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Fat Camp (Flash Fiction)

“Unwrap it and put it down the garbage disposal.” Brenton held out the candy bar to Thomas, always the first victim. 

Thomas wrinkled his nose. The exercise was meant to show them their temptations and then destroy them, but after three days of nothing but vegetables and the occasional fruit treat, all Thomas wanted was a grilled cheese sandwich.

He took the candy with distaste and peeled it open, hating the sticky residue the chocolate left on his fingers. Stepping up to the whirring sink, he dropped it in under the watchful eyes of the rest of the campers.

Breton smiled, his teeth practically glowing white. “Great job, Thomas. Now,” he picked up another bar as if it were gold, “Here’s another for tonight.”

Thomas stared at it warily.

“If it’s not there in the morning, no breakfast for you,” Brenton said with severe enjoyment. 

Thomas reached for it, knowing already like most of the campers that he would be punished in the morning.

But Thomas wasn’t going to eat it.

In fat camp, candy bars were like cigarettes in a prison. Thomas already had two fun sized bars under his mattress and combined with this one? It would be enough for Hilda the lunch lady to make him a grilled cheese sandwich. 

No one knew what she did with the candy bars, but rumor said she had seven children she adored and little money for treats. Regardless of her reasoning, she was more than happy to skim off the top of the counselor’s meals.

Thomas took the candy bar from Breton’s hands and smiled.

He wouldn’t be eating breakfast tomorrow, not at all.

He’d be eating heaven.

@ub-glowing replied to your post ““How humiliating AND pitiful…””

“Don’t you start, Hairspray Bitch.”

Hairspray bitch?

THAT’S a new one~

“Or what?
Are you going to suck that bird of yours dry to shut me up?”

How childish, Lusamine.

Your mun LOVES it.


Hello wonderful FFXIV fans! These pictures above are a couple of many glow-in-the-dark FFXIV job stones that have been made by a good friend of mine. The stones are currently being sold in their Etsy shop, please check the store out!

Also, keep a look out for the AST stone! They will soon be releasing it for many of you AST lovers out there ♥

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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okay going off that pic you posted together a while back i would literally never guess that she is 50?? i cant believe she is older than my mom lmao

ikr?? people are always so surprised when they find out lol, and always get confused when she mentions me/my age