glowsticks for everybody


Part 3 of Undervirus Reboot’s cast, and it’s our human squad. (SLIGHT REBOOT!RYU AND REBOOTTRUE!XANS SPOILER)

Important Notes

While RebootVirus!Chara’s hair design is similar to Undervirus’s designs, for Frisk, I used Undertale Retold Frisk’s hair design for Human!Frisk.

Yes, RebootVirus!Chara doesn’t have the wings here, because she doesn’t have them yet. 

Reboot!Ryu spoilers! (Also RebootTrue!Xans spoilers….well crap)

EVERYBODY loves the Frisk. (But will they kill for her? Hmm……)

Fights between Reboot!Xans and RebootVirus!Chara break out quite often for little reasons. They eventually grow tolerant of each other, but it takes time.

Undervirus Reboot is a fusion of Undervirus and Undertale Retold. Undervirus belongs to @undervirus-au Undertale Retold belongs to me