gloyd orangeboar


Sugar strikers

Mario strikers x Sugar rush crossover, with each racer as a team captain and their ‘fans’ as sidekicks


it took about 3 days on SAI but i’m glad i got to finish these :)

How’s it going everyone? Welcome to night eight of this year’s Wreck-it Ralph Pin Post Month!

Tonight’s pin is the DSSH, Pin Traders Delight, Wreck-it Ralph, Gloyd Orangeboar, LE 500 pin.

Gloyd Orangeboar. The prankster with a sweet tooth. The short description couldn’t fit the Halloween hooligan any better, though while the featured character of this pin, it seems as though Gloyd has set aside pranking for some candy corn themed ice cream. I like how the designers of this pin took Gloyd’s signature pose and softened it, taking the competitiveness out of the prankster so we can see him as the fun loving kid that he really is. 

Hey there and welcome back to this year’s Wreck-it Ralph Pin Post Month, AND part three of this year’s pin set week!

Tonight’s pin and third part of the Sugar Rush Racers pin set is the limited edition, DSSH, DSF/GSF, Sugar Rush Racers, Gloyd Orangeboar, Wreck-it Ralph, LE 300 pin. 

The design and theme of Gloyd’s kart is just so much fun that it’s one of my favorite kart’s from the movie. From the colors, to the Halloween candies, and to the lucky or unlucky number 13. This kart’s design screams Halloween just like its mischievous, prankster driver. 

This pin does such a good job at recreating Gloyd’s kart in a way that is easliy recognizable and still very fun. The colors are just as vibrant as the rest of the pins in this collection, and match the coloration of the actual kart almost perfectly. Just like the other pins in this series, the wheels do spin, and while the majority of the pins in this collection have circular wheels. This pin’s wheels stayed true to the actual shape of the Mellocrene Pumpkin candies used as the kart’s wheels. I love it when details like that are included in these pins, mo matter how big or small they are.  

Secret Weapon : Something or someone that no one knows about that will give you an advantage over your competitors or enemies.


(Originally Gloyd Orangeboar in Wreck It Ralph movie)

Gloyd Wei. No one knows a thing about this ever mysterious guy except his outstanding ability in breakdancing. He fills the role as the ‘secret weapon’ by creating extraordinary choreographies for his dance gig 'The Swizz’.

Stay tuned to see more about 'Big Hero Glitch!’ COMING SOON