glowing tide

the offspring of hyperion were looked upon by aphrodite when they awoke in this world; and she is unyielding in her mercilessness because love is raw, tastes like heartbeats beneath fingers, feels like swallowing the sun, moon, stars and watching them expand into universes within universes within universes within.

she bestows them a heartache equal to the greatness of their love. unbearable and thundering constellations beneath their veins: they drag their lovers to ruin.

eos wants. she wants with an aching rawness that urges her forth to devour men or die(and immortals cannot really die, but the feeling of almost death is excruciating — better the men burn beneath than her own skin).

selene yearns. no satisfaction found over endymion’s sleeping frame, he feels like stone — and she would die with yearning except she cannot — she wails and glows like the tide, with its broken stars covering her lover.

helios’ love is fickle, enough too betray it again and again. so they curse him to love a mortal with her frail skin easily puncture by his kisses that tastes like stars; when leukothoe dies, helios burns bright enough to render the world blind.

notes in constellations || Eliot C.© // for @these-sacred-walls