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Cosplay Tip: Hot Glue Disasters and How to Salvage Pre-Styled Wigs

If you’ve ever owned a wig that is literally hot-glued together (for ponytails, buns, etc.), you’ll find that it tends to get ratty after a few uses, especially since you can’t brush it out like a normal wig. Thankfully, they can still be saved. Rubbing alcohol removes hot glue from not only pre-styled wigs, but every surface imaginable. Just rub the alcohol onto the glue with a cotton ball, q-tip, or tissue. The glue’s hold will loosen until it can be scraped off with a fingernail. With a little bit of patience, you can remove the glue from your wig so that you can redo it any way you please. Again, rubbing alcohol removes hot glue from almost any surface, so this trick can be a lifesaver even when wigs aren’t involved.

This is probably stupid but I like to think Dean and Seamus got together in the fourth film. The two were sort of distant in the beginning of this film and then were sticking together as glue after the ball. I think they probably had a bit of a break up after film five and as a rebound, Dean dates Ginny but they break up for a number of different reasons, Dean’s feelings for Seamus being one of them and Ginny’s feelings for Harry being the other. Then I like to think they got back together again and ended up getting married after the war ended.

                                      How to make a Galaxy Bottle: 

I don’t know about you, but I hang on to cool looking bottles for a while but have no idea what to do with them when they’re empty… 

I’ve seen some really cool posts out there about people making Galaxy Bottles, and I thought I’d give it a try! 

Here is what you need: 

- Bottles

- Fat cotton balls 

- Glitter glue or loose glitter 

- Gel food coloring (you can use regular but you will need A LOT to fill the bottle) 

- Water

What to do: 

It’s pretty easy! All you do is fill the bottles with your cotton balls

And then glob on some glitter glue or loose glitter, fill the bottle with water and add a half teaspoon of gel color. 

Then swish it all around and you have a cool looking galaxy in a bottle. Try out different bottle sizes and different color combinations! 



ive been meaning to do a write-up on how i styled my friend’s penny wig for eons but i’m horrifically lazy and keep forgetting BUT HERE WE GO. AT LONG LAST. PENNY WIG.

i took a bunch of progress pictures but…. they were on my old broken phone so i dont have them anymore so i’m just gonna generally explain what i did

note: this was super duper experimental and the end result was really fragile and there are absolutely better ways to do this and please, if you so desire, take my basic ideas and improve it

base wig was an arda inigo in light copper red. i had some long wefts in the same color left over from an abandoned project so i also used those, but short wefts should work fine

i also used: a whole lot of got2b glued hairspray, styrofoam balls, hot glue, tacky glue, a comb

i sewed a couple rows of wefts into the back of the base wig just for extra thickness and the rest went into the curls

the shape of the wig was achieved by separating the wig and pinning up the top half of hair and heavily teasing the under layers and using heat, hairspray and my hands to form it into the general shape i wanted. once i had that, i just combed the top layers down over it and tucked it underneath the 

getting it to stay tucked under was a challenge lmao it took a lot of hairspray AND tacky glue but it worked in the ends

heres the one and only progress pic i have left ripp 

the left side is what it looked like after i had teased it! 

heres where the styrofoam balls came in. i already had a whole lot of styrofoam in my house already so i just found ones that were SMALLER than the curl i had and then used hot glue to cover them. i honestly didnt do a fantastic job of it and its really messy 

here is a tutorial on gluing wig fiber to styrofoam if you need it

i covered the entire balls in hair, but focused on what i decided would be the front, making it a spiral so itd look as natural as possible

after that, i just glued it into the curl as carefully as possible. it was not a fun time.

here’s where i had the most trouble: styrofoam covered in glue and hair is HEAVY, way too heavy to stay up on its own. it just.. kept falling down. my solution was to put a jar under the curl that was the same height as it to keep it from falling and then to use a needle and thread and knot it in the hair of the curl and sew it to the cap of the wig. 

if you’re going to do that i 100% advise using embroidery thread or something a lot stronger than regular thread because it ended up snapping

there are probably much better ways of doing this tho. i was completely making things up as i went along so i had to figure a solution out on the spot so im sure if youre gonna do this you could figure out an armature or a better way to support the styrofoam balls!

hopefully that made sense and it can help someone else! this wig was an adventure haha. 

My  daughter has been cast in the role of a Sheep in her Kindergarten graduation play. So the teacher sent home a note stating that she needs to dress like a sheep. 

So guess who has spent the last hour watching Youtube tutorials on DIY Sheep costumes? 

I suppose I shouldn’t complain. I’ve only burned my self with the glue gun three times. Things could be worse, my daughter’s best friend has to dress up like a bird. I’ll take glueing cotton balls over feathers any day. 

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Daren the Harvest Sprite from Harvest Moon ToT!!! :

I’m superduper happy with how this turned out, but I’m still such a beginner haha. If anyone has tips how to smooth out Sculpey, send them my way! :D

Materials: Sculpey®, Acrylics, Cotton ball, Gorilla Glue®, Blush 

If you’d like to see more of my art, please follow trystharvest.


It’s been almost two years since I made the stylized Otachi mask for my 3D Art class my senior year in high school, and it is still my biggest pride and joy.
I’ve posted the final pictures before, but I’ve never posted any of the progress shots on this blog, and never have they been together in one post until now.

When I made this I’d never done anything like this before. It makes me kind of wish I took prop commissions because this was a lot of fun to build.

Time spent: Five weeks (one to two hours a day)
Tools used: Butcher paper (template), pencil, eraser, sharpie, ruler/yardstick, x-acto knife, box cutter, scissors, hot glue gun, balloon, bowl, paintbrushes.
Supplies used: Cardboard, masking tape, hot glue, golf balls, glass pebbles, paper mache, ribbon, velvet, paint, patients.
Weight: 6 lbs

Cloud light tutorial


glowy orb (purchased at dollarama)

polyester stuffing (purchased at walmart)

(alternatively, you could use pulled apart cotton balls)

Glue gun and 2+ glue sticks (dollarama)

Take your glue gun and go to town with it. glue a little patch, and take a handful of stuffing/cotton balls and hold them down for a few seconds (couldnt really get pictures of this, it goes fast)

Continue until the entire orb is covered

This is the orb fully covered. you may want to do a once over, filling in any “bald spots”. My base required 3 AAA batteries to light up. here is the finished product;

I’ve also made a larger version with an ikea paper lamp and fake tealights. Please note that these are more for decorative purposes than lighting purposes