My beautiful child. Finally Hearthstone makes a grand magical entrance. Despite Blitzen begging Hearthstone to take it off and that it clashes horribly with his armor, I’m afraid the elf will never give up wearing his candy colored scarf, and he’ll put up a fight if you try and convince him otherwise.

anonymous said: I’d love to see draw something involving the Glowing Sea!

my first visit to the glowing sea I ran head first into a gaggle of radscorps and wondered why bethesda would do this to me. this was stupid fun, thanks dude!

Culture Shock

Context: The party has just killed a Helmed Horror in a cave and the half-orc fighter starts examining the remains.

Half-Orc: Is the armor still glowing?
DM (Me): No.
Half-Orc: Can I put it on???

I look at the size chart and ask her height and it would fit.

Me: I mean, I guess…
Half-Orc: I put on the armor!
Ranger: Are you sure that’s a good idea?
Half-Orc: The armor is mine now! And the awesome sword!
Me: Okay, you get +2 to AC and intimidation.
Half-Orc: Amazing!
Wizard: Wait wait wait, you’re actually gonna wear the thing that just tried to kill us?
Half-Orc: Yeah why wouldn’t I?
Wizard: Cause it’s literally evil incarnate! It’s gonna possess you or melt your face!
Half-Orc: But I killed it. You kill a thing, you wear the thing!
Ranger: Um what?
Half-Orc: I killed it, I can wear it, I’m gonna wear it.
Everyone else: ……..
Half-Orc: I guess it’s just an orc thing

First released shot from the set based around this gorgeous amethyst crystal sword pendant by Ideationox
I will later post a process shot of layers that went into this shot!
but until then go get one for yourself!