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Siren!Jason Todd X Reader- Killer Merman

Warning: Assault, descriptions of mmuuurrrdddeeerrr (But the dude had it coming), etc.

Walking along the beach, the salty breeze blew through your hair as you scanned the area.  The sounds of waves crashing into the ocean, families conversing, and even the squawks of the seagulls somehow created the perfect atmosphere for you to concentrate.  You had taken probably around twenty photos of the area, but you knew that you had more to discover.  The grade of your photography class depended on these photos, and you weren’t going to give up until you had the perfect photos to show to your professor.  As soon as he assigned the beach prompt to you, you exited the class as quick as you could when it ended, heading to the closest beach you could find.  As you walked further away from all of the people, you noticed how quiet it was compared to the hot spots of the beach.

Grasping your camera, you placed it near your face and aimed it, pressing the button and taking a few photos of the scenery.  As you placed your camera back onto your chest, your eyes widened as soon as you saw a beautiful cave hidden behind some rocks.  Moving forward, you cautiously stepped onto the rocks, not wanting to slip and crack your skull open. Letting out the breath you had been holding in, you looked over to the cave once again and smiled.  You knew that this was the perfect spot.

“Man, this place is awesome,” you blurted, stepping down from the rocks.  "It’s basically untouched.“

Walking closer to the cave, you noticed how it was barely tall enough to let you walk upright, but there was water flowing in and out as the tide moved.  It was wide enough for a decent sized person to swim through, but you weren’t wearing a bathing suit or had the proper equipment for swimming.  Looking into the cave, you once again grasped your camera and took more photos, knowing that the natural light would make the pictures look beautiful.  Just as you were snapping the last few shots, a huge splash could be heard behind you.  Jumping when you felt the cold water seep into the back of your clothes, you immediately turned around and managed to see a pale red fin swim past you.  Frowning, you turned back around and ventured further into the cave, throwing logic out the window as you followed the strange fish.

Taking your phone out of your pocket, you turned on the flashlight and crouched down.  There was a small pathway for you to walk on, allowing you to walk further into the cave without getting wet.  Your eyes widened as soon as you saw a huge cavern that was lit up by the light reflected by the water.  Forgetting about your assignment and the weird fish for a moment, you soaked in every detail.  From the stalactites on the ceiling to the water with a bluish glow, it was perfect.  Splashing once again snapped you out of your thoughts, this time barely touching your feet.  Turning around, you jumped when you saw a black haired man in the water, looking at you curiously.

“Uh, hi?” you said nervously, not taking your eyes off of the man.  “Is this your cave?  I’ll totally leave if this is your cave.”

He smiled, laughing, “This is not my cave, feel free to walk around.”

Your insides instantly melted at the sight of his smile, but your awkward self just pointed to your camera, “I’m just here to take photos, um, and… stuff.”

“What are the photos for?” he asked, tilting his head.

“School,” you replied, fiddling with the fabric of your shirt, “well, more specifically for an assignment that’s practically life or death for me.”

“You want to be a photographer?” he questioned you.

“Yeah, it’s been my dream since… I guess ever since I was little,” you shrugged.  “There was the rock star phase, but that’s in the past.”

He chuckled, “I’m sure everyone had that stage at least one in their life.  I’m Jason by the way.”

“I’m (Y/N),” you stated, sitting down on the rock floor and holding your hand out.  “So, do you usually swim around and splash unsuspecting people for fun?”

“Nope,” he smiled, releasing your hand.

“That’s good to know,” you chuckled.  “Did you happen to swim past a fish?  I think it had a paleish red tone to it, but it probably swam away by now.”

“Oh, he’s still here,” Jason said, pushing himself out of the water.

“Where is- oh,” you said, staring at Jason’s lower half.

He wasn’t naked, but to be honest you would prefer that option.  From his waist and lower, there was a large, pale red tail that did not look fake at all.

“Please don’t tell me you’re a killer merman,” you blurted, not taking your eyes off of his tail.

“I prefer siren,” he stated.  “Where did that idea come from?”

“It’s a movie… about killer mermaids.”


Carefully walking on top of the wet rocks, you headed over to the cave with your waterproof camera.  Jason had promised to show you the spots you haven’t photographed, but you didn’t have the necessary equipment for underwater photography that day.  Stepping down on the sand, you made a face as soon as the water sunk into your water shoes, making your feet feel weird as you walked to the cave.  You haven’t worn these things in a long time, and there’s probably a few rocks sloshing around in them.  Placing your backpack on the sand away from the water, you bent down and pulled one of the shoes off, shaking a few rocks out of it before sliding your foot back into it.  Just as you were about to take the other off when someone grabbed your waist from behind.

