glowing squid

I feel like I should post more funny teaching stories here

Because I definitely have them.

For example, I have come to learn over the course of holding this position that Japanese school culture festivals are, in many ways, just as filled with zany hijinks as they are in your average anime.

Some highlights from my recent experiences with the mysterious beast known as the culture festival:

-Class 1-B presented a statistical report on this season’s fishing hauls. Sounds boring, right? Nope - it was presented via interpretive dabbing, with all of the class officers in glow-in-the-dark squid masks

-3-A, for their presentation, composed and performed an enka ballad about why our town is NOT famous

-Not to be outdone, 3-C crafted a loving, emotional video tribute to their three years of junior high school…narrated by the disembodied head of former US president John F. Kennedy projected on the gymnasium wall

-2-B made a ping-pong table. Their presentation consisted of walking onstage, saying “We made a ping-pong table” and sitting down.

-Students were allowed to order special lunches from the set festival menu up to two weeks in advance. The vice-principal was meant to pass out notices explaining how many of each item students might order. He failed to do so. A student ordered 28 muffins. The faculty watched in horror as he ate every single one.


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Thinking out loud ((Open rp!))

“I said this wasn’t a romantic dating spot at all, but…” Marie hugged her knees, staring up at the night sky. Port Mackerel was plain by all means, hardly a place to take someone on a date– and she’d made that clear to Callie on the air. Yet, here she was, sitting on one of the large empty crates.

Marie wasn’t out on a date, of course, she was on her own. Some peace and quiet was what she craved, and what was a better place than the abandoned port? With the city lights and traffic far away, all that was left was the big open sky and the stars. Thousands of galaxies to take in.

Finally at ease, the squid sister began to hum to herself, and eventually sing. Her tentacles gave off a small and shimmering glow, as firefly squid were known for.