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And now it’s finished! Glowing eyes are my weakness and pointed ears so I drew out all the ones that came to mind.

I wanna just talk about this for a while, I posed them very carefully. KirinDave has such a sweet smile, but he’s wielding a deadly force that could strike at any moment.
Xephos is welcoming, he’ll help you out, but honestly i’d say he was the least trustworthy of the lot, who knows to what end he’ll use you.
Strife is displeased; he wants nothing to do with you, “what? you expect me to babysit you? I don’t think so”, but under that guise is a good heart.
Rythian, well, he doesn’t want you close and he plans to keep it that way, so ironically he’s probably the most trustworthy one of the lot.

I guess what i’m saying is, not everything is as it seems

wow I waffled so much I just really like exploring complex characters

Remember when Lewis Xephos was a hero and not some sort of Yoglabs clone/behind the scenes mastermind?
When he and Honeydew used to adventure, getting into all sorts of trouble, instead of him freezing his best buddy in ice?
When he just just a adorabru~ little babby spaceman?
I kind of miss that. But I kind of don’t.

(inspired by strife’s playthrough of slenderman, which is a thing of beauty you should watch if you haven’t, and these beautiful headcanons by catatodrawsblood and blackrain707.)

warnings for peer pressure, bullying, claustrophobia, panic attacks, psychological horror, vomit, and drug mentions.


“It’s only a harmless bit of enchantment, Will,” says Xephos – and Will isn’t sure how he’s so calm about it, about the prospect of Will allowing the upperclassmen to cart him off to the surface of the planet far below the lazy orbit of their college for some twisted initiation ceremony. “No one’s ever died from it or anything, it’s perfectly safe.”

Oddly enough, the comment’s not exactly comforting. “I’m not sure ‘no deaths’ is the definition of safety,” he says, slow and anxious, falling behind the familiarity of technicalities to try and calm himself. “I mean- what if there’s been illnesses, or maimings, or-”

Sips is less gentle in his attempts at persuasion. “Oh come on, Strife, you big babby!” he says, cutting across the other man effortlessly and grinning a troublemaker’s grin. “We’ve all done it, and nothing bad happened to us. Well. Xephos lost a toe, but…” He shrugs.

“I did not!” says Xephos indignantly, flushing luminous sky blue with indignation even as Will goes an unhealthy shade of pale at the mental image of severed body parts. “Honestly, Sips, stop bullying him.”

“You wouldn’t want to be a chicken, would you?” Sips railroads across Xephos effortlessly, doesn’t even look at him – just grins wider and claps Will across the shoulders. “Or… maybe you would.” His face falls, a carefully crafted act that doesn’t quite hide the amusement dancing in his eyes. “Perhaps you wanna be known as Chicken Strife instead. Huh?”

Will gapes at him, mouths silently for a helpless second, before finally spluttering, “No! No, I’ll- I’ll do it.”

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Druidz #14
  • Sjin: My dinosaur's gone! Spiney's gone! D: ...Oh, the pain of having your dinosaur friend snatched away from you... It's heartbreaking, a fate worse than...
  • Rythian: [slides in]
  • Zoeya: [slides in]
  • Sjin:
  • Rythian: Revenge is a cold bitch isn't it
  • Teep: !!!