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Finished these guys up this afternoon after work. Next step is to base them along with the other two regular CSM squads. Then on to paint Lord Marduke.

For this squad I got inspired by some of the armor effects from SPACE MARINE (Shown in the above screen shot). So I decided to do a little bit of glow effects on the daemonic faces in the squad’s armor to give them an even more visceral look.


Hello wonderful FFXIV fans! These pictures above are a couple of many glow-in-the-dark FFXIV job stones that have been made by a good friend of mine. The stones are currently being sold in their Etsy shop, please check the store out!

Also, keep a look out for the AST stone! They will soon be releasing it for many of you AST lovers out there ♥

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


Let’s Celebrate, Encourage, Learn from, and Love oneach other! ❤️ with that being said…


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B L A C K O U T 🖤

Let’s celebrate one another! Encourage each other! Learn from each other! Love on each other! ❤️❤️❤️

So whether you/you’re/your…. Graduated, Nails poppin, Starting college, Senior in college, Starting a family, Skin glowing, Got a new job, Went out for an audition, Learned a new skill, New apartment, just got engaged, Starting your own company, Perfecting your craft,Hair and brows fleeky whatever the case may be… Your work doesn’t go unnoticed! KEEP DOING YA THANG✨

Tag who ever you want to celebrate/congratulate/compliment.. etc!


Sil. XXX; clemente and the king of concordia.

The perfect gift 1/1

It’s just fluff.  It has no real plot and is a bit  lot fluffy.  Unremarkable house was even less remarkable when they first moved in.

He considered briefly whether to order flowers  to be delivered to the hospital but while some women might swoon at such a gesture, Scully had never been one to appreciate all the tried and tested cliches that he had used on other women in the past.

But then of course, never, by any stretch could Dana Scully ever be considered in the same category as his ‘other woman’ of times gone by.

He wanted to do something special, to show his appreciation for her in some kind of significant way, but despite them now being settled to some degree in this small, draughty house, he was aware always that a place to call their own it might be, but any less of a prison to him it certainly wasn’t.  To venture out in broad daylight to go gift shopping was akin to sticking a lurid sign above the door with ‘Here I am’ in flashing neon  letters.

Sure, he could gift order online, have some nice piece of jewellery delivered already wrapped and adorned with satin bows and stiff cardboard gift tag, but again, it was just all too insignificant a gesture and on this first meaningful event they would celebrate in this house together, he wanted it to be something tangible, something laden with thought and effort and…well, with love he supposed.

Because God knows he didn’t always show her how much she meant to him.

Eighteen months on the run together, living out of suitcases in shabby motel rooms, eating whatever grease laden shit happened to be on the menu at the time had taken a heavy toll.  Never staying for more than a few days anywhere as the sameness of their lives together gave way to a simmering resentment between both of them that he thinks, would have destroyed them completely if they hadn’t finally decided to just stop.  To hope that enough time had passed by so as to not be the priority to those intent on destroying them that they once were.

Skinner had found the house for them; Skinner had somehow pulled enough strings to have Scully’s felon status removed; and it was Skinner who had written her a glowing reference for the job she now held.  An internship which, would culminate in re-certification of her medical license and which would secure their financial futures in the years to come.  It was a debt of gratitude Mulder doubted could ever be paid but at the same time it came at a price, a feeling always of unworthiness, of failure, that suckerpunched him right in the gut everytime he allowed himself to think about it; because if it weren’t for her continuing allegiance to him, she would still be living a very different life and he was aware always that over the past two years or so, he had been able to offer absolutely nothing of any tangible value to make things better for her.

And that hurt.  A lot.

Not to mention the house, while a vast improvement on their accommodations previously, was of an age that might have made it affordable to them but which meant it left a great deal to be desired in terms of luxury and always, when he cast his eye over the mis-matched furniture and aged appliances, he couldn’t help but compare it to Scully’s beautiful apartment back in Georgetown - an apartment she walked away from without even a second of hesitation.  A home full of memories, of precious knick-knacks and beautiful antique furniture.  Of course the furniture in this house was also antique.  But not in a good way it was fair to say.

And it was cold.  It was always so fucking cold; not helped by the fact that they were living through one of the coldest winters for over half a century.  His Mother used to say it was too cold even to snow and until this year he hadn’t really understood what that meant.  But day after day as he woke up with Scully pressed tightly against him, only the top of her head exposed to the frigid temperature of the room, that was only barely held at bay by the layers of comforter and blankets they piled atop the bed, he couldn’t help but wish them back to the shabby motel rooms which, while infinitely less than perfect, at least had forced air and were usually warm.

