The Tweet...

  I’m late to this, but my take and then I’m letting it go.

Two of Cait’s “friends” are talking about her on sm while the world watches.  One doesn’t like her show, thinks her character is uppity and hopes her male lead has had his shots.  The other has written an adolescent song about how bad she smells.  Shatner’s comment  (did we doubt he’d have one?)  is a perfect opener for Stephen to come back and for the pair of  them to come charging with both barrels.   But before that could happen Cait tweaked the dialogue, turned the two of them towards each other, dusted off her hands and left the room.  A reply to Shatner, yes, but no follow, no praise, no approval, nothing to suggest a need for further interaction.   I thought it was handled well.  Stephen is hopefully diffused a bit, and Shatner is left squeeing in his corduroy slippers with a nice screencap to print off and glue in his journal before bedtime tonight.

Hiding Seams

        Ok, so how do you hide seams on an edge overlapping a smoother fabric without hand-sewing every darn seam? Here is a small visual tutorial to describe the tip!

Step 1 – You want to hide that raw edge. Imagine this as the inside of an ear, or a fabric-covered nose, maybe even the inside edge of a mouth.

Step 2 – Turn the edge under, the smaller the edge, the better. You can even glue this edge down like this if the backing is stiff.

Step 3 – Apply just a thiiiin line of glue. This is just to illustrate this step, you would apply glue only where you need it of course.

Step 4 – Apply the turned edge to the line of glue on your piece. Gently pressing the fibers into the glue.
This step is what takes practice, try it with scraps a few times before doing it on your actual final project!

Step 5 – Fluff out your fur and shave if needed. It should be a nicely covered edge like shown.


My first attempt at armor
This literally took me all day and I still need closures and elastic which are things I realized I needed as I was doing it.

This is a full day of patterning and crying and glue and experimenting with what works and crying and using plastidip for the first time and ripping apart and regluing and more crying

@arkadycosplay I don’t know how you do it but I’m impressed AF rn

Got a month to go but it’s happening

You have a dirty mind, Tumblr

So, I just got this email today…one of my videos was removed because it violates Tumblr’s community guidelines, because…

..wait for it…


…it’s a video of wheat starch paste.

Ew, Tumblr. Get your mind out of the gutter. 

And give me back my video! 


"Dear Boss" Letter
  • "Dear Boss" Letter
  • Jack The Ripper
  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Jack The Ripper

Dear Boss,

I keep on hearing the police have caught me but they wont fix me just yet. I have laughed when they look so clever and talk about being on the right track. That joke about Leather Apron gave me real fits. I am down on whores and I shant quit ripping them till I do get buckled.

Grand work the last job was. I gave the Lady no time to squeal. How can they catch me now. I love my work and want to start again. You will soon hear of me with my funny little games. I saved some of the proper red stuff in a ginger beer bottle over the last job to write with but it went thick like glue and I cant use it. Red ink is fit enough I hope ha. ha.

The next job I do I shall clip the ladys ear off and send to the police officers just for jolly wouldn’t you.

Keep this letter back till I do a bit more work, then give it out straight.
My knife’s so nice and sharp I want to get to work right away if I get a chance.

Good Luck.

Yours truly,
Jack the Ripper.

Dont mind me giving the trade name. PS Wasnt good enough to post this before I got all the red ink off my hands curse it No luck yet. They say I’m a doctor now. ha ha.

128 years ago today, Central News Agency received this letter before the double murder of Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddows three days later.


        So how exactly do you get the pattern and figure out how to put fur on the fursuit head or other part you are making? It is time to explain the wonderful complexities of “furring” something – in this case, on a foam-constructed head. The technique of using tape to create a pattern invaluable. It is a very useful technique to learn! 

        This guide will help you create your pattern which will be useful for planning your fur usage (reducing the amount of wasted fur fabric), you can arrange your pattern to know how much fabric to buy, and it will help you know what shape your pieces need to be before you apply any glue to your head! This patterning process will also make it possible in an easier way to prepare your pieces to sew if you choose to sew, instead of glue, your fabric.

