glow in the night

Watashi no kokoro “part 2″

Naruto’s POV

Set you free.

You wish for me to set you free, to watch you turn your back without a second glance and just let it be. I watched you rise, I watched you grow, always one step ahead of me. You seemed so untouchable, seemed so strong…seemed so alone. I wanted your eyes upon me, wanted to be acknowledged. To see the upward tilt of thin lips. that low glint in dark eyes that not many would ever believe to exist!

Set you free…

I should set you free…

You would not grow here, the haunting light of your soul, the glow of a moon that cast its brilliance upon a bittersweet night, a wandering soul. You do not belong here, even if…even if it had been your home. You’ve seen too much, you’ve bled too much. Konoha…she, my beautiful mistress. My pain and sorrow and the source of all my hurt, all my joy…she has taken too much from you.

It hurts! God, it hurts! the ever consuming pain that blankets your life like a terrible safety net. The shackles upon your soul that tethers you to earth and refuses to let you soar, let you fly free. How you crumble, pretend you’re strong…your dark eyes that now… never looks away from mine. Dark consuming abyss. the whisper of shadows and fury. The whispers of strength and denial…of carefully hidden weakness, that in its own right was your strength. The whispers of love, dangerous love, obsessive love…pure love.

I watched you fall.


It’s always raining. The sky will bleed to grey and the clouds lazily begin their journey to the unknown. There is alway the ominous rumble of thunder, lightning flashing in the distance and the scared thrill of birds that no sooner take flight. The storm is here, the storm will stay and perhaps, tear my soul asunder. Konoha is bleak, she mourns or, perhaps…it is I who mourns. The one who has lost his anchor and watches the world pass him by with distant blue eyes.

She asked me to marry her you know, she…I can not. It would be cruel, it is cruel. I have no heart to give, no kind word to spare. You have taken it all. Sasuke! You, it is you who I-

It always rains, because you are not here. Because you refuse to be.

Do you think me so weak?

Truly? that I would shatter from your touch, your being. That I would crumble to dust under the weight that is your soul, that is your making. I chased you to the ends of the earth! I bore the pain and hurt when you thrust your arm through my heart.

I cried for you! Wept, when every passing night I would understand the true meaning of alone. That you were no longer by my side, that you suffered… you suffered and I could not understand.

How could I not understand?!

Until I did.

They told me to give up on you, forget our sweet memories. abandon my love for it was false.

I love you, you know. I always did, I just never realised…until the night you truly stole my first kiss.

I should hate you.

I should! But I won’t! For just this one time I’ll be selfish! I’ll take what I want, I’ll let you see, let you feel!

I won’t set you free Sasuke! I won’t! I can’t!

Never ask this of me! it is too much…too raw.

I love you Sasuke, and even if it hurts, even if it kills me…I’ll always love you. There is no one else, you are my beginning and my end.

I am yours, as you are mine…two halves of a whole.

Why won’t you understand?!

Please! It hurts! It hurts…but I… Konoha is not your home, I would never wish that faith upon you. Even if I will forever remain in her cold embrace, slave to her will because it is so that I wish it. Even if I stay here if only to ensure that it is not you who she captures, bend to her will, like she has so many before you, before me.

Set you free, Sasuke?

Set you free my love?

Then I’ll ask only one thing…just one…

What is free?

What is freedom?

Hello @sasu-loves-naru , part two, Naruto’s pov as promised to you and anonymous.Hope you enjoy. Theme as per anonymous’ request is slightly frantic, don’t know if I pulled that off, but hope you like ^_^

idioddyssey  asked:

Hello (for the poetry thing. You're amazing oh my god)

“nervous, confused, and half-asleep,
who would have thought that we would meet?
there’s a light in you i didn’t see,
i pray there’s a light you’ll see in me

that night i owned a lively glow,
that night i think i knew i’d know,
tonight for the billionth time in a row,
*wiggle, wiggle* friend, hello”


But for now
Let us dance away
This starry night
Filled with the glow of fiery stars

And with the dawn
Our sun will rise
Bringing a symphony of bird cries