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84:『 “the key is under the mat.” 』

pairing: lee jihoon x reader insert

genre: fluff

word count: 1,125

notes: wow!!!!!!!!! i actually got a request done this weekend!! im p happy w how this turned out hehe, wholesome soft fluff!!!!!!!!!!

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For once it is not the obnoxious bleating of his alarm clock that awakens Jihoon — nor does the light of the rising sun drip through his window and claw at his innocently sleeping eyes. No, what has him stirring out of sleep is the sound of his ringtone grinding against his eardrums; not the obnoxious tune he’s grown used to hearing every morning, but nearly just as ear-piercing. 

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<Prompto voice> omg your promptio drabble is everything I needed. Please will you write another one? It doesn't have to be for the 150 word drabble ask thing though? Maybe a longer one shot? I love your Gladio too and promptio is like my favourite ship, so... xo xo

Ok. So. Here’s the thing. I was going to write a shortish drabble about the beginning of their friendship/relationship, but it kind of grew into a two and a half thousand word thing, which will have definitely one more chapter in… Gladio and Prompto will be bonding further over the chocobos in Insomnia zoo in the next instalment. 

So, here it is. Part One. It has no name (yet) so suggestions welcome, but I might wait til I’ve got more written. Here we have some fluffy Noct/Prompto friendship, Momnis supporting from the sidelines, some healthy sibling banter between Gladio and Iris, and Prompto being super nervous about his monster sized crush on Noct’s bodyguard…

It started out innocent enough. Just, you know, a little crush. Well, Prompto was a little guy, so it made sense.

He’d never forget the first time he saw him. Ignis usually picked them up from school together, Prompto clambering into the back to sit beside Noct, discussing girls, to start with, and then, gradually, they came round to the topic of boys. The first time he brought it up, Prompto watched Ignis’ back stiffen in the driver’s seat, and Noct’s pale cheeks flushed, but Prompto bumbled on, trying to put him at ease. “I mean,” he nattered, “Girls are pretty, sure, and like, Angela in Chemistry is so hot, but I dunno, I think…” he shrugged, “I think maybe I like boys as much… Is that weird?”

Noct looked at him, a slight glow in the apples of his cheeks, and shook his head softly. “I don’t think so, Prom,” he murmured, his sapphire eyes flitting to the back of Ignis’ neck. Ignis had just turned eighteen, and since getting his driver’s license, had been ferrying them back and forth alone in the car. Every morning, when they arrived at Prompto’s little apartment, Noct would get out and go and sit in the back to be with Prompto, but the blond noticed that he always sat in the front to start with. Beside Ignis.

Could he and Noct be…?

One day they’d both turned seventeen, Noct looked at his phone while they waited in the school yard for Ignis and smirked.

“What’s up?” Prompto asked, bouncing like he usually did on the balls of his feet. “Anything interesting?”

Noctis chuckled. “You get to meet Gladio today.”

“Oh?” Prompto swallowed. He knew who Gladio was. The whole of Insomnia knew about Noct’s gorgeous bodyguard. Newspapers and tabloids speculated about him, ovaries exploded every time pictures of him were printed, and Prompto… Prompto had been known to think about him too every now and again too. Alone… He was the son of Lord Clarus Amicitia, and he had a sister younger than he and Noct, and he was a fucking mountain of a man, but other than that, Prompto knew very little.

Noct gave a hoarse chuckle as the nondescript black car drew up as usual. But, unusually, there was a figure in the front seat beside Ignis. He filled the space, and as Ignis stepped out, leaving the engine running in readiness for anything, he stepped out as well.

Prompto’s mouth went dry and his school trousers shrank a couple of sizes at the top. He forgot how to walk.

Gladiolus Amicitia was a hundred times more impressive in person than he was in pixels.

“Come on, Prom,” Noct drawled as he sauntered over to Ignis and allowed him to take his schoolbag.

Kicking his feet back into action, he scampered over, hanging back. “So, um,” he faltered, “Should I…? I mean… I’ll just… you know… m-make my own way back?”

“Whatever for?” Ignis asked, turning. “There’s room here for you, as always, Prompto.” The young advisor’s green eyes took in Prompto’s own glazed, wide eyes and he let out a low laugh. “Oh don’t worry about him,” he added as Gladio looked up and down the street, clearly on the alert.

“Noct you little shit,” Gladio grinned as the prince slid into the front seat while Gladio was staring off down the street.

The prince shrugged and said innocently, “I’ll pull the seat forward, don’t worry.”

You little shit indeed, Prompto thought, sliding in behind Ignis.

Girls from twelve to eighteen twittered and giggled, some taking photographs of him as they hung around the school gates, but Gladio ignored them and yanked the door open. If he pulled it shut with more bang than was strictly necessary, it was hard to tell: that might just have been how a guy that strong closes a car door after all.

He sighed and sat back in the seat, resting his head on the seat behind him. “They always like that, highness?” he asked without opening his eyes.


“With you as well?”

“Not so much any more,” the prince replied, eyes on his phone. “Sometimes, if there’s been like an event or something they’re more annoying… But having you dangled in front of them is gonna fuel them for weeks.” He turned and looked over his shoulder. “You realise I’m gonna be flooded with messages asking me to introduce them to you…?”

Gladio rocked his head sideways to look at Prompto. “What about you?”

“M-Me? Wh-What about me?” he stammered, cursing the red hot blush that rushed over him from his shoulders to his ears. He looked down at the seat in the hope of getting away from it, but he saw Gladio’s huge hand, knuckles scarred, lying passively on the seat, and that didn’t make the stinging blush any better.

