glowing resin


I made some even more iridescent ones! Coming along with this technique <3


Galaxy pendants fresh from the mold!
Solar color changing pigments, chromatic flakes, chameleon pigments and a bunch of other really fun @solarcolordust goodies used!
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Many of my watchers remember my first attempt in making Kida’s crystal necklace with Opalite.  This time I was able to learn to make it with resin hardener and glow in the dark powder.  Item is already up in my etsy.  Link to the website is in my blog due to tumblr not letting post with links appear in searches.

Yes, you heard me right! IT GLOWS!  


☄New resin stuff for sale! ☄

They’re getting listed here before etsy since I’m still working on this first batch.

The rings are all $5 and are 19mm or approximately size 9

The crystal points have dried flowers in them and the blue ones glow in the dark! They’re $10 each and have a little loop on the top!

Let me know if you’re interested~☆


My grandmother gave me a bunch of seashells a while ago, and I recently found the bag and decided to start playing around with them.

Originally I wanted to make this into a necklace, but the shell was just too large so I scrapped the idea. I will revisit it with smaller shells in the future, once I have an opportunity to head to the beach and go looking for some. :)

This little glow in the dark octopus headed out the other day as a thank you gift for some repeat customers. I hope they like him!



Size: 5.5 inches (14 cm)
Made of resin, faux fur, digitally printed and texturized acetate (wings) and glass eyes. Glow in the dark

Spring flying Sleepyhead, they wake up only when spring come all over the Northern Forest. Very lively and funny Sleepyheads brings forest to life after cold-cold winter…

Description card is included.


Glow Table by mikeasaurus 


Harucasting’s update for resin color samples on July 15.

All tan shades we can cast in are ready to ship out to those who are interested in our tan colors. Some other colors also can be shipped together. Please check those colors available now. It’s okay to send us an e-mail including below.

* Name:
* Full address:
* Phone Number:
* Paypal account ($5.5 will be charged for airmail) :

Haru is checking whether how much silicon should be put in the acrylic boxes. Because before pouring in the boxes, the silicon mixed needs to be put in the vacuum chamber for removing of bubbles. If it were not properly measured, the silicon left would be thrown out. And we’d not like to imagine a case it lacks.

We are going to announce our tries to cast in various effects glowing and glittering by adding some kinds of powder in transparent resin. We hope all of you would be interested in our tries. Thank you so much!


crimson leaves: trembling
beneath the onslaught
of advancing feet
rushing between seasons;

breaking free to fly

a frosted window
shut tight against the cold
inside, a soft light beckons
the embers burning low

drowsing, drawn away
from the roseate glow
and resinous crackle
of a slowly banking hearth

the children begin
to trickle

upstairs, around corners
folding into pockets of bedclothes
cocooning with secrets and dreams;
made new each crystalline morn

(a collaboration between street-heart-posts and flowisaconstruct)