glow in the dark googly eyes

are you wearing space pants because your ass is out of this world

standalone; fluff; pg-13 for language; season one, after the first Tooms case; UST; Mulder receives a V-Day card and is immediately suspicious. Trust no one.

A.N.: I depressed the hell out of myself with that V-Day angst so here’s some early, early MSR fluff.


He stares at it like it’s going to explode on him, and he does this for a very long time.

You see, no one in the Bureau cares as much about their work as he does. And that means no one really arrives earlier than he does – and today, well, he arrives earlier than normal.

Somehow he still manages to be the butt of the joke, even at seven o’clock in the morning. He stares at the object some more, wishing for all the world he had laser vision so that he could obliterate the offending cardboard and send a final message to the FBI: fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

And the worst part? The craftsmanship is remarkable. It even has – he pokes at it suspiciously – yes, it even has beads, and little googly eyes, and goddamnit it’s got those glow in the dark stars, the same ones he has up in a secret corner of his apartment, the ones Samantha would stick all over her door.

So someone has not only arrived to work ridiculously early (or ridiculously late, considering the time he left), but they put a bunch of effort into sticking it to good ol’ Spooky Mulder.

He opens up his little Valentine’s Day card quickly, snatching his hands away as if the thing could snap his fingers in two.

‘YOU’RE OUT OF THIS WORLD, VALENTINE,’ it reads. Good lord, it has glitter.

Here’s the thing. The little heart-eyed alien on the front is gray, not green, and he can’t think of any agent intelligent enough to make him feel that ridiculous. Agent Colton? Mulder had been so sure that asshole hadn’t even been listening. Christ. Skinner?

It infuriates him because look – he plays their game by their rules (most of the time), doesn’t show his face in the bullpen or go to any of their dumb parties. Valentine’s Day is especially off limits after that whole Fowley thing, where everyone talked he couldn’t fuck her right to hide the crazy –


He quickly slams the card shut and shoves it under a random textbook, grimacing when a whole slew of files cascade from his desk and scatters on the floor.

Scully, standing in the doorway with her gigantic shoulder pads and a plate full of pink-frosted cookies, jumps at the commotion and puts the cookies down to help him clear up the mess. When they stack all the folders back on the desk, they actually look a little neater than they did before. Huh.

She offers him cookies and they eat while discussing their next case, a college student in Dayton, Ohio who claims to have rushed in a sorority filled with actual witches. Mulder picks up a book – something on the history of witchcraft in the midwest – and in his excitement to be arguing with Scully, he’d completely forgotten about the card until it flutters to the desktop between them.

“Oh!” Scully’s eyes light up as she grabs it from him, shaking it a little so the beads clack together and the googly eyes wonk out. “You got my card.”

Mulder stares at her stupidly, for a long enough time to make it weird and her self-conscious.

“Missy helped me make it,” she shrugs, setting the card back down. She is so bad at faking nonchalant. “She’s very artistic.”

“I didn’t get one for you,” he blurts out. And then Scully’s the one eyeing him oddly.

“You didn’t have to, it was a spur of the moment…” she trails off, smiling widely as he takes the card back in his hand and traces the stars with his fingertips. “Let’s turn the lights off to see them glow.”

She gets up to flick the switch and turns around to find him leaning back in his chair, his tiny grin just barely illuminated by the glowing green of the stickers.

"What should I send to my pen pal?" (Part 2)

I’m seeing a lot of likes and retweets on the last one I did for this so I’m going to give you guys more ideas on what you can send to your pen pal :’)
1. Book plates
2. A zine
3. Tickets (ex. maybe where you’ve gone)
4. Canceled stamps
5. Tiny plushies
6. Movie stubs
7. Playlist of your fav. songs
8. Weaving (not talking about a weave)
9. Paper dolls
10. Samples
11. Keychain
12. Confetti
13. Glitter
14. Fortunes from fortune cookies
15. Origami
16. Paper (you can send your pen pal diff. paper so they can use it)
17. Mad libs
18. Photobooth strips
19. Band aids
20. Instant film
21. Crosswords
22. Sticky notes
23. Mini posters
24. Scrapbooking materials
25. Map
26. Coasters
27. Recipes
28. Seed packets
29. Labels
30. Glow in the dark stars
31. Journaling cards
32. Pamphlets
33. Playing cards
34. Stencils
35. Ribbons
36. Magazine Articles
37. Mini Flags
38. Bumper Stickers
39. Googly eyes
40. Small notebooks


Under the Stars // Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, 
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Word Count: 459
Warnings: None. Maybe fluff. I don’t know, it’s been awhile.  
A/N: After a lot of anons, a lot of messages, and a lot of deliberation I’ve decided to come back part-time. It’s been a while so cut me some slack on the length. Also, I’m really sorry that there’s a specific gender in this, but I just can’t do second person, and I am a girl so that’s what I write. Anyway, hope you enjoy. 