You were pushed to the ground, your head hitting a rock embedded in the sand.  Gasping, you pushed yourself up, but your face was pushed back into the sand.  You kicked and screamed at the man, but he only responded with adding more body weight on you.  You let out a sob, realizing what is going to happen to you.  Suddenly the man’s grip and body weight disappeared, allowing you to push yourself up and look around confusedly.  The man was walking into the water, not stopping until he was under the surface of the water.  Placing a hand on your head, you hissed as soon as it came in contact with your wound.


You looked up, shocked to see Jason running over to you, “When did you get legs?  Where’d you get those shorts?”

He moved your hand away from your gash, “Are you okay?”

“No,” you replied.  “How bad is it?”

“I don’t think you’ll need stitches,” he stated, “but we need to stop the bleeding.”

“Thanks for saving me,” you smiled.  “Are you sure you’re not a killer merman?”

“I’m sure, (Y/N).”

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From Autumn To Autumn I Wait

December 1983 — Contemplation

The night is thick with a silence that seems to engulf. The sky, dark, splashed with glowing stars, glistens and winks. As far as the eye can see, there is a thick layer of white packed snow on the ground, which shimmers in the heavy-hung moonlight.

Mike sits alone, resting on a bench. The park is empty, aside from himself. His blue winter coat and hat are hardly enough to do the trick, but they keep him from getting frost bitten. His shoes scuff the white power below, his hands fiddle with a loose string in his pocket. He stares straight ahead, not really thinking. Just breathing little white puffs of air, and watching them drift away into nothing.

Just like her.

He can’t deal with it anymore. At least, not alone. It hurts to be alive. It hurts that no one quite understands. It hurts that everyone just expects him to go back to normal, even though he can’t remember what normal is.

Mike leans his head against the bench, wishing, suddenly and startlingly, that he had a cigarette. It’s an odd thought. One he isn’t quite prepared for. But the deeper, darker voice in the back of his mind knows just why; they’ll kill you slow, but they’ll still kill you, it whispers. Your lungs will rot and your face will sink and you won’t even be able to feel pain anymore.

He shivers. There is something wrong with him, he decides just then. Something wrong and twisted and sick. It’s as though poison ivy has gown along the walls of his heart and mind, sucking away all of the good.

He stares up at the stars, tears freezing to his cheeks, and conjures up the purity of missing her.

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what is right and what is easy

Summary: Midoriya Izuku is not chosen to represent Hogwarts in the Triwizard Tournament. He does not slay a dragon, or rescue innocents, or brave a maze of dark magic. He does not win accolades, or fame, or glory.

Instead, Izuku meets the son of the greatest dark wizard of the age, a Durmstrang student with hair like a sunrise and eyes like a war. And maybe, he just might win something else.

(A belated birthday gift for the amazing @thaidoodles!! I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you, Lea! Hope your day was incredible.)

Izuku is in the library working on a Transfiguration essay when he hears the name Todoroki Shouto for the first time. The whispers are passed between the tables, hand to hand, mouth to ear. The son of Endeavor is coming to Hogwarts with Durmstrang delegation, they say.

How dare he show his face here?

Is he a dark wizard, too?

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Blood of Passage: Part Eight: Beginning of Bate


HAS BEEN EDITED Horns blared through the mountains, rippling the water in front of him. Three more days and Bay could see the stars. He almost didn’t recognize himself. His face was gaunt from three days without food, his eyes red from trying to hold back the tears and blood and sweat covered his face, hiding his freckles. Bringing up the water to his face, Bay scrubbed the blood and sweat away. He somehow looked older as if the weight he carried had aged him. He was seventeen years old and he felt a thousand.

He forced the grief and pain down as far as it would go. He didn’t need to have an emotional breakdown. In a place where it was either kill or be killed, it didn’t do to be weak; emotions would get him killed.

As hard as he tried to push them down, the memories hit him back with a force. He was forgetting the exact shade of her eyes, the way she smelled, the curve of her mouth when she laughed. He remembered so little of her. But what he did remember…the apples that covered the table at harvest, the laughter that filled the rooms. Sometimes he wondered if she left him at the Commander’s camp because she somehow knew Nate was there. He sighed and scrubbed at his face until it hurt, letting the cool water shock his senses.

Bastard born to a female who was a bright light to everyone around her. But when she got sick everyone left. No one wondered what happened to Caeli’s son. Where he went, if he was still alive. No one knew that her son was the ward of one of the greatest Illyrian’s of all time; ward of one of the greatest female warriors of all time.

No one knew that he fought to rise the ranks at the camps. No one knew that he had nightmares that plagued him as soon as he closed his eyes. No one knew how often he thought about closing his eyes and never waking up. No one knew that he was just waiting for everyone to leave as soon as they figured out he wasn’t worth their time anymore. It was better to expect the worst than get caught up in the moment being happy. The happier you were the harder the pain hit.

