glowing white

* Jaysonne *

Gender: Male

Species: finchkale ( lizard and/or ‘furry’ animal crossed with a bird) 

inter species: river ‘’dragon’’ lizard - Blue Jay

Sexuallity: Homosexual

Perferred type: big strong, meaty, broad shoulders and chizzled face brown eyes= <3

relationship: single

offspring: none

Info: big fluffball, caring boi, loves flying, loves sunsets, tall skinny child, ‘mow the lawn’ type a guy, loves meadows. fresh air. flowers etc. , fav color: green

personality info: jaysonne (or Jay for short) is a big sweetie, and hates being named a jerk just because his bird heritage is a blue jay. his white freckles glow when he is in love, and his face will glow a warm purple blush. when some one insults him, he gets very angry and will blow them offf. when he is scared,his tail goes beetween his legs and he freezes. 

Open for ask?: yes