glow in the night

this isn’t even 400 words so i’m not posting it on Ao3, but it’s shameless fluff that turned out pretty alright so i am posting it here :D

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The scars on her body still seemed fresh, even after six years. The gray skin on her stomach and lower back looked pulled and puckered with a jade-green tinge. The glow that illuminated Kanaya’s skin when they were alone and relaxed seemed duller there, a darker almost-perfect circle against the white starlight glow.

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'Small' problems

[ Closed RP with @coolca4t8. Hope you’re fine with this. ]

Red wasn’t sure what happened, but one moment he was trying to fix the machine in the back of the house, raging over the damned thing not doing what he wanted it to, and the next? Well, he wasn’t sure where he was. It seemed like a room of some sort but… “Why the hell is everything so fucking damn huge?!” He mumbled. It was hard seeing much, if it hadn’t been for the light coming from his left eye glowing red. Clearly, it was night. Just where the fuck had he ended up?! And more importantly, how the fuck was he getting back home.

Serendipity Chapter 1

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The night was cool and quiet, the moon glowing along the city streets below and proving the streetlights redundant. It was cool, but Hisoka was anything but, making it hard to appreciate the serenity and solemnity of a night untarnished by the din of productivity.

Hisoka closed his eyes as another wave of need rolled through his body, burning along his skin like a fire waiting for an updraft. It was molten more than raging, though he knew that would change the moment he found his nightly victim. Who would he have tonight? Maybe something light, but decadent. His mouth watered at the thought, the cool stone beneath him a poor consoler for the warmth and flesh he craved to feel against his own.

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anonymous asked:

omg can u even believe how beautiful he is..... seriously like he REALLY did that !

im rlly still shaking n tryna catch my breath like…. he was rlly there glowing the whole night…… not 2 b a dramatique bich but im rlly tryin not to weep he’s so beautiful and talented and im so proud my heart is popping out of my chest honestly