the best clones.

it’s so scary when u see people’s real personalities and their true intentions and it just freaks me out because how does anyone trust anyone ?? ever ??? like maybe people think i’m like that too and i don’t even know? that just gives me the most anxiety. i really believe that everybody just has masks that they super glue on their face and sometimes the glue just isn’t enough and it slips off a little and you just catch that little moment when their true self peeps through and i die every time because i’m just a sensitive baby and i can’t deal with manipulation and ulterior motive

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Let continue the mico-wave and 100 mins incident! :D Sou pup with E9 with his floppy floofy ear U3U

uwu @hissorihaka and I HCed that pupper Souchke would be veryyy self-conscious of his one floppy ear while he’s still growing LOL 

He eventually resorts to white glue. Kisumi freaks out.

Want to request a character and emoji?


Sometimes I do a watercolor ‘on the road’ which I’m not at all happy with. Sometimes I tear it up and use the pieces as collage elements or, as in this case I cut them up to the appropriate size and glue sections of them into a sketchbook. This fragment of a larger watercolor was done in the fishing village of Beserah on the west coast of Malaysia.

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My first experience with therapy was in IOP when I was 16. I completely broke down one day and my mom and I both knew that I needed more help than she could give me. I went in wanting answers... to be magically "fixed" and for everything to be okay again. I wish someone had told me that bc as soon as I realized it was me who had the answers I made progress.. real progress. So it's absolutely true that therapists don't glue the pieces back together but sometimes they provide the glue? :) you rock

Totally agree! Thanks anon!


This is it! The hot glue dragon.

I also put real crystals on it, including delicate flakes of crystals, I don’t exactly know what type of crystal these are, that’s ok. I would have given it real rubies for eyes(Because I had two small rubies from a broken necklace that was gold w/ rubies, but.. I lost one of the gemstones.

This used a lot of glue.

It was originally planned to be a skydancer, then it ended up that it was going to be a mirror after I started, then imperial, then it became a normal dragon and that’s when I decided, if it isn’t going to be a flight Rising dragon, might as well give it gems.

Sorry for the absence this week guys. Work had me on every day and I just did not have the energy to update. I’ll be able to start back up tomorrow since I’ll be off a little earlier than usual. Again sorry for the sudden hiatus.

With love, Lenny Glue.

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OKAY jUst hear me out. so like... the whole Squad™ is together... and belle reads them all a scary story and by the time shes done its time to sleep and cogsworth is TOTALLY paranoid but pretends like he isnt, but lumiere can see right through his facade so theyre in the dark and lumiere keeps flickering his candles and cogsworth keeps telling him to stop... but then lumiere just blows his candles out entirely and when he puts them back on cogsworth is like hugging his legs bc hes so frightened

I love it when the whole castle comes together.

I can picture Chip & Mrs. Potts being really into it like they love scary stories and so does Lumiere and he provides the creepy lighting and Adam and Cogsworth are just such cowards Adam has his hands covering his face (like that’s gonna help) and Cogsworth practically glues himself to Lumiere and holds him like a life line.