glowing plankton

On this night, several glows were evident – some near, but some far. The foreground glimmers blue with the light of bioluminescent plankton. Next out, Earth’s atmosphere dims the horizon and provides a few opaque clouds. Farther out, the planet Venus glows bright near the image center. Farthest away, rising diagonally, is the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy. Most of the billions of Milky Way stars and dark clouds are thousands of light years away. 

The image was taken last November on the Iranian coast of Gulf of Oman.

Image Credit & Copyright: Taha Ghouchkanlu

The Audience

Here’s for the things that makes you happy.
That glowing plankton on the shoreline
A field filled with tiny yellow petals
Coffee with a hint of orange and loads of ice
Isn’t these one of the things that motivate you?
Want to hoard them all up and tuck them in your pocket
Saving it for the times you are not that okay.

The things that makes you happy.

I made a list and it is now quite long.
How and where to find a smile?
What to do with a broken lamp?
Or a shattered heart?
Where the last cookie had gone?

Where did everyone go?

trulymightypotato  asked:

So I did a bit of research by myself, but I was wondering if there is there a bioluminescent sea creature that you recommend using as a light bulb for an underwater people in a sort of Pacific Ocean area? It doesn't have to stay lit for hours, but at least for minutes (if its enclosure is tapped or shaken?) What kind of needs would it have (because being nice to organic light bulbs is always good)?

Hi there!

I actually have a really cool answer for this one, but it’s no fish or animal that needs shaking up here!

I present  Noctiluca scintillans! Noctiluca scintillans is a type of bioluminscent plankton that has popped up in several places all over th world’s coast pretty recently! As you can see, activity in the water makes this plankton glow bright blue! A concentrated amount of this stuff in a bottle with a bit of air and you’d have a pretty long lasting night light or in your case, flashlight!

However, I’m fairly certain I’ve read reports of this stuff being toxic to marine life, so any bottle, vial, or jar that holds this stuff would need to be sealed pretty wel to prevent a toxic leak! As a Phytoplankton, these guys produce their own food as long as they are exposed to light, so it would be pretty self-sustainable for quite a long time!

I hope this helps!

Good luck!

Photo by Joanne Paquette

[Echo] (a supernatural x danny phantom crossover)

for mabel-but-slytherin​ Here’s everything I could get done on your bday haha. A finished and actually named version will go up on fanfiction as soon as I can get it edited with reconciled povs…

Danny, Sam and Dean W. ~4k. K+

They’d seen some freaky stuff in their day. Reanimated corpses that were decayed enough that they could have started the skeleton war, people who had been torn to shreds around an inexplicably intact appendix, the one guy with the third shoulder blade out in Iowa…

But the house that they were looking at now just might take the cake. Dean weren’t even sure it could be classified as a house, what with the rusting debris hanging from the top two stories. Sam had eyed it warily while he had knelt to pick the lock– locks– in record time in case the stuff felt like dislodging and dumping the equivalent of a car or two on the top of their heads.

Things only got weirder once they were inside. The first few rooms they slowly walked through looked fairly normal, actually. Carpeted floors, a couple couches, what would have passed for a nice TV back in 2004. Nothing in sight to justify the handgun loaded with cold iron that Dean held in front of him except for years of training– never break into anyone’s house unarmed, even if it has clearly been abandoned for years– and the prickle zinging up his spine.
Sam’s shoulders were stiff too, though, and he moved behind him slowly, almost reverently, trying not to disturb the dust or the silence. 

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Koh Rong - Cambodia

Koh Rong is located 25km from the popular sea side town of Sihanoukville. Its main attraction is its pristine, white sandy beaches that front onto the gulf of Thailand. Small guest houses and beach bungalows are the main form of accommodation along the beach front, while hilltop resorts are found further inland, looking out onto the ocean. 

Most of Koh Rong remains untouched from development and has very little light pollution. This creates the perfect conditions for visitors to see Phosphorescent Plankton, that glow in the dark on the shoreline at night. 

I love the islands.. yesterday I woke up and saw a pod of orcas so near the shore I’m on.. sea otter eating kelp and crabs, seals, last night the glowing plankton are in bloom and even though the moon was bright I could see them when I swished my hands in the water

Moonlight Stroll

Hello damicolin tag, I come bearing fic. This is inspired by this lovely art of merboy Damian by the very talented nevolition


When he gets to their usual meeting place by the giant boulder, Colin is already there.  A faint whisper of a smile, gentle and contained as if he was afraid smiling too big would get them discovered, is barely visible in the weak light of the caged flame he holds up by his face when Damian’s head bobs above the surface a few feet away from shore. He waves. 

Damian pushes forward, further towards the stretch of uncovered sand waiting for the tide to come back and bury it, until there was barely enough water to swim in and stops, curling his tail under him so he could sit. He unties the cage of luminescent plankton tied to his tail and holds it up above his head, gesturing with his other hand for Colin to put out his light.

Colin obeys immediately and Damian watches his silhouette rise. He slings a satchel over his shoulder and quickly makes his way to where Damian is. His tiny smile looks lovelier in the cool, softer blue glow of the plankton.  

“Hello,” he greets.

“Evening. You’re here early.” Damian replies

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popandcub  asked:

👒- If your muse were to take someone on a first date, where would they go and how would they behave?

I would behave like a gentle crab and take them on a tour of the safer parts of Lalotai, aka the parts where no one would dare attack moi and then dine at the under water beaches where the gentle waves glow full of bioluminescent plankton…making sure that it was a night they would never forget…because they were treated with genuine respect and shown wonderful places and carried on my shell like the king or Queen that they are.

