glowing gem

So this is Scheelite. Her gem charges with sunlight and glows in the dark. Her weapon is claws which can extend on chains, so she can fight with them like flails or use them as grapple hooks. Scheelites were used by Homeworld as scouts as they are agile, flexible, and light on their feet. They belong to Yellow Diamond’s court.
This particular Scheelite was a scout send to Earth in a small group prior to the Gem War to see if Earth was a suitable planet to colonise. However, during the war she was poofed and her Gem was buried in the ground before she could reform. She spent the remainder of the war and the five thousand years afterwards buried, until she was unearthed by archeologists studying a Gem battlefield.


🌑 Amethyst is a famously peaceful stone, which can help even the most overstressed and scattered soul ground and calm themselves.

🌑 With this attribute it is the number one stone for people who suffer from panic/anxiety attacks or who are self critical and not coping well with their life.

🌑 Amethysts incredibly high energy vibrations connect with the energy vibrations of the brain and what is consciousness, and this it provides a thoughtful nature, helping it’s wearer to fully understand and comprehend a change of path before they embark.
This allows for the wearer to tie off any lose ends before perusing a different direction (often resulting in better structure and more success).

🌑 It also helps identify the root of problems and why you are feeling the way you are. Beneficial for people who aren’t feeling themselves or having a hard time being happy, and are unsure why.

🌑 It releases expectation and scattered thoughts and brings an overwhelming sense of peace and acceptance to people who are naturally hot headed, easily angered, or feel the need to control every little task: it allows them to let go and allow life to take them without fear.

🌑 Amethyst is known as “The Stone of Sobriety” as it brings you back to reality and connects your consciousness to your existence. This essentially helps you become at peace with living your life, whilst banishing fear of the unknown.

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