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anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for a broke high school student trying to cosplay and who can't sew (like, at all)? My only source of income is allowance and chore money, but I'm super busy with school so I barely have any time to do anything extra. Have any ideas? (hope your week's been good so far!!)

it kinda sucks because cosplay is unfortunately such an expensive hobby sobs,.. but there are !!! cheaper alternatives, thankfully ! 

  • i’d definitely suggest looking for cosplays that you can buy like, thrifted clothes and alter ! 
  • invest in a cheap little glue gun, like those 6$ one’s from joanns it will save your life i PROMISE 
  • SUBSCRIBE TO JOANNS NEWSLETTER OK U WILL GET SO MANY COUPONS ! they also accept one competitor coupon per purchase ( meaning hobby lobby, michaels, etc. )
  • look at wigs via the marketplace or ! there’s a really great wig facebook group ! it’s all secondhand, but you’ll get nice wigs at a lower price than most places !
  • for make up, definitely look into e.l.f and ! ! ! for fake lashes, look into the giant packs off of ebay ! !!
  • ALSO, TO ADD, also has a section where people sell their past cosplays, so you can definitely look on there if you want to save up for something and don’t necessarily want to put more money into making it !!
  • SOMETIMES, cosplays will be cheaper to make, sometimes you might just be better off buying them, so it’s really a matter of doing research !

* ^ * hopefully that helps you some
English Bulletin Board Ideas for JET Program ALTs
You can make eye-catching English bulletin boards today. Our ideas are aimed specifically at English teachers in Japan.
By Sandra

Welcome to your first day as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) on the JET Program. You’re ready tocommand the classroom. You’re ready to inspire the students. You’re ready to become a poster designer!

Wait, what was that last part?

As a JET Program ALT, you’ll likely be tasked with creating colorful English bulletin boards for the classroom and/or hallways…every month.

If you don’t consider yourself an “artist,” don’t worry. Below, we’ve listed tips and tactics that go into the creation of an amazing, eye-catching boards. Plus, there are enough ESL bulletin board ideas in here to last you 5 years or more.

Grab your scissors and glue. It’s time to get creative (whether you like it or not).

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Tfw when the state gives your municipality €5100000 for integration activities but we have 2 police cars in the entire district, we’re forces to wait half a year for a doctor’s appointment and our kindergarten teachers are forced to boil their own glue for the children :^)


I watched this quick video tutorial about a week ago and immediately fell in love with the idea.
I know we had some pokemon figurines laying around, so we started making these.
I’m having waaaaaaay too much fun with this project. <3

Look at the GORGEOUS result, omg. X3
(Sorry about poor Raichu, mister is under repair since I’m still learning how to use the glue gun properly. XP)

Looking for an assistant the days of October 7/8 in the Bay Area to help me install for the @the_inmag party 💗send me a DM or email ☄ experience/confidence with handling delicate material and not afraid to get down and dirty with glues/tools is a must 🌹👻🌹 (at B4bel4b Gallery)

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Help send Connor Willumsen to The Lakes International Comic Arts Festival

Proceeds from the sales of Portraits and Swinespritzen will go toward Connor’s travel and expenses. 

Get a copy of Portraits HERE!

This magazine sized 16-page beautifully printed booklet (by WestCan – who also printed thee Santoro School Handbook) of portraits by the great Connor Willumsen is now available! Connor made these portraits during Skype calls. Edition of 500.

Get a copy of Swinespritzen HERE!

Connor and Frank Santoro reprinted this classic wacky pack originally produced for Breakdown Press in 2014. We have recreated the original item right down to the envelopes, paper, and glue-job that Connor manifested one late night at Kinkos. He made 20 or 30 copies that night – now we have an edition of 250, and they’re going fast!


So I wrote a Kanera drabble because @captaingondor suggested it, however the prompt came from @noelofasgard​ and this post. So here we go, continuing the trend of me filling in little gaps in “Steps Into Shadow.” This takes place when Kanan and Hera are headed to go rescue Ezra…let the angst and fluff begin!

Fic below the cut because of spoilers! (I think these keep getting longer…xD)

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Here’s how I assemble this beast by myself. But I’m all about recruiting helpers when glue is involved 🤗 #wood #woodworking #timelapse #cherry #cabinet #workslow #getzen

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