Gladio laughed, a rumbling, earthy sound, and expanded on his question, “They give you any trouble?”

“About Noct?” he asked. “N-Not really. I mean, they tried to, at first, but… I’m no one. I guess I’m not really important enough to bother with. Mostly they just ignore me.”

He thought he saw Gladio’s brows buckle into a little frown, but the expression was gone before he’d even had time to register it.

Prompto really wanted to ask why Gladio was there that day, when he’d never been there before, but the question got bogged down by his nerves and he sat unusually still with his hands in his lap, trying not to open his mouth in case he said something stupid.

After a while, he noticed that they were not taking their usual route to his apartment to drop him off first, and Prompto leaned forward, hands gripping the back of Ignis’ seat, and asked, “Hey, Ignis… where are we going?”

“Oh, apologies, Prompto. Did Noctis not tell you?” he shook his head disappointedly at his charge, and added, “We’re dropping Gladio off at his father’s house first.”

“Oh,” he said, leaning back again and risking a glance at Gladio.

The moment his blue eyes met Gladio’s warm golden ones, he felt his stomach flip over again. The man was only wearing a navy blue Crownsguard hoodie and some dark indigo jeans, but Prompto knew he’d never seen a man so handsome in his whole life. The shield flashed Prompto a broad, white friendly grin, and Prompto forgot how to swallow or breathe.

“You guys wanna come in for a drink or something?” Gladio said as they pulled onto a wide boulevard lined with towering, leafy plane trees.

The houses and mansions on the street were bigger than his whole apartment block, and while he’d seen the palace and the citadel, and even visited a couple of times, he wasn’t sure he’d ever been to a ‘normal’ residential area so fancy. Glancing back at Gladio, he now thought he saw a blush on the shield’s face.

Noct looked back at Prompto and grinned. “Sure,” he said, in a tone of voice that made Prompto very nervous.

What are you plotting?

“We got time, right Iggy?”

“Indeed we have.”

“Then it’s settled,” the prince said.

“Prompto?” Gladio asked, making him squeak involuntarily. When he just stared, wide eyed at him, Gladio’s smile softened from wolf to puppy-dog. “How about you? You got time?”

The fact that he’d asked him separately nearly made him cry.

Everyone, even Ignis, just assumed he would do whatever Noct did, and mostly it was true, but only because his and Noct’s interests were basically the same, except that if Noct went on a fishing trip, Prompto did wildlife photography instead. That was pretty much the only difference. “S-Sure, thank you,” he stuttered.

Going to the Amicitia mansion never got much easier for Prompto. Clarus, when he was there, was terrifying though he clearly didn’t mean to be, Iris was wildly inappropriate and made him blush and stutter and drop things, especially around Gladio, and Gladio himself was… problematic.

Not deliberately, of course.


Prompto couldn’t meet his eye, couldn’t stop his heart pounding, couldn’t help himself laughing at all his dorky jokes, and, yes, he couldn’t help himself falling in love with him. He was big and brutish on the outside, but he cared so deeply for Iris and his family, for Noct, and gradually, apparently for Prompto too. He was surprised to discover that Gladio was a massive bookworm, and when he wasn’t training, he was to be found curled up on a sofa or on the nearest comfy surface, nose buried in a book. From volumes on mindfulness and meditation to historical fantasy, he devoured them.

Prompto was in awe of the speed with which his eyes flitted across the page. Prompto was so dyslexic he could barely read his own name, but he loved stories, and while he was lazy, he was actually quite intelligent, which always surprised his teachers. He loved his history teacher in particular because she quickly worked out what the real problem was. She let Prompto write in blue ink instead of black to start with, and then campaigned for him to get a school laptop so he could type instead of writing because he was constantly falling behind trying to write by hand. His chicken-scratch handwriting was so terrible he’d probably need a Crownsguard codebreaker to crack it anyway. But with the laptop to help him, and a sound recorder to tape the lessons instead of trying to take written notes, Prompto’s grades began to pick up, and his confidence rose too.

It didn’t escape his notice that Gladio came with Ignis more and more often to pick Noctis up from school, and the group soon fell into a new pattern. They’d go first to the Amicitia mansion, Ignis would prepare some after-school snacks while Noct, Prompto and Iris played a chocobo racing or co-op shooter game on the monster flatscreen in the living room, while Gladio would fold his enormous legs up into a chair and crack open a book.

“What’s that one about?” Prompto asked one afternoon, emboldened by the fact that Gladio had clapped him playfully on the shoulder in greeting when they’d been met at school that day.

“Hmm?” Gladio asked, eyes flicking up from the page to meet Prompto’s. “Oh, it’s the next one in that naval history series I told you about.”

“Yeah? Is it any good? Did the lieutenant get promoted yet?”

“That would be telling,” he smirked. “You wanna borrow the first one?”

Prompto blushed. “More of an audiobook kinda guy,” he said.

“Oh, that reminds me,” Gladio said, fishing his phone out of his pocket. “I got a promotion code for a free audiobook, but I don’t really get the chance to listen to stuff much. You want it?”

Prompto’s eyes went wide. “Yeah! Sure, thanks!”

“I’ll email it to you. What’s your address?”

Prompto blushed. “Um… it’s”

Gladio raised an eyebrow but offered no comment while he typed. “You like chocobos then?” he smiled.

“Love em!”