The nuclear furnace and the chemistry of life

The lights of the starry spiral arm of our galaxy are seemingly reflected in the glowing plankton agitated by the crashing marine waves in a mutual glow of beautiful light. The power sources are somewhat different, the lights in the sky being fuelled by nuclear fusion (in which two lighter elements are joined into a heavier one, usually hydrogen into helium), while those in the water are powered by the chemical reactions of bioluminescence, in which reactions are used to excite electrons so that they emit light.


Image credit: Laurent Laveder

The Maze Runner Headcanon

Turns out, Paradise is really such a beautiful place with Bioluminuscent plankton –plankton that glows in the dark– are all over the beach. Most nights Thomas and Minho go to the beach just to watch the plankton that go along with the waves, creating abstract yet breathtaking constellation instead of the stars above them. But they don’t really know what the plankton is so they just call it ‘stars water’.

One time, Minho and Thomas put the plankton in jars, making a glowing handmade beautiful snow globe. Every plankton reminds them of stars that once sparkled in Newt’s eyes when he smiled. 

“If Newt were still here, he would love this stars water,” Thomas says, his voice is drifting and a bit bitter.

“He would,” Minho replied, tear escapes his eyes as he wonders what has happened or where Newt is. 

Dead - Newt

I was finally here, the place where I wanted to be, where I was meant to be. In my white gown and my hair down with a white veil and holding a bouquet of tangerine roses being held together with a white ribbon. I stood beside my soon-to-be husband at the altar, in front of a minister and he stared at me. Smiling.

We were finally happy. After hell, after torment, torture death and tragedy, here we were, finally happy.

He leaned in, close to my ear.

“I love you.” He whispered, meaning every word.

“I love you.” I whispered back before the minister spoke again.

“Do you, Isaac Newton, take Y/N Y/L/N to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?” The minister asked.

“I do.” He looked at me, smiling. I grinned.

“And do you, Y/N Y/L/N, take Isaac Newton to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?” The minister looked at me. I looked at Newt, still grinning. I nodded.

“I do.” My voice shook and tears began forming in my eyes.

“With the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband,” I looked at Newt. “And wife,” Newt looked at me. “You may now kiss the bride.” Newt lifted my veil and leaned in. I closed my eyes.


And I woke up.

I sat up quickly, taking a breath of air as if I had just gotten out of the water. I looked beside me, looking at an empty space beside me. It took me a moment to realise that it was all just a dream. I sighed. I looked at the picture on his end table. I remember that moment. We were at the beach with the rest of the crew and Teresa had brought a polaroid. Newt had a moustache, drawn on by myself.

I stood up, grabbing the urn that had Newt’s ashes in them and went out.


I went to that same beach. It was late and there was nobody there considering it was 2 AM. The plankton glowed in the night. I used a kayak that we had bought prior to his death. Actually, he bought it. And it was an absolute dump when he did, but we rebuilt it together and it was the kayak he proposed on. I got to the place where he proposed to me and sighed. 

“You couldn’t wait to die until we were married, could you?” I said aloud, looking at the urn. “You had to die two weeks before the wedding.” I shrugged. “That’s fine, but if you didn’t want to marry me, you really could have just said so.” I joked, making myself chuckle while tears began to fall. “But I guess it doesn’t matter now that you’re dead.” I sobbed. “But if you had just waited those two weeks before going to work… if you had just waited…” I cried. “At least I’d know who I was because now I don’t.” My voice cracked. “I’m not a widow because we weren’t married, but we’re not exactly together, are we?” I asked. “So what am I? Your ex?” I asked. “That’s it? That’s all I have?” I cried.

And I must have been going insane at that moment because I swear that I saw him, sitting in front of me.

“But I guess it doesn’t matter, right? Because it’s all just labels and that’s all they are! That’s what they were to you anyways! But to me? It all matters!” I cried. “Because then I’d at least know what I am! And not knowing? It hurts! It all hurts so much!” I admitted. “It hurts to breathe and get out of bed in the morning and cooking breakfast for two out of habit because a part of me just believes that it’s all just some sort of sick prank! That you’ll be back and when you do, you’ll want to drink the latte I made with the heart and the pancakes with blueberries and raspberries with your favourite brand of maple syrup and a little square of butter that’s cold enough to keep itself together, but warm enough that you could spread it evenly easily.” I cried and I clutched my chest. “It all hurts so much, Newt. Waking up and having to remember that you’re not coming back because you’re dead!”

It felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest, straight through my sternum and torn in two. It felt like someone was using their fingers to snap the bands of my heart. I wanted to hate him, but I couldn’t. I gave him my heart, my mind, my everything. And him dying felt like he was the one tearing me apart, but I still loved him.

“I’m not a widow.” I sobbed. “But I’m not just an ex.” I cried. “I’m something stuck in the middle that nobody bothered to label because the chances of you dying in that space between you being my boyfriend and you being my husband was just so small.” I sniffled. I looked away. “It’s funny to think that I cried in this very spot, not because of sadness, but of joy because we were finally going to have our happy ending.” I shrugged. “It all hurts too much, Newt and I’m trying to keep going, but I can’t.” I sobbed. I picked up the urn and the image of my Newt stood up and I managed to, too. “That’s why I have to let go.” I opened the urn, scattering his ashes and with that, the image of him slowly, but surely, began to dissipate. When I was finished, I hugged his urn before throwing it away. Just like that, everything felt a little bit more lighter. A little bit more durable.

“I love you, Newt,” I saw down, looking at the stars. “But I have to move on.” I shrugged. “That way, I’m not a widow, I’m not your ex, I’m just me. Y/N, whoever she might be, I’ll be her, but better. I’ll find her be me.”