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Updated: April 17th, 2017

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pomrania  asked:

Why are they in jars?

Well @pomrania,

I suppose it’s because I like jars. They’re my comfort zone. When I don’t know what to draw, I’ll draw jars (usually with figments in them!). 

They really are a safe place for me. I’ve often felt out of place in my life and when I can put a drawing in a jar it feels like I’m placing things where they belong. It makes me feel like I belong.  

And I just really love the way jars look!!

Anyway hope that answers your question!! And I hope you are all having a lovely night!!


I can’t tell you where this road goes, but I can tell you that this forest doesn’t go on forever.

Here is a basket with food and fresh water.  Here are glowing mushrooms in mason jar to be a lantern.  Here are fireflies to show you the path.  I do not know how safe the path they have chosen is, but I do know that is was chosen well, and I know that if you let them, the monsters along it will guard you as you go, for they are not the same as the monsters behind you.

Rest here as long as you need to.  There is time enough, room enough, hope enough.  When night falls, rise, dust off your tail, and let your footprints follow you into the dark.