“You ever ridden one?”

Prompto shook his head. “I’ve never actually seen one in real life…” he said.

“Really? But they have them at Insomnia zoo,” he said. “You never been?”

Again he shook his head. His adoptive parents never had the time to take him anywhere.

“We’ll have to sort that out.” Gladio’s voice was gruff but there was a warmth to it that made Prompto lick his lips.

“What?” he blurted when he realised what Gladio had said.

“We’ll have to take you. I happen to know that Noct’s free next weekend. We could all go. How about it?”

Noct looked up from his phone. “Sure. Been ages since we went. I think I was like, ten, when Dad took me? Closed the whole park down. It was so embarrassing. You won’t do that this time, will you?”

Gladio bit his lip. “It’ll make security harder, highness,” he said, reminding Prompto that he was his shield as much as his trainer and friend. “But I’m sure we can get a few Glaives to go undercover. Not exactly the worst mission after all…”

Noct sighed, and Prompto was wracked with guilt. “Noct, it’s ok, I mean, I don’t wanna impose or whatever…”

But the prince silenced him with a snort. “Prom, I know how much you love chocobos. You even have chocobo boxers and pyjamas –”

“Noct!” he yipped, blushing furiously.

Iris poked her head in from the kitchen where she was helping Ignis bake a chocolate cake, and demanded, “Who has chocobo boxers?”

“Prompto,” Noctis deadpanned at the same time as Prompto vehemently squeaked, “No one!”

Gladio tilted his head back and boomed a great laugh that made Prompto’s red ears ring.

“Oh Ramuh, just smite me now,” Prompto whined, shrinking into the sofa cushions.

“I think it’s cute,” Gladio chuckled. “And you didn’t hear it from me, but Iris still has moogle bedsheets.”

“Gladio!” she squawked from the kitchen, but he only laughed harder.

Between chuckles he added, “And knickers too. I’ve seen them on the line. In fact, it’s a sunny day, they might be outside now…”

“GLADIO I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” she yelled, dropping a wooden spoon on the counter with a clatter and dashing out of the kitchen to fling herself at her brother. She landed in his lap and ripped the book out of his hands, fists beating on his chest. The book landed with a thump on the carpet beside the chair.

Laughing harder than ever, he just picked her up under her arms and held her away from him, Iris spitting and hissing like a cat.

In all the display, the only thing Prompto could look at were Gladio’s arms. His half-finished tattoo traced ghostly lines down his arm, over his huge, rolling shoulders and down his biceps, which seemed hard and perfect as carved marble.

Noct nudged him in the ribs and brought his finger to his own chin, whispering, “You’ve got some drool, like, here…”

“Noct!” he fired back, whacking him right in the face with a squashy sofa cushion.

“Oi,” Gladio barked, looking over Iris’ windmilling arms. “You mark Princess’ pretty mug and it’s my job on the line.”

Before Prompto could apologise – he certainly wasn’t about to explain why he’d been thwacking the crown prince of Lucis in the face with a cushion – Noctis said, “Gladio, help! He’s assaulting the prince. Pull him off me!”

Prompto’s eyes went wider than ever and he dropped the cushion like it was suddenly a million degrees. “Noct…”

Gladio chuckled and set Iris down, rising from his seat as he did so. Effortlessly he shoved her back into the soft armchair behind him without looking.

“Please, come on, Gladio,” Prompto gabbled, “Please, it was only a joke… you know I’d never really hurt him!”

Gladio loomed over him, face suddenly hard, hands on hips. “Highness?” he asked. “What shall I do with him?”

“Nothing,” Noct snorted. “Just love him like we all do.”

An odd moment passed between them then, as Gladio stared down at him. His lips gave the oddest twitch in the corner and he took half a pace back. When he spoke, his voice seemed to catch strangely in his throat. “Yeah, I guess that won’t be so hard to do.”

Part Two to follow…


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Litha Celebration Recipes

Traditional Pagan foods associated with The Litha Sabbat are fresh vegetables of all kinds and fresh fruits of yellow, orange, and red. Fresh fruit juice mixed with 7-Up compliments any meal.

Since Litha is a time for the young and childlike play, the following recipes are geared towards teens preparing the meals. Here are some easy dishes that can be both fun and symbolic.

Sun’s Up Cobbler

1-1lb 14oz can (3 ½ cups) halved peaches
3 slices slightly dry bread (toast on light)
1 tbs. cornstarch
¼ cup butter or margarine, melted
¼ tsp. salt
1/3 cup sugar
1 tbs. lemon juice
½ tsp. ground cinnamon
¼ cup butter or margarine
¼ tsp. ground nutmeg

Drain peaches, reserving 1 cup syrup.
In a pan, combine cornstarch and salt and slowly blend in reserved syrup.
Over med-high heat, cook and stir until mixture comes to a boil.
Reduce heat and cook and stir for 2minutes.
Add lemon juice, butter or margarine and peaches.
Heat JUST to bubbling.
Pour into 10x6x11/2 inch baking dish.

Cut bread lengthwise into 1 inch strips.
Dip into ¼ cup melted butter, then into mixture of sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
Arrange over peaches.
Bake at 375 degrees for 25 minutes or until toasty.
Serve with cream (optional)
Makes 6 servings.

