glow lights

I feel like the first swan queen kiss is gonna be like, Emma and Regina at Granny’s, sitting at the bar, joking and lightly bantering after a full day of saving the town and each other, the sun begins to set, and Regina notices how Emma’s hair glows in the light, then when Emma’s in the middle of talking or taking a bite of her grilled cheese sandwich, Regina leans forward and chastely kisses Emma on the cheek, Emma turns around like - huh? what was that for? - only to see the expression in dark eyes, kind of shy but also hungry, and then they’re just staring at each other, and Emma’s subconsciously leaning closer… but then BANG the diner door slams open and Henry comes running in, yammering about some new, top secret discovery and Emma jerks back, nearly falling off her stool while Regina stands up and neatly readjusts her skirt, wiping away imaginary crumbs and creases, smiles at her son and follows him out the door without a spare glance at Emma and they never talk about it ever.


I designed temple rooms for my gemsonas if they actually had one!!
in order; its Amazonites, Kunzites, and Zircons (im using their old refs btw )
-Amazonite’s temple room has its own ecosystem and she loves taking care of her plants ;-0 also she likes relaxing on her hammock
-Kunzites is a dome shape with an opening in the center top also she has like tho bed canopies hanging around everywhere and one in the center when she chills out a lot as well
-Zircons is kinda lame but that’s literally how I imagined it he let few months lmao it’s just a rly dark room with huge pillars and glowing walk ways with lights in the distance that look like stars. I drew a tiny zircon So u can see he actual size of everything :0 they’re a rly ominous and mysterious character so might as well make her room like that too