i am in full teenage rebellion today

adrenaline: pumping

i am going against the rules and the morals of society today

a wild child that can not be tamed

you thought i was an angel?? a pure good student?? THINK AGAIN!!! 

i stole a gluestick from my science class

The Philippian Substance

My grandma rested on the plot of grass
In front of that smooth black granite,
A bouquet of white yarrow in her hand,
In all directions: corn,
Raspberries on the tree line,
And those white flowers in the ditches
On the side of the road.

A road where black goop filled the cracks
As though it could glue scars together
With its stick.
The heat of the summer
Would enrage the goop into little bubbles,
And the bubbles would burst and stick to everything.
Somehow, it even clung to the yarrow petals
Speckling my grandma’s stomach.

She was trying to teach me something,
And, like the black goop,
I don’t know what it was,
But it stuck to my hands, my feet, 
Left its residue for hours,
And clung to everything I touched.

She was trying to teach me something,
And maybe it never left 
- this black film
Sticky on my hands -
It’s still there,
Touching everything I touch.
I’ve just gotten used to it.

paujurgolper  asked:

yo, so im working on a guzma cosplay, (guzma from pokemon sun and moon), and was wondering if you had tips on making the glasses, cuz i got no clue the hell im doing. (pardon my profanity)

They have a very unique shape, so I can see where the challenge is. 

My first thought would be to try and modify existing sunglasses, or maybe giant novelty glasses based on how huge they are! Maybe start with a rounded pair as a base and pop out the right lens. Then cut the lens so you have the half-moon shape. Then clip the sunglass frame on the right side so you have the half-moon shape at the bottom and an open top. Glue the sunglass lens back in place and use an epoxy modeling putty (like GreenStuff) or an adhesive thermoplastic like Worbla to create the slanted top bar. Then paint when fully hardened.

Otherwise you can break it down into two parts if you want see-through lenses, or one part if you don’t mind them being opaque. You can create the frame from a wide range of materials: you could sculpt it from an air-dry or bakeable clay, you could make it out of plastics, you could cut it out of foam or cardboard or pretty much anything you can get into the sunglass shape. As for the lenses, you could use a tinted plastic or a clear plastic and add the tint to it. Some tutorials recommend using plastic duotangs/folders from an office store since they are easy to find, fairly cheap and easy to work with. I would recommend checking an art store, or online, for acetate sheets.

You might also find these tutorials inspirational.

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Wonwoo as Your Bus Buddy

Originally posted by fyeahwonhui

(A spin-off from my Seventeen as Band Nerds series)

  • To give a bit of context, you and Wonwoo have been friends since junior high. The both of you decided to stick together like glue throughout high school as well.
  • You’re not nearly as close with him as he is with Mingyu, but every other marching band competition, you guys decided to become bus buddies.
  •  He prefers to sit next to you rather than Mingyu because Mingyu is incredibly loud. Plus, you also play the same instrument.
  • “Mingyu can’t even shut up for 10 minutes, and last week the ride was two hours long. Needless to say, I actually taped his mouth.”
  • He brings sheet music with him whenever he wants to discuss some parts with you.
  • He doesn’t mind that you sleep on him or lean against him.
  • You guys bring actual MEALS instead of snacks during long bus rides to share with each other.
  • Likes to share music with you, so you guys take turns listening to each other’s songs on his phone.
  • 99.9% of the time Mingyu sits behind you and tries to tease Wonwoo while he’s sleeping.
  • You don’t mind that he ends up leaning on you as he sleeps sometimes, but he’s really tall and heavy.
  • According to Mingyu you guys have the “most nerdiest conversations ever. Like, who cares if you deep-clean your saxophone once every two days?” (Wonwoo does, I mean he asked.)
  • You bring your laptop along to watch some movies during really long bus rides.
  • When you guys have to change in uniforms before a performance, each gender gets a bus to change on, and since you always sit on the “male bus”, Wonwoo will never hesitate or complain to get something on it if you ever forget something.
  • You have to tie up your hair to stick into your shako (the hat, basically), and since you suck at that, Mingyu would do it during the ride while Wonwoo checks to see if it’s centered and all that stuff.
  • Wonwoo always manages to sneak leftover dinner on the bus, but you don’t complain cause sharing is caring!
  • You bring a blanket to share whenever it gets cold or when you just feel like draping it on while watching movies.
  • Being around Wonwoo just makes you feel at ease, and you know he feels the same way. The best part about competitions is knowing that you’ll sit and enjoy some fun times with him. 

I found the only hat I will ever need im fuckign, putting this on every Naegi and Komaeda cosplayer who will consent to having a fugly hat placed on their head u dont understand this FUCKING hat was $15 at this little tacky Chinese accessories store and the old Chinese woman who owned the store spent like, 5-10 minutes replacing one of the rhinestones that had fallen out and telling me to be careful until the glue had dried and she gave me a discount and this hat is SO UGLY i cannot describe how much i love this hat

we used to spend hours. our mouths said: never stop. keep pushing. i want to go higher, please, please. i can almost touch a cloud. 

we never got tired of same. same colors, same books, same games. repeat repeat repeat. indigo crayons scribbled to stubs. hello to familiar pages, syllables imprinted in our dreams. hide and go seek and i’m always in the bathtub, and i don’t care how many times i’m found, just make sure you count to 100 veryfastnow and it’s just like the first time

i try to play now and i’m tired, i’m ready for what’s next, where are we going, how long will we stay? what makes us so impatient now? 

rewind, replay, redo. find truth in again and again. relearn what you thought you knew. repetition holds us in like glue

shiroufubububu  asked:

IM SO HAPPY???? I MADE PERFECT CLEAR SLIME FOR THE FIRST TIME (i used gel glue, added like a pinch or 2 of baking soda, then added quite a bit of water, then my borax mix was a pinch of borax and a cup or so of water, and added alot to the glue, once it began to come together i added more borax to the borax mix and added it and mixed with my hands until it was ☆perfect☆ ) IM SO HAP IM SO HAP ☆A☆

OMG NICE!! I was starting to give up on clear slime myself, but this gives me hope!! I gotta try your recipe, I’ll let you know if it works for me too! :D

Title: Homecoming

Summary: He was an idiot for thinking it would go any differently. (Happy birthday to my husband and the loml, @nichtwing / @buckcompton!)

He had it all planned out. 

He was going to go in, flash a couple quick smiles, and then leave. Fast. A rather ironic term given his…‘situation’, but nonetheless William Guarnere, formally dubbed “Wild Bill”, had not been planning on staying long.

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anonymous asked:

I've made slime without borax and it was pretty good :0 I used clear Elmers glue, water color/acrylic paint and liquid starch (and hot water). I don't remember the measurements though, sorry...

Awesome! :O I might try making it with that stuff sometimes.

look at this beautiful cosplay by Mimi Reaves next to the actual mess that Emma Watson created of Belle. When homemade gowns look better and more expensive than the live action, glitter glue tragedy, you know they really messed.