He took deep, even breaths. Keeping his emotions locked down so tight that they wouldn’t overcome and strangle him. He brought the water to his lips and he drank deeply, shutting out memory after memory of his mother.

“Baylor. I found you.”

He looked up, Nate stood before him, hands on his knees, blood on his face; His eyes were a mix of worry and exhaustion. He ignored the way he was looking at him. He ignored the rising heat in his face, the pounding of his heart. “What are you doing here. I told Blake to tell you to leave me the fuck alone.”

“You knew I would come after you. I kept my promise, Baylor. I’m not leaving.”

He couldn’t stop them as he broke apart. He couldn’t stop the tears as they came and flooded over him. “Baylor- It’s alright.”

“She’s dead.” He didn’t know who he was talking about anymore. His mother or Nesta; both faces merged together in his mind. He couldn’t stop crying and he was trying so hard. “She’s dead, Nate. And I keep losing people. I can’t keep losing people.”

Nate’s arms were around him and he was too tired to shrug him off. He just leaned forward into him, breathing in the lavender and mountain scent of Nate. “First my mother died, then Nesta and the baby died and Ash went an almost got himself killed…I am so tired, Nate. People keep leaving me and I don’t know why. I just want it all to stop.”

Nate pulled away from him, and met his eyes. He was close enough he could see his individual lashes, the depth of his brown eyes; so dark it they were almost black.“I’m not going to leave you, Baylor. I promise.”

He tried to ignore how hard his heart was pounding; the closeness of Nate; the sincerity of his promise. “You can’t promise that.” They were immortal and warriors. People die every day. Wars come and go and people get sick.

Nate sucked in a breath, his eyes bright. Their lips met and the warmth of his mouth sent a flood of starlight through every neuron. He found himself touching Nate’s face and he froze as they parted. Nate’s thumb brushed his cheek, the pad of his thumb rough. “Yes, Baylor. I can.”


He was so close to Baylor. His freckles lighted the greens in his hazel eyes; his eyelashes were so thick and his eyes were so wide; not from fear but from shock and they glowed despite the red splashed across his cheeks and into his ears. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have kissed you.”

Baylor swallowed, his eyes flicked downwards and back up, “I’m- I’m not.” A heartbeat. “Sorry that is.”

His fingers were still on his face and they were frozen; time stopped around them or maybe it sped up. He didn’t know. All he did know was that Baylor was right in front of him and he was the male’s first kiss. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,” Nate whispered.

Baylor was hesitant as he leaned forward and met his lips again, sending fire through every nerve and neuron; Green apples and cinnamon flooded his senses and he didn’t want to move. He wanted to stay right where he was forever. He forced himself to part, his fingers wrapped around Baylor’s. “Baylor,” he said softly. “You are sad and full of grief. I can’t take advantage of that. As much as I want to, and believe me, I want to, I can’t. You need time to grieve without a new whatever-this-is confusing you.” He could almost see armor locking down piece by piece around Baylor’s heart. “Don’t lock yourself away,” he said quietly. “I’m not leaving. I just… want you to be sure.”


His numbness burned away as his heart pounded so hard; and his blood was on fire and he was. He was sure. “You’re not take-taking advantage of anything, Nate. People dying puts things into perspective and I’m tired. Of- of the lying to everyone about myself. I am tired of watching you without actually…being with you; And- And wanting what I want. So..I am. I am sure, Nate. I am very sure.”

Nate was fighting a smile and his face got redder and redder. He whispered, “Are you stammering?”


Nate pushed back his wet hair and kissed his forehead. His lips sent a jolt of warmth through him. He looked back down at him and grinned fully, “Sure you’re not, Baylor.” He found himself smiling for once in a very, very long time. “Why are you smiling?”

He swallowed, “I have something to smile for.”


It had been years since he had seen an actual smile that wasn’t forced on Baylor’s face and Nate found that he wanted to see that smile at least once a day and he wants to be the reason for it each time.

Those freckles were stark over the blushing on Baylor’s cheeks and they were going to be his undoing. He traced them with a thumb and brushed Baylor’s lip. Bringing up his face, their lips met again.

He didn’t know when he started falling for Baylor. Maybe it had never actually started all he knew was it never stopped; it consumed him and he wanted him more than anything and he knew he would have waited forever for him. The last relationship he had was… Cauldron..two years before? With Kapriel? The male broke it off with him for his supposed feelings for Baylor and he swore up and down that he didn’t. But maybe he did and he just didn’t realize it until that Starfall when Baylor came out of the study to watch the stars.

