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First ever attempt at false lashes was not a total failure!

The results? I’ve finally achieved the 1940s femme fatale aesthetic I’ve always dreamed of.

Cons? ….. the lashes are too long to fit under my glasses.


Shoma Uno ft. Yuzuru Hanyu, “What are you interested in these days?” || 2017 World Championships (x)


Colgate University mistakes black student carrying a glue gun for an active shooter

  • On Monday, Colgate University ordered a lockdown after reports of an “active shooter” on campus, the Root reported. The “active shooter,” however, was a black student using a glue gun for a class project.
  • The lockdown began when a student at the upstate New York college called campus safety to report seeing a black man holding what looked like a gun. Soon after, students at the Coop — a student center — were told to leave the building due to a “dangerous situation.”
  • After about a four-hour lockdown, university officials released a statement to the Colgate community that campus safety confirmed the “active shooter” suspect was, in fact, a student using a glue gun.
  • On Tuesday, Colgate University President Brian W. Casey issued another statement calling the incident on Monday night a “profound error” that had an “implicit racial bias.” Black students only make up about 5.2% of the undergraduate population. Read more (5/3/17)

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Alfred head cannons

- This man is a saint or a god. The family has let to figure out which one. Damian is personally voting for a ninja.

- It is one thing to disobey Bruce, but disobey Alfred yeah no. Everyone will tell you not to for a reason.

- Lets be real he is the head of the family. He keeps them all together and keeps them from killing each other sometimes.

- The bat kids brag to their friends about him. Especially when he makes them cookies.

- Half the family ships him with Dr. Thompkins.

- He is the one person who can scare Batman.

- The poor man has had to bury a few of the batkids and thought Bruce was dead at one time. His ability to carry on after each time just shows how strong he is.

- No one knows his actual age not even Bruce.

- No one can be mad at him. If Bruce pisses one of the family members off, they will still keep tabs with Alfred.

- He keeps a scrapbook of pictures of random moments with the family.

- One time Bruce was on pain meds after a really bad injury and was so out of it he called Alfred dad. Alfred had to leave the room because he was crying.

- This is his family. He saw Bruce as a son and the kids as grandchildren. There is nothing more this man could want. Well maybe for Bruce to settle down around and not as many injuries.

- He knows Martha and Thomas Wayne would be proud of the family now. He only wishes they could see the manor with the children running around. He only hopes that he did a good job and they are proud.