glow stick juice

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YALL party gays are something special, like some glitter covered cryptid, i got some severe whiplash being thrown from my lazy lil friend group to being dragged to Party Gay Central, I feel like I get some second hand high or drunk from being with them it's NUTS. I be arriving home covered in glitter and glow stick juice ready to sleep for weeks.

party gays always try to kill everyone around them. JOHNNY IVE HAD TEN SHOTS ALREADY, and Johnny is there with his cute little shorts offering you drugs you don’t even know the names of and shots straight out of the bottle with a cute wink and a kissy face and it’s like JOHNNY U WANNA KILL ME JUST ADMIT IT IDK WHAT I DID TO YOU BUT IM SORRY OK NO PLS PUT IT AWAY IM GONNA YAK and it ALWAYS ends with them saying “tá bien more for me”

Absolutely inspired by arts that squidbiscuit did. I was in a mood and there needed to be glowy things under black light (hence why I did darker with blue skin)

Please though kids, don’t ever get glow stick juice in your mouth. This is something for professional animated characters only!

Sour Cream is totally going to keep being raver trash well into his 20s. You know he is.