glow lamp

monster. | jaehyun

member; jaehyun / jung yoon oh - nct x fem!reader
genre; angst, bad boy!au | tw; blood, violence, suggested (emotional) abuse
word count; 2k+
prompt; “would you remember me?”

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Inhale. Exhale.

He didn’t understand.

Inhale. Exhale.

Deep breaths, Yoon Oh.

He didn’t realize he was clenching his jaw so fiercely until his teeth began to ache, lips cracked and the scent of iron seeping into his peripheral, the taste heavy on his tongue and assimilating itself into the smell of alcohol that hung in the air.

He couldn’t tell if it was his or theirs, or a mix of both.

Cold fingers curled and uncurled, unable to thaw in the pitch black night, the orange glow of the street lamp doing nothing but illuminating his act (as if showcasing his sins, finalizing the position he had taken).

It was mocking him.

He took in sharp breaths, suddenly feeling terribly constricted in the silent atmosphere where he couldn’t hear anything but the gasps that tore out of his throat. Tilting his head up into the starless, empty sky, finding no difference in his vision when he closed and opened his eyes, he desperately tried to rid himself of the spinning world around him.

Deep breaths.

He shook his head to rid himself of the nausea, legs wobbling, stumbling, as if trying to get him away from the scene in front of him.

In a blind rush of shock at his actions, the back of his hands were rubbing against his jacket in a furious frenzy, but the red on his hands only appeared to be of a lighter and lighter shade, never quite disappearing.

The black color of his jacket only grew darker, like a stigma marking him guilty.

His eyes, the right side of his face, his abdomen, his shoulder - everything - burned, and before he knew it, he had turned around, and his legs were running, running, running; because no, he didn’t, he didn’t do anything wrong.

So why did he feel so nauseous?

The icy air cut against him in a weak attempt to push him back, his shoes growing heavier and heavier against the asphalt.

And in the midst of it all, he never stopped to wonder.

Why was it that he didn’t regret anything?

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I don’t know what to say about all these pictures of Sans with a glowing penis…… Why. just Why. xD
everytime I see a pic like this, I just can’t take it seriously.
to me, if he really had this “thing”, he would only make stupid things with it like… idk, being a lamp. yeah.
and then he would probably make an epilepsy because of it xD
but Hey, I’m not juging. do whatever you like. (even if drawing a skeleton with a glowing penis is a liiiittle weird. Just a little.)

I’m sorry the quality is terrible… I draw with my 3ds (and as you can see, the quality is bad) and I make the animation with my phone so… I don’t use very professional stuff xD but you get the idea-

~LAMP IN THE POOL,1895~  Rosamund Marriott Watson

Far down in the deep, black water 
A golden lanthorn swings, 

Whose lustre widens and trembles 
As tremble the water rings. 

Above, on the purple twilight 
The moon in her glory shows, 

But still with a mellower splendour 
The lamp in the water glows. 

Like a love-lamp set in a window 
On a starless summer night, 

Steadfast it gleams and beckons, 
A jewel of amber light. 


Steadfast it points and beckons. 
And ever the self-same way, 

For it hangs at the gate of a palace 
That knows not the light of day. 

The great elms' leafy branches 
Lean over the water's brink, 

Where deep in their sheltering hollows 
The shadows in shadows sink. 

But the gold lamp in the water 
It glimmers and beckons bright, 

Like a love-lamp set in a window 
On a murky summer night. 

For him who would rise and follow 
Full smooth is the path, and straight, 

The way through the glistening water 
That leads to the palace gate. 


And he who shall cross the threshold 
No more shall he strive nor weep, 

Bemg come to the Tower of Silence, 
In the Valley of Endless Sleep.