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Can you do a Alex imagine where you go to prom alone and so does he so you end up sorta coming together

title: everything has changed

word count: 1100

note: fckin cute… i love alex…….

Alex was still freshly wounded by Jessica and thus, he had gone alone to the Winter Formal. He wanted so badly to go with someone, but he knew that after the list, nobody would want to go with him directly. So instead, he decided he’d go stag, which wasn’t the most embarrassing thing he could have done.

You were also out of a relationship, having been deemed “not fun enough” by some douchebag football player who obviously didn’t understand that you actually had to work to achieve the scholarships and attention from big name colleges that you were looking at. It’s not like you wanted to go alone, but you had already bought your ticket, your outfit, and the flower arrangement that meshed well with your clothes and the suit your ex-boyfriend was wearing. Admittedly, you were looking forward to going with someone, but you weren’t going to let a lack of a date hinder your night.

The gym was filled with a soft blue glow and slow spinning specks of silver that were coming from the disco ball that always hung above the shiny wooden floors. There was a mass of bodies that danced together, albeit unorganized and messily. You found your place in the back near the refreshments table, relishing in the icy cold of the regular punch (Zach Dempsey had come by to politely let you know that the bowl on the right was spiked).

The next few hours were interspersed with forced dances and talking with friends, but every time you could break away, you did. The bleachers were never comfortable, but it always gave you a few minutes to sit down and not stand on your feet anymore. Alex Standall, the one and only, came and sat next to you, looking equally as dreary as you both watched your exes dance with somebody else.

“It’s shitty,” he remarked as another upbeat song faded into the speakers. “I matched my boutonniere to Jess’s dress months ago and now we’re not even together.”

“You tell me. I bought this stupid outfit just to match with Danny and he broke up with me yesterday,” you replied, rolling your eyes as you dragged your gaze away from the football player across the room. “What a dick.”

There was a silence between you, but it was comfortable. You had both come to the understanding that your exes were jerks and had messed up your nights. Alex broke the quiet as he finally looked over at you.

“You know, your colors kind of match mine. That’s funny.”

You looked down at your clothes and then over at his tuxedo, realizing that your color scheme did indeed match his; you laughed quietly.

“That is pretty funny.”

A slow song was beginning to replace the previous one and it was silent once more, only interrupted by the voice of the singers. People in the crowd were pairing up with each other, all of them seemingly comfortable with the person they were dancing with.

“Hey, uh…” Alex seemed apprehensive, but the look you gave him seemed to give him the courage boost he needed. “Do you want to dance? I know it’s stupid, but I don’t want our nights to be ruined by some stupid exes who broke it off and promised their slow dances to someone else.”

You raised an eyebrow, but nodded. “I’d like that, Alex.”

The soft smile on his face brightened up the space between you and he stood, stretching his hand out to you. You took it and he led you to the fringe of people where it wasn’t so crowded with intertwined couples. His hands rested tentatively on your hips, almost as if he were nervous to touch you. You draped your arms over his shoulders, just as anxious as he was. Then it was a matter of swaying and awkwardly whispering to each other about things as the song progressed. You were so wrapped up in a conversation with your dance partner that you hadn’t noticed how close you had gotten to each other.

In a boost of confidence, you wrapped your arms fully around Alex’s neck and rested your head against his shoulder. You realized just how nice and warm it felt to be pressed against him like this, like everyone else was. Your actions took him by surprise, you could feel it in the way his shoulders tensed, but it was only a few seconds before his arms were winding their way around your waist.

Even after the slow song ended and everyone returned to their awkward jumps and whatever other stupid dance moves they felt appropriate, you and Alex stayed intertwined, taking in and reveling in the warmth you were giving each other. It was something you hadn’t experienced with Danny.

“Would it be too much for me to drive you home? Or take you to Rosie’s after this is over?” Alex asked, his breath sending heat across your skin.

“No. That’d be really nice actually. I’m kind of hungry and the food here isn’t doing it for me,” you replied, laughing quietly.

The platinum blonde convinced you to bail early and spent the remainder of the time sitting in a booth at the best diner in town, sharing a milkshake and munching on fresh french fries. It was nice to get out of that stuffy gymnasium and into a setting where you felt comfortable and at ease.

Alex took you home afterwards, talking about some project in Communications class he was working on. You listened intently, genuinely interested by what he was doing in school. When he pulled up to your house, he parked the car and, like the nice person he really was, walked you up to your front door.

“Thank for making this night nice, [Name],” he said, standing on the top step. “I would have had a pretty bad time if you hadn’t agreed to dance with me.”

You let out a muted laugh, your breath falling out in billows of steam, a sure sign that winter really was here. “No problem. It would have been a lame night if you hadn’t sat next to me.”

You yawned and Alex smiled, a gesture nearly unnoticeable in the dim light of your front porch. Before he could wish you goodnight and turn to leave, you quickly pressed a kiss to his forehead. It elicited a blush on his pale skin and a nervous smile to overtake his tiny one.

“I’ll see you at school on Monday,” you said, turning to open your front door.

“Yeah. Goodnight, [Name],” he replied.

“Night, Alex.”