Lunchtime Cranberry Sun Mold

2 -3oz packages orange flavored gelatin
2 7oz bottles ginger ale
1 1lb can whole cranberry sauce
2 oranges, peeled and sectioned
1 83/4 oz crushed pineapple, undrained
1 grapefruit, peeled and sectioned

In saucepan, combine gelatin and cranberry sauce. Heat and stir until almost boiling. Stir in undrained crushed pineapple and ginger ale. Remove from heat and stir until fizzing has stopped. Pour into round mold. Chill until set. Unmold onto a serving dish with a layer of lettuce leaf bedding.

Garnish with orange and grapefruit sections.
Top with alternating orange and grapefruit sections in a “pinwheel” array.
Serve as salad or dessert.

High-In-The-Sky Sunny Sandwiches

4 French rolls
4 slices pressed ham
Butter or margarine, softened
4 slices salami
Several lettuce leafs
2 hard cooked eggs,sliced
4 ounces sharp cheddar cheese
French salad dressing

Split rolls lengthwise, cutting to but not through crust at back.
Spread cut surfaces with butter or margarine.

For each sandwich: Cover bottom half with a couple lettuce leafs, then slice cheese and cut lengthwise for julienne strips and add a few strips, fold slices of ham and salami and add.
Place egg slices (3) atop folded meats.
Drizzle approximately 1 tbs. of French salad dressing over each sandwich.

Makes 4 servings.

Setting Sun Taco Salad

1 pound ground beef
¼ cup green bell pepper, chopped
1 package dry taco mix
½ cup sliced ripe olives
¾ cup water
1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1 med head lettuce, shredded
1 6oz package corn chips
1 large tomato, halved and sliced
1 small onion, sliced and rings separated

In skillet, brown the ground beef.
Sprinkle in the package of taco mix and stir in the water. Simmer uncovered for approximately 10 minutes.
In a salad bowl, combine all the rest of the ingredients except the chips.
Divide salad onto 4-6 plates, spoon meat mixture on top, and garnish with chips.

Bright Memories Parfait

1 23/4 oz package vanilla custard mix (no bake type)
½ tsp. vanilla
2 cups milk
1 1lb 5oz can pineapple pie filling
2 3oz packages cream cheese, softened

In sauce pan prepare custard according to the package directions using the milk.
Remove from heat.
Gradually stir cheese into hot mixture, mixing well.
Stir in vanilla.
Chill custard mixture and pie filling separately until ready to serve.
When ready to serve, spoon alternate layers of mixture and pie filling into parfait or juice glasses.
Top with some type of berries if desired.
Serves 6.

Warm Glow Applesauce

8 med apples,
cored, pared, and cubed 2 tbs. lemon juice
¼ cup sugar
5 or 6 drops red food coloring
¼ cup water

Put apples, sugar, water, lemon juice, and food coloring in blender; cover and blend until smooth.
Heat in sauce pan on low to serve warm, or chill.
Makes 4 1cup servings.

Source. –Adapted by Akasha Ap Emrys to share with all her friends and those of like mind–

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I have a mighty need for dad!Regis and smol!Noctis. Can I have Regis (being the little shit that he was in his younger days) play a prank, with Noct as his accomplice, by doing disappearing acts. Everyone panicked cos THE KING AND PRINCE ARE MISSING HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. Regis just wanted to spend some dad time with li'l Noct. And oh look the prince is finally smiling yay <3

Apparently I too had a mighty need for dad!Regis and smol!Noctis. This… this grew from a 150 word drabble into 1385 words of some sad fluff/comfort stuff. *shrugs* I hope you like it. I think I managed to punch myself right in the feels righting it though…

Noct’s door opened silently in the pre-dawn light. The young boy, barely recovered enough from his injuries to be up and about, woke groggily.

Unable to walk further than a few places without his spine turning to water and his legs failing, he still needed the wheelchair, and he had barely been eating since the Marilith attack.

“Dad?” he croaked, blinking sleep from his eyes. “What’s going on?”

The king pressed his finger to his lips, hissing, “Shh, not a word. We’re running away.”

“What?” Noct frowned, struggling to sit. “Running away?”

“Just for the day. Come on, let’s get you dressed.”

Confused, Noct allowed his father to dress him, and carry him out to the king’s car through secret passages which not even Cor or Clarus knew of.

The drive through the city didn’t take long. Insomnia was massive, with areas of park and woodland, rivers and stream, deliberately protected to allow the residents some semblance of what they could not have beyond the wall. Wilderness.

The lure bobbed in the lake and the king of Lucis sat, dirtying his clothes on the ground, with Noct in his lap, showing him how to reel in the fish, keeping just enough tension on the line before it snapped. As the sparkling fish was drawn from the water, scales glimmering as it danced on the end of the line. “Catch it, Noct,” Regis encouraged as the little prince’s small hands reached for it.

Tears sprang to Regis’ eyes as he heard Noct’s giggle as the fish landed wetly in his lap and began to writhe, flopping uselessly.

“Can we put it back now?” he asked his father. “It’s not happy on land.”

Regis nodded. As much as he seemed to love fishing, his son was kind to his core, and it moved the king to tears.

“Dad?” the prince asked, shuffling awkwardly as his weak legs refused to work properly. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“Nothing’s wrong, little one,” he sniffed. “I’m crying because I’m happy. It’s good to see you smile again, son.”

They returned to fishing, but eventually the prince began to tire, and the sun began to sink lower in the afternoon sky.

Returning the last fish to the water, Noct turned to look at his father, but his sapphire gaze shifted to a point behind the king, and in an instant the fishing rod vanished, replaced in a glimmer of particles by his sword.

