glowing green


                        It was routine like usual, at around half past three, and a cup of tea, the large keeper of the Ruins began to go to the opening, to make sure no child or other had fallen down. When he heard talking, he quickly picked up his robe, his eyes glowing as he quickly thrust a fireball, seeing both a young girl and an older man helplessly trapped by the vines.

The magic did its job, and the creature buried itself in the dirt and escaped. Quickly the large monster walked over bending down for them both.

“Are you okay?” He questioned, tisking softly. “What a horrible and nasty creature… torturing such innocents…” His voice was rich and deep, hair pulled back into a pigtail, as paws gently lifted the man who seemed much worse for wear, palms beginning to glow green to heal him up enough for him to regain consciousness. 



Fey folk are wild creatures; they are so strong and unusual that you must be very careful when meeting with them. If you approach one with love and honour, he or she just might be an honourable, powerful and delightful friend.

Here’s How to meet them!

Step #1 Focus on the darkness of the mind’s eye, close your eyes.

Step #2 See that darkness filled with a glowing green light, a Fey green, like a magical glow or sparkle.

Step #3 Let your mind be filled with the light. Then envision the Feys glow swirling around you, surrounding you in it’s beauty and magic.

Step #4 Enjoy its beauty for a minute or so.

Step #5 Let that Fey power feed you and cleanse you. Let it work it’s magic on you.

Step #6 Then you must call out for a fairy friend. (However don’t demand a visit, we do not control the Fey Folk). ~ Invite him or her with warmth, courtesy, good will.

Step #7 Welcome the fairy with dignity and respect. Ask their name and ask what they need from you. If they don’t give you their name then you should end the visit.

Step #8 Never make an agreement with a fairy. They take commitments way to seriously and are tricksters, who often have an unusual view to what life should be like. You may not want the same goals as they do.

At the visit:

Step #9 If you fall asleep, your visit might be happening on an unconscious level, so you would still need the steps below upon awakening.

Step #10 If you want to, you can ask your visitor for something you need.

Step #11 Always give your thanks for the visit, and for any help you were given.

Step #12 At this point it’s O.K. to give a gift, food & drink left out at night. Milk, Honey and wine are their favourites.

Step #13 Perhaps this fairy will become your friend for a while or even a lifetime. You can use this ritual to visit again. But for now just say “Goodbye”.

After the ritual

After doing something like this ritual, you may be in an altered state without realizing it.

~If you are, then you should take a walk or cook (be careful not to burn yourself though), because don’t forget you just ventured their world. So, after you finish step 12 be sure to do the following 2 steps:

1. Spend time consciously focusing on the embodied life plane by making your mind concentrate on physical matter. 2. If you decided to go for a walk, focus on looking both ways when crossing. ~ Pay special attention to kitchen safety or whatever focus is best for the activity in which you become involved.

Use these two steps until you are well focused on the physical plane. You could feel very sharp and alert, and think there is no need for the last 2 steps. But do them anyway. For one thing, alert as you are, you might only be to the fairy plane. Take time to become alert to the physical realm. If you’re feeling really spacy add some simple stretches or do some other safe activity that will focus you onto your own body.

SOURCE, crystal wind.COM



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My hairdresser is amazingly talented.