Nyx Devotional Activities

Devotional ideas for the Goddess of Night!

⭐️go stargazing
⭐️read books about astronomy or astrology
⭐️divination! Nyx was associated with oracles and precognition
⭐️go for a nighttime walk/drive (if you have a safe area to do so)
⭐️journal about your dreams (in honor of her son Hypnos)
⭐️make glittery galaxy/calming jars (plenty of recipes online, my favorites use clear glue to make the glitter move prettily)
Hopefully those gave some helpful options!!

@henry cherry

you better use those millions to glue Cholo’s ass to your new stadium (with low-key name of a reggaeton singer) and make sure that that minimalistic try of new crest has at least one (1) trophy. Also I want a 10 page essay of how are we going to avoid all the jokes with the possible rhymes for Metropolitano…

Some glue and love.

A headband in red fabric
and yellow hearts
needs some work
for us to make it 
all special 
with some time
just the two of us
and her glittery eyes
will do pure magic
the one they always search
and long for. 

The reason we love things
is that they manifest 
and concentrate
memories and love
into objects of admiration.

That Song From Tetris, Right?

read it on AO3 at

by DeerstalkerDeathFrisbee

“Lance. What happened to the living room?”
“Hi babe, pass me the glitter glue.”
“Not until you explain why it looks like Craft Warehouse projectile vomited in here.”
“Mom conned me into helping with costumes for the Nutcracker. Again.”

In which Lance has family holiday obligations and a very understanding boyfriend.

Takes place approximately 1 year after Must Have Done Something Right

Words: 1460, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of True Love or Something

read it on AO3 at

These two fluffies might look different, but they are definitely cousins. Just look at their eyes, filled with hunger for your soul… cuddles! They are perfect pets for those who are sick of rainbows and unicorns but still want some cuteness in their lives.

Materials: each piece is cast in tinted resin, painted with acrylics and sealed with several layers of varnish and epoxy coating to prevent scuffing. Faux fur is securely attached with hot glue, perfectly safe for brushing and combing.
Size (roughly and not counting the fur): 4.5cm height, 9cm length, 6cm width.

Barbie Endless Hair Kingdom 17in” Doll:  2 of 2 - Doll Parts

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a doll person, namely a doll person that fixes messy dolls and takes a lot of dolls apart in the process.

So, of course, I have to consider how the Barbie Endless Hair Kingdom 17in” Doll can be used.

Let me tell you upfront that her head is difficult to remove. It’s hard vinyl and has a blown-up version of this horrible thing inside:

I have to admit, I hate this neck fob design. It does it’s job of making the heads harder to remove, that’s for sure. But in making the head harder to remove, it makes removal of the head more likely to break the neck.

I wish Mattel would use Create-a-Monster jointing for all of their dolls.

Can you imagine how many dolls would be saved by that?

There is either a very small amount of glue, or they melted the ends of the hair inside the head.

Here are some comparisions between dolls I have on hand. It’s not a lot to compare to. An older 18in Superstar Barbie, Disney Store Singing Pocahontas, EHK 17In Barbie, Frightfully Tall Ghouls Clawdeen, and a Moxie Teens Bijou.

She can’t share shoes with any of these. Her feet are similar in size and arch to Jem and Moxie Teens, so it’s worth watching for different styles of shoes in the future. Her default shoes are too long for Jem, but closed-toe shoes might work.

She sits well and CAN sit with her knees together.

BFC Ink and Simply Gene. (Her shirt is from DollsAhoy.)

Next to Unoa 1.0 Sist.

I think the old Barbie and Disney Store dolls have more appropriately sized heads. From certain angles, EHK looks like she’s wearing an oversized mask of her own head. Either go more natural, or go bigger to be more obvious. The BFC Ink head might work.

It might be an interesting body for Blythe or Pullip, with some modding.

Her body would be a good replacement for the Disney Store dolls, and probably a lot easier to get a hold of than Disney Store bodies. As far as I’ve seen EHK is only available in Barbie and Nikki skintones.

It would also work for slim MSD size dolls with some color matching.

EHK Barbie isn’t as articulated as the FT Monster High ghouls with single joint knees and elbows and no upper thigh or upper arm rotation.

Her joints ARE stiff enough that the body could support a resin head.

And she has the weird texture difference on her lower legs like a lot of the 2016 Fashionistas did.

If you need a 17in body, consider the  Barbie Dreamtopia Endless Hair Kingdom 17" Doll available in Barbie or Nikki skintones.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and more will be released in the future, like Mattel did with Made to Move.