He had considered suggesting they sleep downstairs, but really, it was only marginally warmer on the lower levels so instead they had just made the best of a bad situation.  Which, when he really thought about it, summed up the last ten years or so pretty well.

There was an old wood burning stove in the corner of the living room, but it was so rickety and rust riddled they just daren’t use it.  With no way of knowing how corroded the chimney lining was, to light a fire in there could be disastrous and to replace it had been added to the ever growing list of things he needed to do once Spring hit and the weather turned warmer, making it safer for him to get up on the roof and start to investigate properly.

But now, as he stood thoughtfully weighing up his birthday options, he realised that maybe, the answer to the perfect birthday gift for Scully had been staring him in the face all along and that given the fact that she seemed to be permanently only a degree or two above hypothermia, probably, the only fucking thing she wanted for her birthday was to be warm.  


As it turned out, the timing couldn’t have been better.  The four days preceding Scully’s birthday necessitated in her taking a trip into the city as part of an intern exchange programme and although she had offered to drive back each night, Mulder had managed to persuade her to check into a hotel and avoid a treacherous and ill-advised journey on the ice-covered roads.

He would be fine, he said, he had plenty to do to keep occupied.

Yeah. No shit.

The stove situation had proved a little more problematic than he first imagined and by the end of the first day he was freezing cold and ached all over from using muscles that he had forgotten he had. But, with the new stove set for delivery and installation in just 48 hours, he had no option but to just keep going because while he might not have experience in stove removal, he did at least understand that if old stove were still in place, new stove could not be fitted.  And after almost three days of cursing himself for ever getting started on this in the first place, the space in the living room where the stove had once stood, was now nothing more than a gaping hole which led to another smaller gaping hole which, if he angled his head just a little, he could see straight out of the roof to the stars which shone and twinkled in the winter sky.

And with a new access point for the frigid air to enter the house, the temperature within dipped to a hitherto unimagined low that no amount of layering seemed to alleviate and which took him to a whole other level of freezing.

But now, as he stood waiting for Scully to return home, her call coming just a few minutes ago that she was on her way, it all seemed suddenly worth the effort it had taken and he allowed himself to smile as he imagined her reaction.

Because in the corner of the room, it’s flickering interior casting a soft orange glow against the brand new sofa bed he had also ordered, the stove sat resplendent, radiating warmth around the small room where before there had only been cold, and this once tired interior with the moth eaten furniture was transformed, becoming a  welcoming haven to shield them both from the chill winds of life.

To become a home.

And home, whichever way you looked it, was a good place to be right now.


Turbulence in LA Hi-Touch

Here it is!! Finally had time to sit down and write about this. I was supposed to post this like two days ago but I got sick and I’m preparing for my snowboarding trip!! Hope you enjoy reading about my experience~

For those interested in Part 1, you can read it here!

@honestlygot7makemewannadie @defsouljaebum @whaaaalep @defjaesbum @marksonmandu @husbandsjjp lol I finally wrote about the hi-touch LOL

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Who You Should Fight: HxH
  • Gon: Wow. Really. Good for you picking on the twelve year old kid. You're really going to pick a fight with a little boy just looking for his father and who almost always has a smile on his face? Fine bitch. But I'm not going to feel sorry for you when he breaks your face and knocks you three ways to Sunday where you have a brunch date with a concrete wall. And he'll do all that with an injured arm or concussion or both. GOOD LUCK YOU PIECE OF SHIT.
  • Killua: You didn't learn your lesson the first time around? What is it with you and picking fights with twelve year olds? Okay, you MIGHT have been able to lay one or two hits in on Gon, but you scraped out alive because he has something Killua does not know the meaning of. Mercy. And boy HOWDY it's not coming to you!! This kid is like a super pro 360 no scope trained assassin and he'll probably be even more furious that you tried to fight his boyfriend. #thewhitehairedboywholived
  • Kurapika: AHAHAHA. YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE GONNA WIN BECAUSE WHY. Because he looks like a girl? Because he's blonde? Nah bitch, if you got an ass, consider it mowed. This kid might as well be the child of the Hulk and Kratos. We're talking blood pressure out of this world. And if the glowing demon eyes of hell don't give it away, well the unwavering pain threshold might. And I hope you're into the kinky shit because your ass is going to chAIN JAIL. No I'm serious. That's what he does.
  • Leorio: You'll win. But at what cost?