gltas cosplay


Sarah and I attended the Inaugural Cosplay Ball held by the Fandom Society last night! 

It was grand mingling with creators and fans, especially old and new GLTAS friends! There were plenty of cool costumes, and even some Cirque du Soleil aerial performers. Thank you to the hosts for a fun time!

Due to the lighting and the poor quality of my iPhone camera, these were the best shots we could get. ;~; If you wanna see more of the Ball, try checking the tag #CosplayBall on Tumblr or Twitter.

Next year, though, I hope there is food… *stomach growls*


Youmacon X photos!

tinmaiden as Leeloo

I didn’t take many.. and the ones I did take make me feel like I shouldn’t be at an anime convention, heheh. 

Also, that’s Tobias Funke/Freddie Mercury. We were pretty convinced it was Tobias, though.

Let me know who you are in an ask, I’ll tag you on this post! I’ll also probably follow you, because I only took pictures of things I was REALLY SUPER EXCITED ABOUT. :D 


Finally did a run-through of Razer.

Still need to tweak here and there (tighten top/helmet around my chest/face and secure armor a bit more so it doesn’t move around as much,) but fem!Razer is pretty much done! Uncomfortable as hell though. And hot. I’m okay for Otakon, but I’m going to die at A-fest…

NOTE : this is without the makeup/fangs and I took a glove off to take the photo. I also have only two red lines on my neck, not three, because my neck is much more itty-bitty than big ol’ manly Razer’s.