The figure approaching down the jetty laughed, low and warm, and called out to them. “I always could find you here when you least wanted to be found, Majesty.” It was the gruff voice of Clarus Amicitia.

“Ahh, Clarus,” the king moaned, dismissing the weapon and relaxing once more. “Come to take us back to the nursery like naughty children?” He cast a comically chagrined look at his son, who giggled again.

Clarus caught the sound and his feet faltered on the wooden dock. Regret tinged his voice, deepening it. “I’m sorry, Regis,” he said, dropping the formalities. “But the palace is in complete uproar. I think Cor’s going to have a coronary if you aren’t found soon, and little Ignis is beside himself.” He chuckled and rubbed at the stubble on his chin. “Even Gladio’s worried, though he’s hiding it behind that stern face of his.”

The king sighed. “We can always come back, eh Noctis?”

The little boy nodded and yawned, grabbing hold of his father as he was hoisted up in his arms. A sudden flash of pain crossed Regis’ face, and Clarus took half a step towards him, but he was stopped dead by the merest shake of the king’s head.

Obediently, he fell into step behind them as they left the glittering lake and its peaceful jetty in the rushes behind.

“I will see you back at the citadel, Clarus,” Regis said softly once they were back at the car. “Let me enjoy the ride back with my son alone, please.”

Clarus closed his eyes and nodded. “I shall drive behind you, Majesty.”

The king settled Noctis down in the front seat. The boy’s breathing was shallow and rapid, exhaustion already lining his face, dark circles still showing beneath his beautiful blue eyes, but the pallor was lessened, chased away by a rosy glow in the apples of his cheeks. Regis ran a hand through his son’s thick black hair, smoothing it down. Noct’s eyelids fluttered closed even as his father stepped back from the car.

His knee gave way, buckling beneath him, and he was forced to clutch the chassis of the car for support. Hands suddenly took him quietly by the elbows. “Majesty,” Clarus’ voice rumbled again. He was close. Very close.

Testing his weight on it again, Regis nodded. “I should have worn my brace, Clarus,” he said evenly. “Please, I’m quite well, and able to drive. Thank you.”

A moment fluttered between them, short-lived as a mayfly, but it was undeniably there. In the years before their childhood friend Aulea had become Regis’ wife, Clarus and Regis had been significantly closer. Duty drove them apart, neither wanting to shame or dishonour Queen Aulea, but now with her gone, neither knew where they stood or quite what they wanted.

“Clarus,” he croaked, shaking his head. “I can’t.”

“I understand,” Clarus said as he stepped back, his voice gruff as ever, though it carried a deep undercurrent of sadness. “Really,” he nodded, “I do.”

“Thank you.” He looked through the now-closed door, through the glass, at his son. “He’s all I have left. I have to protect him. I have to do everything I can for him.” Clarus nodded, and the king sighed. “Listen, now’s as good a time as any to tell you…” he paused and ran a hand through his floppy dark hair, streaked with iron grey. “I have been in touch with Sylva.”

“Queen Sylva?”

He nodded. “I am taking Noctis to Tenebrae. They can heal him there, I’m sure of it.”

Clarus thought for a moment, and then bowed. “I shall begin planning security. It won’t be easy…”

“Thank you, dear friend,” he said, clasping Clarus’ solid shoulder a moment, eyes shining. “I will be telling the council within a week, but until then, please keep it to yourself.”

Noctis slept for the whole journey back to the palace, and when the king’s car was sighted entering the citadel, Glaives and Crownsguards erupted into action. Regis stubbornly insisted on parking the car himself in the underground garage, and then he scooped Noctis up into his arms.

Cor, vigorous as a young stag, came charging across the courtyard as Regis emerged above ground again, and dropped into a rushed bow. “Majesty,” he panted. “Majesty, is everything alright?” he eyed the slumbering prince. “Is…?”

“Stand down, soldier,” Regis chortled at his younger friend. “All is well. I’m sorry. It was childish of me to pull such a prank as this. I…” he looked down at the porcelain face of his son and then up at the high, white building above them. “I had to get away. The palace… it was suffocating us both. I should have told someone, but I simply couldn’t face it.” He stared up into Cor’s ice blue eyes, so intense it almost hurt to look at them. “Will you forgive me?”

The marshal took in the prince in the crook of the king’s arm, and then the dolorous gaze of the king himself, and softened. “Of course, Majesty. I’m just relieved you’re unharmed. Please, it is I who should beg forgiveness of you.” And he dropped into a low bow.

“Come on,” Regis scoffed. “We’ve been friends too long for all that crap. Get up, Cor. And get back to your duties.”

“You’d better give me time off in lieu for all the trouble you’ve given me today, sir,” he snorted as he rose.

Crossing the courtyard back to the palace, Regis turned back and said, “I might make today a national holiday. Give everyone the day off.” He cradled Noctis in his arms and murmured, “Even the king and his beautiful little boy.”

Noctis shuffled a little in his sleep, a soft smile now playing around the corners of his pinched lips.

“My beautiful boy,” Regis repeated in a whisper. “My beautiful Noctis.”

While this clearly isn’t 150 words, as a thank you for reaching 150 followers, I’m now writing 150 word drabbles. Send me a person or a pairing plus a word or a sentence, and I’ll write you a 150 word drabble in return! (note, I’m moving house right now, so I may not be able to respond as quickly as I’d like. I’m sorry!)

