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Here it is, the 700+ Follow Forever. Thank you all so much for the opportunity. For letting me write with you all and talking to you all. I have made so many wonderful friends and I am truly truly thankful that you guys have brought me this far — so much farther than I have ever imagined myself coming. 
This list consists of blogs that I interact with a ton and blogs that I really wish I can interact with and then some that I just really admire. Please, try to follow these people, they are totally brilliant in everyway { especially the ones I have bolded because I know how great they are } 
The Bold accounts are my honorable mentions. 


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FIRST OF ALL, um…wow. I need a moment. It’s been like what, just a little over a month since I’ve made this blog and look how far it’s come. I’ve never had a blog receive so much love or gain this many followers this fast, so I’m just going to assume that it’s because Quasi is an adorable cutie patootie, alright? Nevertheless, the constant support that you guys give me here is amazing, and I truly enjoy having every single one of you on my dash. You’re all so talented, so kind, and just super enjoyable company to have. I don’t think you guys realize just how much I look forward to logging on every day because of YOU. You’ve made my experience here thus far a memorable one, whether it’s making fun of my unfortunate musings tag name, fooling around OOC, or writing IC. I only hope that as time passes, my friendship with you guys can grow and that we can make even more awesome RP memories together. You’re all super cool, and don’t you forget it!


IN ALL HONESTY, the only reason I’ve opted for a bias list this time is because you’re all awesome, and my last follow forever was HUGE because of this. Please note ⎯ just because you are not on here does not mean that you are not special to me or that I do not enjoy having you on my dash. In all sincerity, I follow so many quality people it’s difficult to put them all in one list, so here is just a sizeable handful of you, in no specific order or category. 

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I was tagged by: evora-eriu-mclaggen
Name: Viktoria

Time and date where I am: 08:14 PM on the 21th of March.
Average hours of sleep: 6-8 hours
Last thing I googled: eagle one meme
Nicknames: Vik, Vik Vik, Vikiepedia, Viktory
Sexual orientation: heterosexual
Height: 174cm
Favorite color: blue, red
One place that makes me happy: Disneyland
Favorite movie: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
What are you wearing rn: sweatpants, t-shirt, a hoodie and a scarf - what is fashion?
Last book you read: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
I tag: origixalsin, antihercine, angelaveronicastark, nyrune, im-a-hawker, chocolxtecxke, glowisms, eightyontheinterstxte, orphanis, tensci