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Here is a blue Tritium stick sealed in another glass vial secured in silver tone “window” setting. Tritium sticks will glow for 10 to 15 years without the need of “charging” like regular glow in the dark pigment powders.  It is currently used in high-end watches, keyrings and gun sights - anything that needs to be seen at night. I decided to go with silver tone components because it complements the blow glow.  Just as important as the Tritium is the mechanical looking part it’s hanging from.  I was attempting to evoke a geared mechanical pulley assemblage with components found in the hardware store mixed with traditional jewellery findings.

I make in the steampunk genre but I wouldn’t classified as steampunk.  To me it’s futuristic with an alien artefact feel to it.  If you are interested in buying this you can find it on ebay here.

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tiny ass fairy lights, and those hangable mesh canopy things rule!!! also beaded curtains and those lil glow in the dark stars??? theres also like stick on wallpaper for things like nightstands?? SPRAY PAINT IS YOUR ALLY

I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT BEADED CURTAINS!!! OHHHH I’M SO GETTING BEADED CURTAINS!!!! and yesss omg the lil glow in the dark stars… i wonder if i can find glow in the dark flower or mushroom decals and put them along the baseboard in my room? :D

and yup yup yup once i have disposable income i’m buyin a ton of fairy lights!!!! i found a cute tutorial that shows you how to make flower things for fairy lights out of cupcake wrappers - you cut them like petals and put them over the bulbs to make it look like a garland of flowers!! how cute!!!

Day 89 - Actinium

In the seventh Period and the third Group, Actinium’s name comes from the Greek word for beam or ray.

Many believe that the discoverer, Andre Debierne, worked closely with Marie and Pierre Curie to discover this element.

A German scientist three years later thought he discovered a new element, and suggested a name meaning “to emit rays”, but found that his element had already been discovered.

Actinium is a silvery metal that glows blue in the dark.

Actinium is extremely dangerous, with a radioactivity level almost 150 times that of Radium.

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what would be a good weapon for morganite? also, are there any gems that glow in the dark?


A Good weapon for a morganite would be
- A Shield
   Morganites are the stone of divine love. Knowing this, these gems would be more protectors and healers than soldiers and front line fighters.
- A laser ray gun
 if youre looking for more of a combat Morganite, I suggest this weapon. They can shoot their enemies with ‘ The light of love’ causing harsh burns and strong emotions. 

As for G.I.T.D gems there are plenty that glow in the dark and under UV light !
Heres a list !
- Fluorite
- Calcite
- Scheelite
- Scapolite
- Topaz
- Willemite
- Gypsum
- Sodalite
- Hemimorphite 
- Baryte 
- Apatite 

Hope this helped!
- Mod Pyrope

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does anybody have experience with floof snowball maker? i know its similar enough to kinetic sand that vat19 included it in a video comparing different kinds of kinetic sand that they sell (the others being mad mattr, a product called called sånd made by brookstone(?) and glow in the dark sands alive! brand kinetic sand) but i dont think ive seen any reviews on it by ppl who stim

I actually happened across Floof for the first time today when grabbing the links for the Snowtime Snowballs. Again, I haven’t handled it myself (we just don’t have the same variety of these craft toys here in stores here in Australia) so I hope some US stimmer folk can give you a more definitive answer!

[image description: Floof Snowball Maker. The toy is housed in a white bucket with a blue lid with the raised text “Floof” on the lid. The label on the bucket has the text “Floof Snowball Maker 3+ Net Wt 0.33 lb (150 g) and features a background image of a cartoon winter scene, complete with snowpeople decorated with blue hat and scarf or pink bowtie and scarf. The foreground image is a photo of the Floof itself, shown in balls to the left, a pile that resembles snow to the right, and two balls of white Floof, resembling snowballs, bracleted by two halves of a blue round ball mould, one bigger, one smaller.]

After reading the description on the Fat Brain Toys listing and watching this video on the Vat19 website, I’ll say that it strikes me as similar to Morph: a fluffy, light kinetic-sand-like dough. (I’ve handled kinetic sand dough, at least the Skwooshi Dough by Irwin Toys, and Floof looks a lot fluffier.) The difference from Morph being that you don’t get Floof wet!

For those looking into Floof, here’s the main website and product lines. There’s a temporarily out of stock listing on Barnes and Noble ($14.95 USD), the Floof Bucket on Fat Brain Toys ($28.77 AUD; US folks need to check link for USD), the Floof Snowball Maker on Amazon ($16.99 USD with Prime) and Vat19 ($14.99 USD). Based on that diversity of listings, I’d say that Floof might not be too hard for interested US folk to track down!

I’d love it if folks can help our anon out and give some feedback! This stuff does look great!