Now you finally know the word for those shoulder things! Epaulettes are those weird things on that character’s shoulders! It is pronounced ep-uh-let and sometimes spelled “epaulets.” They are typically found on the uniforms of high ranking military officers. Characters like Saber from Fate Stay Night and Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena have stylized military outfits that include epaulettes. Epaulettes are worn on the tops of both shoulders with pieces of gold cord hanging from one edge. They can be made from thick cardboard cut into the right shape and painted or covered in fabric the right color. Gold cord is then glued in place. A piece of thick paper or cardboard could be glued underneath to give a finished look and to prevent the cord from fraying. Another option is to serge pieces of cord together and then glue the cord to the piece of cardboard. Yet another option is to use a chenille mop head. It can be cut in half with the halves becoming the epaulettes. The extra cords can be cut, and the remaining cord along the edge can be painted gold or another color with fabric paint. 

Definition from Google dictionary. Other sources:  pronunciation, Utena, Saber, epaulet 1, 2, 3 

Tutorial and where to buy 1, 2, 3. Chenille mops can be found online and in many stores on the cleaning supply aisle.

I honestly can’t think of anyone much suiter to be Bigbang maknae other than Seungri. Even when peoples said that Hyun Seung is better than him before, I still couldn’t manage to think of anyone other than Seungri being Bigbang maknae. Choosing Seungri as Bigbang maknae is YG best action yet. I’m forever thankful for that. Seungri has become more of a pillar and a moral support for his four hyungs than just a maknae. He also become the glue that holds Bigbang together.


Kris Kuksi
Eros at Play, 2012
Mixed media assemblage

Exhibition: Turn the Page: The First Ten Years of Hi-Fructose at Virginia MOCA (Courtesy of Joshua Liner Gallery)

Kris Kuksi’s work has a timeless quality. Tension, mystery, and drama abound, encouraging the viewer to uncover the layers of narrative. Themes of good versus evil, masculine and feminine, and light versus dark are common in his work.

Kuksi works in Kansas in an old church built in 1897. Mass-produced found objects collected from hobby shops and online sources all over the world fill his studio. These objects become the foundation of his complex mixed media assemblages.

Look closer and you might be able to identify miniature animals, toy soldiers, model railroad figures or toy parts. Kuksi cuts, alters, and glues these found objects together to produce unique elements to work with. The objects are then assembled into a larger unified work of art. The entire piece is then painted to give a worn appearance.

so my mom sent my roommates and i stockings and wrote all of our names on them w glitter glue and she wrote mine as ‘olive’ and i was facetiming and her i was like ah this is so strange that she actually wrote that down and not my birth name and sent it to me… and then she was like yeah um your sister saw it and i was like 😱 omg….. and i got rly anxious bc i wasnt exactly planning on tell my sister or my dad (who also ended up seeing it lmfao good job mom) any time soon so… i was like wtf did they say and she was like nothing,,, they really like it and im cry

Titanic theme plays in the background

Maddie, regarding the dearth of Kevin/Andrew pre-Neil fics on AO3:

I’m shocked that there’s not more, like, pre-Neil Kevin/Andrew fics. Like. Neil is not the glue that holds that threesome together. Neil is the late entry in this race. Neil is the dark horse that came up from behind. Kevin and Andrew were banging on the foxhole court long before Neil ‘has never successfully spoken to an attractive human before in his life’ Josten showed up like a weirdly handsome self-abandoned baby on their doorstep. 


Sorry, I’ve been laughing uncontrollably since “dark horse that came from behind” because I’m a child. 

anonymous asked:

When kuroo's class has a nap time, he accidentally falls asleep, and all the kids end up waking up before him and they take this precious time to try and 'fix' kuroo's bed head with any supplies they can get a hold of, with aki leading the group of course.


“Is his hair always like that?” One girl asked Aki.

Akihiro nodded, “Yeah. That’s how he wakes up!”

“How do we get it to go down?” Another boy asked.

“Glue!” One boy cheered.

They thought that was the smartest thing in the world. They handled Kuroo’s hair gently, putting glue in it to smooth it down. It just became a goopy mess by the time Kuroo woke up.

“Good morning!” The class chorused. Kuroo went to go run his fingers through his hair and then came back with a gooey mess.

“What is this?” Kuroo asked, looking at all of his students and finally landed on Akihiro.

“We fixed your hair!” Akihiro said proudly.

Kuroo sighed, “I don’t even want to know.”

He wasn’t happy when he looked in the mirror. He was even less happy when Terushima burst into laughter at one look at him. And then he was livid when all Terushima did was high five his son and not punish him.