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percabeth: apple

“I mean, really. What’s wrong with Capture the Flag?” Annabeth says darkly, shading her eyes with her hand as the ground swallows up a field full of three-legged death race players before their eyes. “You and I grew up on that, and we saved the world - twice.” 

Slouched in a lawn chair beside her, Percy shrugs and takes a bite out of one of the glowing golden apples Chiron had left with them. As long as he doesn’t have to drag his butt back into those tunnels, Percy’s content to enjoy the sunshine and Annabeth’s presence while they keep score for other demigods.

She shakes her head. “I still can’t believe playing in the Labyrinth is a thing people look forward to. Weirdos.” 

“Kids these days,” Percy drawls around a mouth full of fruit. “No respect for ancient death traps of horrible doom.”

Underneath their feet, the ground rumbles and, somewhere in the distance, a tiny, maniacal son of Hephaestus cackles in delight 

The Poems of Candy Eep

You happen like the moon
In its amber glow. You apple
And ripe and warm sleep.
You maketh all matters wake
Into dreams. I step like swoops.
I am adrift on this summer
Hope. Undermine me like 
Whispers that love and uncover
And shake until I am remade.
I need to give up, and begin
Again, for you. Who? You are who.

I Would Never...

Short blurb in response to the OOC mess that was “The Bread Scene Part II”.

Childhood Eremin in which Eren has a horrible dream involving Armin and rushes out to ensure reality is secure. Fluffy comfort ensues.

(tw: abuse mention). Enjoy if you can<3

“Eren, stop! Let Mikasa handle this!”




Eren’s eyes burst open, with tears streaming down from them. The echoes of cruel words in a guttural gravelly voice were still hitting the walls of his skull like the bells of a church tower… “Armin!”

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requested: jon comforting you ♥

as requested by an amazing anon: Imagine where Jon comforts the reader after they loose their little sister/brother please!!!!

hope you like this as much as i did!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥


You stayed in the crypts of your house where your lord father and lady mother are buried. In a few weeks time, a statue of your little brother will be standing there soon. Your older brother is Lord of your house but is far away from home. He has heard the news and has sent a raven back to comfort his little sister, but it’s not enough. Your older brother is the only family you have left. You remained down in the crypts for days, the lit torch only your company and sometimes your Maester would bring some food and water for you.

“Dear,” he started, “Your house needs you.”

You looked at him through the slits of eyes and whispered in the darkness, “My younger brother needs me. Nobody here mourns for him but me.”

“But, my Lady…”

“Leave me be.” You looked at him, you saw his face being graced with the appearance of wrinkles and graying hair, “Please, Maester.”

You sat down beside your brother’s buried ashes and weeped. You cried out for how cruel the gods are, for taking your little brother away so early. You cried out of jealousy as your little brother is amidst your parent’s care now, and you with nobody. You cried and cried until you are too weak to speak because of the hoarseness of your voice.

After days of staying down in the crypts, you walked slowly towards the stairs and ascended to meet the cool summer sun. Your guards are there and showed their courtesy when they met you and you showed them a small smile. You noticed that there are a lot of people coming in, lots of banners waving in the wind. You went and wandered back to the castle where you were met with different lords and ladies to show their sympathy. You thanked them, but cannot bare to stay within their presence. Continuing to walk to your bedchambers where you were met with a man with dark curls and warming eyes.

“Hey,” he said, enveloping you in an embrace. “I’m sorry.”

You hugged him back, breathing in his distinctive scent. “Jon.”

“It’s alright.” Jon showed the way inside your chambers and laid you down your bed. “Have you eaten?" 

 You replied a weak ‘no,’ and Jon was quick to aid you. He offered a small smile, "Let me get you your favorite apples and glass of warm wine.”

He made his way out and into the kitchen and you close your eyes and rest in a deep sleep. You woke up with somebody by your side with an arm dangled on your hips. It was Jon. 

He mumbled something incohorently, “Good morning.”

“What are you doing here?” You asked, with a little smile on your face. He stayed with you.

He turned his face sideways, still laying down, “I have your apple, and wine. But you were sleeping.” He pointed out the two glowing apples and a big bottle of wine.

“And you slept beside me?”

He woke up now, completely. He sat up with his arm around your head to pull you closer to him. He kissed your forehead. “I’m a bit tired too.”

You laid your head down on his stomach and you feel it coming up and down. He started to comb through your hair with his fingers and you started to weep again. Tears filling your eyes and clouding your vision. Jon let you weep for a minute or two until he carried you off to wash you. He removed your dress, he didn’t remove your smallclothes and carried you to the tub filled with warm water. 

“I’m never going to feel him breathe again,” you wailed, “Nor going to run my fingers through his hair.”

Jon listened to you cry while he scrub and washed off your tears. “He’s going to be with you. Everyday, every minute of the day.”

You nodded, “He was a good kid, my brother. He’s always kind and nice and warm, always with a gentle heart. He doesn’t deserve what happened to him." 

What happened to your brother was tragic, just at age 10, he was stabbed through his gut and had all his leathers and silver and gold brooches taken off of him, probably out in daylight waiting to dry out his blood. It happened with your lands and nobody protected him. You’re angry at your people, for what they have done to your brother.

Trying to divert the sad topic, Jon filled the room with happy memories. "Do you remember that girl, he always followed around? What was her name? Jane? Amelia?”

“Jane,” you left out a giggle once you remembered her. “They always liked each other.”

“Your brother came to me for advice!” Jon told you, his voice wild. “I told him to pick out some wildflowers for his Jane.”