He knew then that he was irrevocably in love with him. The way his eyes lit up at the stars but didn’t smile. The way he leaned against the wall in his finery with a book in his hand; he didn’t dance, but he did watch the rest of them dance and he found himself stalking over to him.

He parted from him and ran his fingers through the ends of the hair curling below his ear. “You don’t have to worry about me going anywhere, Baylor. You could break my heart and I would consider it an honor. That’s what love is.”


They ran right through him, deep into the center and he felt the truth of Nate’s words. “You love me?”

Nate’s eyes almost glowed and Baylor found himself almost breathless at the look he was giving him. “Yes. I do. You don’t have to say anything; It’s not going to change the way I feel about you.”

“But why? There are better males out there than a bastard born nobody with abandonment issues.”

His thumb traced his freckles and Nate met his eyes, ”Sure there are. But there aren’t any that would get as excited as you do over a book. There aren’t any who would put their entire future on the line for their best friend, who lets an eight year old barge into their bedroom and sleep next to him as a way to combat their nightmares. There aren’t any that are you.“

He didn’t realize he was crying until Nate kissed away his tears. “I don’t deserve you.”

“We deserve each other and we deserve to be happy. Whether that is a minute or forever, we deserve it.” Nate wrapped his arms around him, pulling him closer, flesh up against him and kissed him. “Are you… coming out? No pressure or anything..I”

“Nathaniel are you stammering?” He smiled at the blush finally, finally on Nate’s face.

“No, I’m not stammering.”

A bubble of laughter came from him and Nate grinned, his eyes alight. “Sure you’re not. But…I think so. I want to.” He knew it wouldn’t be easy, that it would take getting used to. But he was tired of the lying, the secrets. He just wanted to be himself for once. Maybe it would even help his nightmares.

He laced his fingers through Nate’s. “It’s not always easy, especially for Illyrians, but you have a family who loves you no matter what. have me. The reward is worth the risk. And Baylor, Caeli’ will be proud of you.” The mention of his mother’s name on Nate’s lips sent a rush of bitter sweetness through him.

“I think I have an idea on what I’m going to do.”

Nate rose his eyebrows, “How so?”

He grinned, “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

“I knew it. You are a tease.”

He snorted.

“Nate. Bay. I found you.”

He whirled around, “Blake? What the hell. I told you to leave me alone.” He snarled at Tarus, “You. If you come anywhere near Nate I will rip your throat out before you take your first step.”

Tarus rose his hands, “I’m sorry, Baylor. Threatening his life was a mistake I will not make again.”

“Damn right ‘your mistake’. Wait why did you threaten my life to begin with and who the hell are you?”

“Meet Tarus, Aurora Luxmea’s little brother.” Bay crossed his arms, “He tried to kill Blake becasue Blake was trying to kill Aurora.”

Nate snorted, “Blake kill Aurora? That’s about as likely as Dacia having sex with me.”

“I don’t understand why would Dacia Archeron have sex with you?”

“That’s the point. We’re both repulsed by the opposite sex. I’ll give you a slide for threatening my life seeing as how we’re in the Blood Rite where emotions run…high. But next time I’m siccing Baylor on you.”

Blake grinned, “What were you two doing before we showed up? You’re awfully close and Bay, are you blushing?”

Shut up,” Nate snarled. “What are you doing here? Maze is going to castrated you for not listening to her.”

“I couldn’t leave my brothers so I turned back around. But please, let me and Tarus here go and rescue Adrien while you and Bay rip each other’s clothes off.” He flicked his eyes to him, “I’m happy for you, Bay. Don’t hurt my brother.” Heat rushed through his face and Nate rolled his eyes.

“What happened to Adrien?” He turned to Nate and whispered, “You chose to come after me before your own blood?”

Nate brushed back Bay’s hair. “Yes.” Blake and Tarus disappeared from his mind and it was only him and Nate. He didn’t know how to thank him. The fact he chose him over his family.. Bay kissed him, letting his thanks show through action. Letting so much more through it. He let through the emotion he’d been numb to, that Nate somehow brought out of the numbness of his Depression and grief. “I’ll always come after you, Baylor.” He believed him.

Bay looked between Nate, Blake and Tarus, “Well. Let’s go get Adrien.”


This part centers mostly on Nate and Bay and omfg I almost cried writing it and ugh. Please, please leave a comment XO

“Spark of My World”, Pokemon GO!

Summary: You fall in love with the sun and your sister won’t stop being smug about it because she’s known all along.

Pairing: GoSpark

Notes: My very gay gift for @revolocities as thanks for all the GoSpark he has given to the world. Thank u.

Additional comments: Very Gay (and terrible) and written in second person POV. Enjoy.


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