glows art


@markiplier, thank you for everything you do and have done. Every video you’ve made, every convention you’ve been to, every charity stream, every promise, every person you’ve ever helped or made smile or laugh… That’s a starfish. Each video is a few million starfish, for everyone who’s watched your videos and heard your messages. Each minute, each second of video is a starfish for the people who need them to keep going. Mark, you’ve tossed easily billions of starfish back into this ocean, and even if they wash back up again in a day, an hour, ten minutes… you’ll be there to throw them back. 

I guess it’s a nice consolation to know that I was one of those starfish, or perhaps many of them, because you constantly inspire me to find my passion and drive to do wonderful things and create. You inspired this piece, for one. It’s actually one of my favorite things I’ve ever drawn. But more importantly, you inspire me to pick up some starfish as well. Hopefully I can throw my fair share back in this walk of life, like you have.

Anway, thank you so, so much, and I hope you have an incredible 28th birthday, even if you say you don’t really care about it. Much love <3

This piece was actually inspired by this video in particular.
(For better image quality, right click the picture and hit “open link in new tab.” That should help.)