Stiles childhood bedroom was an assortment of Star Wars paraphernalia and baseball posters squeezed to fit within four faded blue walls: dusty astronomy books stacked on top of his desk, orange-and-blue lava lamps on his nightstand, and little plastic stormtroopers lined his dresser’s corners. Dust floated off the blue sheets when she sat down on his twin bed. It smelled musty in his room, like damp basement, but she had always liked that smell. She liked how his cologne smells like spice scented scratch-and-sniff stickers when she hugged him here.

“The curtains are blackout,” Stiles said. He pulled the heavy velvet curtains over the window facing the backyard. “Flip off the light.”

She turned off the light and shut the door. It was dark inside the room now—almost completely black. The sun was gone and she could only see the glow-in-the-dark stars sticky-tacked to the ceiling.  “You must have taken a lot of people up here,” she said.

Stiles blinked and his brows furrowed towards the bridge of his nose. “What?”

“For kissing,” she said. “Doesn’t everyone want to be kissed under the stars?”

“Do you?”

“I like the stars.”

Stiles grinned. “You’re giving me googly eyes.”

She ran her hand along his blue quilted bedspread until she touched the stuffed lion at the top of his bed.  She picked it up and buried her nose into the shaggy material of its mane. It smelled like lavender laundry detergent and stale air. She liked that smell too. “I was staring at Simba.”

Stiles hopped onto his bed next to her and sneezed with the dust reached his nose. “Actually, his name is Newton.”

“As in Isaac Newton?”

“As in Fig Newton.”

She smiled and pulled her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around her shins. In the blanket of darkness, his voice sounded soft and crackly, like one of those singers in the black and white movies, the kind that dance with the microphone. There was a sigh. It was so soft, really more of an exhale; it could’ve been from her or him or the room.

Stiles dropped his head on her shoulder and there was another sigh. Another exhale. “It’s just so weird,” he finally said.


“I spent my whole life thinking about what you would be doing in this room, and now you’re in it.”

“Stiles. We met in college. Geography 1000,” she said as she shifted her head. She smiled as his hair tickled her chin.

“I didn’t know it was you at the time. Didn’t you ever wonder what the guy you were gonna marry was doing when you were a kid?”

Even only with the silhouette of his bowed head against the dim comets, she found hand easily.

“You can kiss me now.”


You know that feeling when you’re talking to someone & you feel like they’re secretly thinking that they’re in love with you? I couldn’t get the vibe from any of these guys. Like, literally none of them were acting like any of the romance in the chat room happened. I couldn’t get any of them to even kind of lust after me. Which sounds awful but I was trying so hard to make that spark happen with one of them & it was just not going well. I wanted to know which one of them I’d been chatting with & having intimate situations with. But they weren’t helping me. I’d stare at them while I was doing their makeup & they just smiled or made small talk. Nothing worth use to me, though it was extremely cute. I just wanted to punch them all in the face while I was doing their makeup because their faces were giving me horrible butterflies from being so close.

I’d been weaving around hair stylists, wardrobe people, & random staff to get all 12 member’s makeup done. I was the only makeup artists working so it was all on me to get things moving. It was harder than I’m sure I was making it look but I wanted to pass out from all the moving around. I’d positioned myself at Kyungsoo first since they told me he didn’t need very much of anything. He was such a cutie, the way he looked at me & smiled. He looked so innocent & happy. I couldn’t help myself but smile back. 

“I’m sure this is weird for you.” He said in a quiet voice, probably so the others wouldn’t hear. He looked around at everyone, most of them were on the other side of the room getting their hair done, aside from Xiumin who was sitting closer to us & looking at a stack of papers in his lap. I couldn’t look at him for too long, I knew I’d start staring at some point. I think Kyungsoo noticed because he touched my hand lightly with his, curling his fingers around my wrist but not closing his fist. “Just so you know, we deleted our chat stuff because we didn’t want anyone to know we were planning this. Our manager kind of knew we were doing something & we didn’t want him to go snooping around. I hope we didn’t upset you.” His eyes were soft & kind. 

