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But what if like exchanging different foods is how you get married on ALL desert planets in the Star Wars universe? Who does Anakin accidentally marry? Who does Shmi accidentally marry? Who does Luke accidentally marry?

Anakin and Padmé have literally been married since they were nine and fourteen; he’s VERY confused when she insists they have to get married AGAIN, but maybe that’s a Naboo thing?  


“I’m sorry, I thought–you’re not already married, are you?” Cliegg asks worriedly, and Shmi gets a brief, wistful look on her face, thinking of a long-ago dinner table and the long, long-gone man who’d eaten her food and taken her Ani to a better life, who’d left her an empty house and half a box of rations from some far-off planet she will never see. 

“No, he … he’s passed on, now,” she replies quietly. “And anyway, it wasn’t his people’s way.” 


“Um,” Luke says, turning bright red. Lando gives him a puzzled look in return, wagging the mug of space hot chocolate he’s holding out to him. 

“Yes or no, kid?” he asks, raising a pointed eyebrow. 

“Yes!” Luke blurts, then looks horrified at himself, grabs the hot chocolate, and leaves. He comes back twenty minutes later with a triumphant, glowing expression and a bottle of Lando’s favorite space wine, which–odd, kind of, but Lando is NOT complaining. 


Hey guys I’m still looking for voice actors for midnight pm! Here’s who we have left:

Fish bag

Has the voice of a 15 year old boy going through puberty, a little bit masculine voice, has a little bit of a whiny/nervous voice, has a deep masculine scream

Voice reference shit:


Uumm… hello?

aren’t you a little cutie. Ima name ya ummmmmm….. daisy! Yup sweet little daisy!


Cork board 

They’re voice is neural, kinda deep and sleepy

Fucking voice reference bitch:



I hope you don’t end up like me. So I best give the best life while I’m still here…..


Beer bottle 

Femme voice, a little bit deep and the tiniest bit southern accent 

Voice reference thang:


what do you want bitch?

*crying* I’m going to be the best mother I can to you before you fly away….*sniffles*


this is nice


ow, why did ya do that you jack ass?

I’m fine but ow could you please help me up?

Team flag

Neutral but slightly masculine but femme, cheerful and excited sounding 

Voice reference:


whisper screaming* oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I’m already proud of you

Spray bottle 

Femme voice, slightly high pitched, sweet, soft and has a thick southern accent 

Voice reference for this bitch:


hi darlings!

your a cute little nugget! Aren’t ya darling?

well that’s interesting……


Femme voice, sounds a bit muscline, has an Australian accent and talks a bit slow

Voice reference mother fucker:


good day mates!

o ooooo mate do we get to choose our teams!? Cause I want mood on mine!

awww man

you’re a cutie, aren’t ya mate?

this is bullshit! How the fuck they expect me to get trough this is when I have only one leg?!

Detergent pod 

Sounds a bit like season 2 lightbulb and princess bubblegum, neutral sounding voice and sounds calm/chill

Reference voice:



isn’t that kinda dangerous?

oh ok that makes me feel better…. sorta

I’m going to protect you with my life.


Masculine voice but slightly femme, southern accent and bit excited sounding 

Ecnerefer eciov:


what’s up y'all?

hey look at this little fella! They’re a little nugget!

are you ok, pal?


Masculine voice, soothing, calm and peaceful 

Vxnvivuei vxrme:


I hope you’re all having a good day

they’re beautiful

Glow stick 

Some what femme voice, sounds like they’re about to cry, is very quiet, they kinda sound like miku and squeaky 

Vc rfrc:


uuuuhhhhhh…hhh…iii.. hhiii


they’re cute……I iiii guess


Sounds like a young male adult, sounds like an anime protagonist and a bit height pitched

Oie eeee:


welll thennn….


pawn! What’s wrong!? Wait are you thinking…. of…. of-

Tiny tree 

Femme voice, sounds old/sleepy, has a soothing and calming voice 

Radical voice reference my dude:


mood please calm down

such a beautiful little bird

Mood light please don’t to that again. Also come on! We have to go!

Mood light

the hyper child, sounds in between masculine and femme, swears way too much
Canon voice song reference thing (sorry about the song):


What’s good fuckers?!
Yo bitches! Look at this little cute fucker!

That’s all of them! ALL voice demos are due June 30. Please send me a message if you want to voice anyone! Peace nerds

Self-Love Spell Bottle

Hey, loves! I have a self love spell bottle for you guys. I made it during the last full moon since that was one of the moons for relationships/love. ❤️
You will need:
Moss Agate Chips for improving self esteem
Rose Quartz Chips for attracting love (to yourself)

Sage for wisdom of your absolute perfection :)
Rosemary to enhance memory of your beauty if the bottle isn’t around

🌸Flower Petals/Buds🌸
Rose Petals for love 🌹
Sunflower Petals for a healthy ego🌻

A tiny piece of paper for a scroll with a sigil of your choice. I also prefer to put the saying on the scroll 📜
A yellow piece of string/yarn/ribbon to tie the scroll with after you roll it up💛

1.) Ground/center yourself to get that energy and your intent flowing!💥
2.) Add the stone chips at the very bottom in any order you choose
3.) Pour some rosemary into the jar. Not too much because we still need to add the scroll in a bit
4.) Add the sage. Again, not too much
5.) Add in a sprinkle of the sunflower petals
6.) Roll up your scroll with a sigil on it so it’s small enough to fit in the tube then tie it with the yellow string/yarn/ribbon then fit it in there
7.) Add in the rose petals. If you accidentally added too much to your bottle (it’s okay, I did too :p), I’d recommend you rip the petals up if you haven’t done so or you can wrap the scroll in the petals to make it fit.
8.) Use this inctation while pumping your energy and intent into the bottle and the ingredients inside by holding the bottle in your hands. I magine the bottle glowing as you fill it with your energy:
Anytime version –
“[Fill in deity/energy source], help me out with this spell today,
So my negative thoughts are at bay.
Hold positive thoughts in my mind and ear
With self love that will be held dear.
Blessed be.”

Night time version – “[Fill in deity/energy source], help me out tonight
So my negative thoughts are replaced with (your) light.
Hold positive thoughts in my mind and ear
With self love that will be held dear.
Blessed be.”

You did it! You now have a spell jar for self-love! You can switch up this spell any way you want so you’re comfortable, need alternatives to ingredients you don’t have, etc. Lots of love and blessed be!!💗