glowing plankton

The nuclear furnace and the chemistry of life

The lights of the starry spiral arm of our galaxy are seemingly reflected in the glowing plankton agitated by the crashing marine waves in a mutual glow of beautiful light. The power sources are somewhat different, the lights in the sky being fuelled by nuclear fusion (in which two lighter elements are joined into a heavier one, usually hydrogen into helium), while those in the water are powered by the chemical reactions of bioluminescence, in which reactions are used to excite electrons so that they emit light.


Image credit: Laurent Laveder

anonymous asked:

Ally, would you ever travel to South America? Is it on your bucket list? Why/why not? ✨🌻🐳

I definitely would!! It’s not on my bucket list, I think the only location type items on there are to see the northern lights and those awesome glowing sea plankton things. But I think it would be a great travel destination 🤗

You sometimes have moments that you experience that you know will resonate with you always…. I had one yesterday with my wife. After a long day on a tour through various islands in Thailand our boat stopped and we were told to get in the water and move around. It was night time and there was lightening cracking overhead as we slid into to dark ocean. Huge cliffs on two sides were illuminated as the lightening continue to fire. We moved about and swam and as we did tiny plankton glowed a bright blue lighting the path left by our movements. Like an under water rave with a million dance partners the more we moved the more they lit up. After a while I turned over and just floated on my back reflecting on just where I was and how nature and love are inspiring. The sky continued to light the cliffs that towered over us. Life is amazing….