I shook my head but I knew how much of a liar I was being. “It’s okay. I understand. I kind of figured something happened.” I patted at his face gently with my makeup sponge, taking in the fact that I was touching his face. But like I said, I wasn’t trying to be creepy about it. He had such nice skin, I was jealous. I saw him admiring something as I was finishing with him & I had to force myself not to look. I didn’t want to be face to face with one of them off guard again. It was too much. I just kept myself busy & gave Kyungsoo the go ahead to get up out of the chair. He stood slowly, taking his time, kind of giving me the impression that he didn’t want whoever was next to be next. Or he just didn’t want to stop talking to me. I suspected the first one so that I didn’t seem so conceited. Before he actually moved out of the way, his hand met my waist. His fingers clutched at the hem of my shirt & he pulled me closer so he could whisper in my ear. His hand was firm on my hip so I couldn’t resist even if I wanted to. Which I didn’t. I didn’t have a reason to.

“Don’t let them bother you too much, okay? They’re kind of a lot to handle all at once.” His voice was barely even a hum in my ear & I felt his breath tickle down my neck. I tried my best to hide the goosebumps but I was pretty sure he saw them. He stepped aside to let the next member into my chair & I couldn’t help but peak out of the corner of my eye as Luhan sat down in front of me. He had this smile that made me really irritated but also my heart wanted to jump out of my chest & wrap itself around his stupid face. He didn’t say very much the whole time I was working on him but he’d whisper little things every now & then that made me roll my eyes. Little comments about my ass that he knew I’d get flustered by. I tried my best to ignore him but the effort was more work than it was worth. I eventually just gave up & let him be his irritating self. 

“You seem much sassier in person.” His hand flicked at the fringe of my cut-off shorts while I worked. I didn’t appreciate him flirting with me like this. Especially since he wasn’t the one I’d been talking to but I couldn’t help the little blush that would pop onto my cheeks when he’d touch my thigh with his thumb or when his hand would graze mine. I couldn’t let him in my head though & I was strong enough not to. He was just a pretty face. I had to keep telling myself that. I finished him off… his makeup, I finished his makeup off & let him get himself out of my face before I started weakening like the trash that I’d become. Next was Kai, stupid Kai. He was so handsome & I still couldn’t get over how soft his hands had felt. He was smiling at me again with those teeth that sent me into a whirlwind of questionable thoughts.

“We surprised you, right? This was all worth it? Because it was really hard to set it all up.” He sighed, but it didn’t show on his face. He still looked cute & happy. I couldn’t stare at him for too long, even though I was doing his makeup so I kind of had to. I just awkwardly brushed his face with whatever I’d picked up because I definitely wasn’t paying too much attention. I didn’t really need to. I could do this shit in my sleep. But right now it was so distracting. I just nodded because I couldn’t manage to get words to make sense in my head. He tilted his head when I didn’t speak but that smile stayed put. He poked at my side with his stupid soft fingers, making me slightly cringe because it was a little pleasurable. I was slightly embarrassed but I think I hid it well. I tried to compose myself enough to speak so he’d know I was actually not a total nut.

“I was surprised. Both times. I wasn’t exactly expecting any of this. So, your hard work payed off.” I shrugged, trying to act cool about it but on the inside, I was shrieking like a… thing that shrieks. I couldn’t really believe that I’d even managed to speak actual words. To any of them. But it was oddly easy.

“Good. I hope you like the other surprise. It’ll be better.” His eye shifted to look up at me while I was brushing over his forehead & I made eye contact. It wasn’t a good idea. I couldn’t look away. I couldn’t stop myself from admiring every little detail in his eyes. Like the color. I’d always though they were dark brown but I could see a little hint of yellow in there that made them glow a little bit. I didn’t even know what I was doing anymore. I was basically letting myself get googly over every single one of them instead of focusing on the one I’d even gotten myself into this mess with in the first place. I needed to chill. 