You laughed, “Yes! But she was sadly sensitive to the flowers. He stayed with her for days.”

“Your brother was always kind and sweet.” Jon whispered, “I will miss him terribly.”

“Me too, Jon.” He kissed you again atop of your head and hummed all the songs your brother used to sing. You turned around to face him and you saw him crying too, with his face red. You sang your brother’s favorite song and soon enough Jon joined in to sing, his voice deep and soft. Your voices carried each other’s pain and you both sang it loud enough for your little brother to hear it from where he is, to make your brother listen once more of how much you and Jon loved him and will miss him.


thank you thank you for reading ♥ i hope you liked it!!!!!!!!!

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10 Ways to Celebrate Mabon and The Autumn Equinox

Mabon is also known as the witches Thanksgiving. The holiday takes place surrounding the Autumn Equinox between September 21st and September 23rd. On the Autumn Equinox the day and night are equal in length of time. Therefore, Mabon is a celebration of balancing the light and the dark both within ourselves and in the physical world. It is also the middle of the harvest season, so it is a time to be thankful and celebrate the abundance in your life. The Autumn Equinox marks the change of the season from Summer to Autumn. Take this time to embrace who you are and who you want to become in the new year, finish up old projects and relish in the high energy that surrounds this time of year.

There are many ways to celebrate Mabon. Here are 10 ideas:

1. Count your Blessings

Start by counting your blessings. Literally, count them. Take a piece of paper and cut or tear it into many smaller pieces (large enough to right on). Find a jar or bowl that can hold the physical representation of you blessings. Light a pink or red candle to symbolize the love in your heart. A green candle can also be used to symbolize your heart chakra and the growth you’ve experienced this past year. White is another acceptable alternative if you have no colored candles. Now, write out each blessing that has entered your life over the past year, one for each piece of paper. After you write each one, add it to the jar or bowl. When you have finished place the jar or bowl somewhere you can see it. Add to it as you think of more blessings that you are grateful for.

2. Collect the Gifts of Nature

Another way to celebrate Mabon is to take a walk in nature. Bring with you a bag or basket that you can use to collect the gifts of nature. You can use these for crafts and to decorate your home or altar. Some things you might want to collect are beautiful yellow, orange and red leaves, acorns and bare twigs.

3. Enjoy the Fruits of your Labor

Mabon is a time to celebrate the harvest and abundance. Invite friends to a potlucks where you share in each others company and food from the heart. This is made even better if some of the food came from someones home garden. Watch the sun set together as the light dims and the sun disappears into darkness. When the darkness comes turn on a string of lights or lights some candles.

 4. Go Apple Picking

Spend some time in the crisp Autumn air in the glowing light. Apples are a wonderful symbol of the Autumn season. They can be used for divination or simply to make an apple pie. Celebrate the fruits of the season and have a treat. 

5. Raise Energy and Vibrations with Music

During Mabon, Energy levels are very high. Keep the energy in the air active and add to it with music and dance. If you play an instrument play it and invite friends over to jam with you. If you don’t play an insturment dancing, singing, playing recorded music or even clapping are great alternatives.

6. Honor the Darkness

There is no light without dark. Now is the time to honor the coming dark season. Find a warm and cozy place to meditate on balance. Think about what the darkness means and how the lightness is reflected in the darkness. Meditate on the balance of your life and time and how you manage stress.

7. Create a Seasonal Herbal Mix

Autumn is associated with many comforting and earthy scents. Make a mix incorporating these. Try cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, hazelnut, vanilla, orange, and ginger. Use this mix as a potpourri or loose incense to add scent to your whole house. Sprinkle it around doors and windows for protection.

8. De-Clutter your Home

Mabon is a great time to finish up old projects and remove unwanted items from your space. Go through room by room and collect anything you no longer use or need. Gather these items and take them out of your house.

9. Give Back

The most powerful way to share your gratitude is to pass it on. Find a way to give back to your community. Look through the things you got rid of in the previous step decide if someone else could use them. Donate anything worth reusing to charities. Give someone else a blessing to count.

10. Host a Ritual

Lastly, make sure you make time to host a ritual for Mabon. You can do this alone or with friends. Make sure the focus of your ritual is abundance, gratitude and giving back. Incorporate the colors of the season: brown, red, orange and yellow.

These are the ways I’ll be celebrating Mabon this year. What do you like to do to celebrate this Holiday?

Secrets and Blushing // request

Request: “Hey! Could you do an imagine about Justin and y/n being at “Ellen DeGeneres show" where they are playing “Never Have I Ever” but the dirty versio?

WARNING: Imagine might contain some sexual material, read with your own risk!


“I’m so happy that you decided finally come with me to meet Ellen. She has been asking that everytimes when I have visited her show that I already thought that I’d bring you there even blindfolded or in the box if you don’t come otherwise” Justin hugged his girlfriend while they were waiting for their turn to attend to the Ellen Show.

“You’re so creepy sometimes, did you know that?” Y/N looked her boyfriend suspiously which made Justin laugh. “It was just a joke, c'mon. But seriously thank you. Hopefully now Ellen will leave me alone of that topic” he chuckled before a tall man came tell us that it was their turn.

“You ready, baby?” Justin asked and Y/N nodded. “Take me by my hand and remember smile” he gave last orders to her before they made their way to the stage.

