glow shots

"If hate is poison, then love's the cure
And it’s you that drives the demons from my door
When they got me cornered, close to giving in
I feel you round me like a second skin"

- Army of Angels // The Script
The Littlest Winchester - Special Eyes

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Castiel

Warning: None

Word Count: 982

Request:  Can you do a littlest winchester where she meets cas for the first time and can see his wings/ true form?


           “Daddy, Cass is glowing again.” Dean’s four-year-old daughter speaks quietly and points at the angel.

           “Is he? Can you see his wings, too?” He picks up the little girl.

           She nods and rests her head on his collarbone, eyes trained on Castiel.

           “Remember what I said that was?”

           “His true form.”

           “Exactly. Does it still scare you?”

           The little girl shrugs.

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BNHA Soulmate AU where everything's the same except your chest glows when you look into your Soulmate’s eyes.

In this AU, love is a choice, subconscious or otherwise. When you love someone, you chose to put them before yourself, to a certain degree. Because of this, people can also chose not to love someone, and the soulmate bond becomes unrequited, on one end or both. Depending on the distance between the two people and the intensity of their feelings, the glow will be stronger or weaker. 
There are several types of love in this AU, and each type of love has it’s own color. These colors do not change from couple to couple. 

Pink - The color of childhood love in this AU. This is the purest types of love. However, this love is easily changed, influenced and forgotten.