I love Lauren Lopez and I think I’m going to start doing this hahaha


We all have those days. We all have those days where all we want to do is curl up in a ball and start crying. Normally people would say “Naw, don’t cry it’s not worth it,” or some other just absolute CRAP! I say go for it. LET IT OUT! I know that I spent years just crying because that was the only thing that actually helped me feel better. That’s just me, though. We’re all super different. Our minds work in different ways. We do different things and feel different things emotionally. But I know that for me, when I had a crappy day I would lay down, listen to my favorite music and just cry. There are other people I know that would write in their journal, would draw, would write, or find other outlets. Really the only outlet I had was crying and writing letters. I still really believe that crying is so powerful and it’s such an intense and intimate emotion and it allows us to really go away for a while. 

I also had those times where my tears were just dry. I held it in for so long it was crazy. I had so many different phases from crying every day for literally going cold turkey and not crying for a month- WHICH WAS INSANE for me! Then one day I had a humongous breakdown, I’ll never forget it. That moment was when I realized I needed to stop holding all my emotions in. It actually took a really long time for that to sink in though. It doesn’t happen quickly. 

I also had those feelings where I just NEEDED to cry. I was so stressed with everything going on but I just didn’t have time to give to myself to pause and breathe. Gosh that was actually one of the worst feelings for me.

I guess what I’m trying to say is when you’re sad, when you’re down in the dumps, when you’re trying to choke back tears…don’t. Because the longer you hold it in the worst it’s gonna be. But when you finally let it out…it’s going to make you feel SO much better.

Here are some of my crying tips if that’s not too weird

  • Find a quiet place where you can be by yourself for at least AT LEAST five minutes
  • Don’t try to be silent, but don’t go crazy. Just let them fall as they come.
  • Don’t block out your thoughts, think while you’re crying. You’ll find that your thoughts can actually be surprisingly deep when you’re at that level
  • Wash your face when you’re done, and then find a place where you can lay down or sit, and do something that makes you happy. For me, that’d be baking cupcakes. What would it be for you? It can be anything.
  • Change your clothes, do your hair, allow a change of environment
  • Smile. After I cry, I feel better and I find that I can oddly smile.
  • I say this all the time, but I won’t stop. Pick yourself back up. Tell yourself how STRONG you are- even if you don’t think it’s true. Say it anyway.

I hope I helped at least one person with this, guys. Love you.

Hugs <3