Applauses lead them there and they both shared hugs with Ellen. “And here he’s again, Justin Bieber” Ellen smiled and audience gave one more applauses to him. “And after long time waiting we’re finally able to meet his beautiful girlfriend too. Welcome to the show, Y/N. It’s so nice to get you here too” Y/N nodded back smiling and told that the pleasure was all hers before they took a seats from the couch.

“So how’s everything going?” Ellen asked and pointed the question for Justin. “Good, really good actually. The year is almost done and I’m on a little break from the tour which means that I have more time to people who I care about and love” he said and turned his head over Y/N on the last part. “That’s great” Ellen smiled and Justin smiled back.

“What about you, Y/N? We haven’t really heard about you nothing more than what your lovely boyfriend might have slipped away on the show sometimes” Ellen asked and wait Y/N to answer now. “I’m doing great too, especially now when I’m able to spend time with that cuteness next to me” she smiled big and made Ellen smile too.

“Aww, I can see that there’s a really deep connection between you too. Have you thought about the future yet? Will we be able to hear some big news?” Ellen’s question made them both laugh. “Nothing big might not happen soon but well.. maybe after two years or well nobody knows” Justin said and put his arm over Y/N’s shoulder after Y/N leaned herself a bit against Justin. “Okay, we’ll be waiting patiently” she said.

“But now I would have a little game for you to play” Ellen told and grabbed a box which was full of cards with text.

“Even this next game might leave a little scarves to your relationship I thought that we’ll take it still” Ellen told and handed us both a signs. “You probably know the game ‘Never have I ever’ At least if I don’t remember wrong Justin has played this with Madonna earlier” Ellen asked and Justin nodded. “That’s right”

“So will you accept the challenge?” she asked and they both nodded after audience gave claps for them. “So well game is still same but this time we’re playing it with a bit more.. how should I say that.. more intimate questions” she told and made Justin and Y/N both look each others and think where they had just promised to go.

Ellen took a first card and read it out: “So here’s the first one for you: Never have I ever drunk texted to some of my friends? Remember answer with truth”

Y/N raised her “I HAVE NEVER”’- sign first up and soon Justin followed her by raising slowly “I HAVE”- sign up and the audience started cheer and clapping their hands.

“So.. Justin who was that lovely friend of yours who got under your texts?” Ellen asked but Justin refused to tell. “I think that person know herself it. I just wanna say that I’m sorry again” he said quietly but his gaze wondered secretly over his girlfriend.

“So it was a some girl then but don’t worry I won’t tease you with that question more. Let’s move on next question. That was just a practise round” Ellen told and Justin and Y/N put their signs down.

“Never have I ever got caught while watching porn?” she read from the paper and showed it still to audience which started cheer. “Right to the point, signs up” she added before Justin and Y/N showed their answers.

Y/N was holding a sign “I HAVE NEVER” and Justin who was laughing and keeping sign “I HAVE” up. “It’s okay, Justin” Ellen patted his knee but Justin couldn’t stop laughing. “No, it’s not. That was the most awkward moment in my whole life” he said while his cheeks were glowing like red apples.

Y/N patted her boyfriend’s shoulder and giggled how Justin had became so shy but also cute in few seconds. “Stop patting me. You don’t know what is it like when it has ever happened to you” he pushed his girlfriend’s hand away but that comment wasn’t a command but just a flying comment which make almost everyone chuckle in that studio.

“Okay okay, love birds. You can continue talking about that on backdtage later but now let’s move on” Ellen decided interrupt their “fight” and picked a new card from the box.

“This sounds interesting: Never have I ever sexting with someone?” Justin raised his “I HAVE NEVER”- sign up first and Y/N did same seconds later. “Seriously? Hasn’t that ever even happened between you ..” Ellen asked and they both shook their heads laughing. “Not my thing” Y/N said and raised her hands up. “Same” Justin answered and chuckled.

“Okay, let’s move on next one: Never have I ever given a lap dance to person in same sex as me?” Ellen read and looked us. Again Justin was first who raised his “I HAVE NEVER”- sign up. Y/N thought a moment before she shyly raised her “I HAVE”- sign. Audience cheered and it made her cover her face from embarrasment.

“When that happened, Y/N?” Ellen asked chuckling. “No comments” she giggled and tried cool herself down by wawing hands in front of her face. Also Justin was looking Y/N suprised now but Y/N noticed a light smirk corner of his mouth.

Ellen took the last card and chuckled herself before she read it out: “Never have I ever did IT in the public?”

They looked each others and nodded before they both raised signs “I HAVE NEVER” up. Ellen looked them suspiously and shook her head. “I think that told you guys talk truth” “But it is the truth” Justin said out as serious as possible and Y/N kept nodding even her cheeks had gone in red again.

“Okay, well here was all my questions to you. Thank you for coming to my show finally and hopefully we can see you again” Ellen stood up her chair and we did same. We shared hugs while audience was clapping us.

“Thank you again” she said before we walked away from the stage. “Wow, that was intense” Justin told and grabbed his jacket from the hook and handed Y/N her jacket. “I think that I won’t go out for a while. I mean.. woah” she giggled and shook her head.

“I didn’t expect something like that at all when I promised to come with you here” “Me either..” Justin chuckled before they left the studio and faced those paparazzies outside of it with their tight questions.

continuous looks and laughs,
smiles and silence

Thirst and hunger.
it demands to be felt
like the Sun’s warmth beaming on your delicate skin

Softer, softer
your freckles lift,
your lips glow ruby red,
like apples on a meadow tree

Butterflies dance around your head like an Angel’s halo,
a gift from heaven; Earth’s heaven

—  C.L