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Its #SuperSetSunday time and this week we are featuring @porterrobinson His set at UMF Croatia was unreal! The energy and the continuous flow help to make this a set that you will want to listen to over and over and over again!! #GSM


Its #SuperSetSunday time again and honestly this is one of the best, most diverse sets we’ve ever heard. @avicii is nothing short of incredible with this one! This is something special and we have @diplo to thank for this! WOW! Enjoy! #GSM


Music is made to evoke emotions in a person….although this is a recap of 2011, this is the perfect video to represent how happy EDM makes people. It’s all about the music and the smiles it creates!! #GSM 


@tiesto is the MAN!!! He’s one of the most diverse artist in history, and this Deep House essentials mix he did is unreal!! #SuperSetSundays just took on a whole new meaning!! Life is good when you have a @tiesto mix in your ears!! #GSM

Holy Shit!!! Glow Stick Mafia turns 1 today!! It has seriously been one hell of a ride!! I honestly don’t know where the time has gone, but I do know that it has been absolutely amazing along the way! There are so many people who have helped to make GSM what it is, in fact way too many to name you all individually, but there are a few that deserve a special shout out for all the time and devotion that they have put into this to make it grow. First and foremost, my partners in crime, @R_O_P_E_R for designing the webpage, the logo and pretty much solving all technical issues. Thank you Drew! This is just a pipe dream without your expertise and knowledge! @citianVega, @MikeDBone, @malkered, & @CSilentN for helping with the day to day operations, and bringing the most diverse, yet uniting ideas to the table. Without you guys, seriously, this wouldn’t even exist. I owe you a lot, and truly thank you, Critian, Mike, Derek & Chux from the bottom of my heart. I love you guys! @dj_tres for always putting out the best mixes for GSM and making us look so damn good! You never disappoint and always amaze my friend. We are very lucky to have you be a part of GSM. Thank You Paul! Also, I would like to thank @Room38 for allowing us to promote and host parties for GSM at your place! We love it there and we would not have wanted to have the launch party anywhere else, then with you guys at your place. To Billy and Jeremy, I say Thank You! I would like to single out one last set of gentleman that we have developed a relationship with in the last year and I couldn’t be happier about this…@TheChainsmokers! These two are taking the EDM world by storm and I feel privileged that they consider Glow Stick Mafia friends of theirs! We definitely look forward to a long lasting friendship ahead, with more and more mind-blowing music!! Thank You Alex and Drew!! To everyone else that has helped to make us what we are today, you know who you are, Thank You!!! I seriously cannot tell you what it means to me to have started something with some of the best friends anyone could ask for, only to have the success we have had so far. We plan on getting bigger and a hell of a lot better! The best is definitely yet to come!! So hang on tight, TURN THAT MOTHER FUCKIN MUSIC UP AND LETS CELEBRATE, CAUSE WE TURNED 1 TODAY BAYBEEEE!!!!


Thank You

Thank you message for 1 year anniversary:

We are GSM. I MEAN that. I am, he is, you are and she is. So first and foremost, I want to thank you GSM. It’s been an amazing year. Yet, still I am most excited of what we will see, what you will do and what music will be shared.

I truly appreciate everyone who contributes directly and indirectly, those who take the time to visit and share with their friends, classmates and co-workers, and most importantly the musicians, themselves. Thank you one and all for making GSM what it is today and what it will be in the future.

Much love, 


Reliving a magical set from Ultra Miami 2013! @arminvanburren proves yet again why he is one of the greatest in the world! The Lord of Trance does it right for this fathers day! #SuperSetSunday #GSM