He stood up when I was done, letting his hand brush passed my hip & I wanted to die again. The touching with them was starting to become overwhelming. I didn’t want to think about anything right now that had any type of sexual tones to it. I just wanted to get through this with as few awkward moments as I could manage. I turned around for a second to clean my brushes off & when I turned back my heart literally felt like it stopped. I stared at him for way too long & I knew that was true when he raised an eyebrow at me. But there was that smile. You know that smile? That big one that says “I know, you’re in love with me.” that you just want to scream about because it’s true & you hate that he knows it? Yeah. That’s the one I’m talking about. 

“So, we got you.” Chanyeol’s deep, thick voice crashed into my ears before I was ready to even hear him speak. I blinked probably 20 times before I could shake off whatever was going on in my body to make me this stupid. I nodded because I was afraid that if I spoke, my voice would crack & sound stupid. I knew it would happen because it almost always did. He gave me another smile & pushed out his lower lip, probably proud of himself. I wanted to shove one of my makeup brushes into his eye. His beautifully perfect eye. But I wouldn’t because I wouldn’t dare mess up his gorgeous face. No matter how much I wanted to.

“I don’t know why you’re all asking me that. Obviously I didn’t come to work with the thought of this happening.” I shocked myself with how calm & collected I sounded. I was a mess on the inside. I was screaming at myself, trying to stop from attacking him & just giving into my fangirl instincts. He was so pretty & that sparkle in his eye was making me swoon. I didn’t want to swoon. I refused to swoon. No swooning for me. He let out a loud laugh, clapping his hands but in more of a toned down way than usual. Probably because he was trying to act cool. But I could see straight through him to that big idiot inside.

“You’re happy we’re here though, right?” His tone went from slightly arrogant to a little sad. I think he was sensing the fact that I was holding back so much. It was crazy to think that he could read me though, he didn’t even know me. As far as I knew, we hadn’t even talked. If my suspicions were right, then he wasn’t the one I’d had all those talks with. I felt like I’d know as soon as we had any kind of moment together & with this one, I didn’t get that spark. I did feel something but I figured that was just because he was my bias.

“Yeah, of course. This is cool.” I nodded, trying to sound more excited. I’d been a little distracted by them being there that I hadn’t really let myself feel just how happy I was to have met them, or to just be in the same room as them. I saw him bite his lip a little bit & look off behind me. He was looking at someone & he didn’t really seem as happy. They were all starting to confuse me. Their moods would shift & throw me off so badly. I was good at reading people but this was just ridiculous. He let me finish without saying anything else, but I secretly wished he’d keep talking just so I could hear his deep voice some more. 

When his turn was over, he smiled at me one more time & squeezed my arm before walking off. I was getting really confused by all the touching. But I still liked it. I just wasn’t sure what it all meant. I let myself get lost in my thoughts for a long time & I was only pulled back to reality when a slight touch on my shoulder scared me out of whatever I was thinking about. Kris’ face was like right in mine. Except he was taller than me so not really. He just looked at me with his eyebrows raised & gave me a small half smile.  I wasn’t phased by Kris’ charms. He wouldn’t get into my protective barrier. But he was doing a really god damn good job. He didn’t ask me anything or really even talk, he just let me work. He’d give me those little smiles though & it got really awkward after the third or fourth time. As cute as he was, I wanted to just smack him.

“You have very gentle hands.” He said with his eyes closed while I was blending eye shadow. I was trying my hardest not to just ask “what the fuck?” out loud because I thought that would sound rude. I just said thank you & kept going. It was awkward. So awkward. Why was it this awkward? Normally he didn’t have any kind of power over me but right now I was trying so hard not to let the awkwardness be sexual tension. Because I was feeling it really strong. He laughed at nothing, completely out of nowhere & didn’t explain himself at all. These guys were going to seriously be the reason I lost my mind. I wanted him out of my chair but I knew that it would only get worse if one of the others replaced him. I didn’t need that. Not at all. Ever. No thanks. 

He opened one of his eyes & I think he was trying to wink at me but because, you know, only one eye was open, I couldn’t actually tell. I just pretended that I didn’t see it & scooted him off out away from my chair. He was so tall… He was immediately followed by the biggest of big idiots. I know what you’re thinking. The biggest of big idiots is Kris. No, not in my eyes. The biggest of big idiots to me was always Chen. Him & his stupid eyebrows. They were so cute.

“We finally get to see you in person. This is so cool.” He bounced up & down in the seat once he’d finally sat down. I wanted to laugh, I almost did. But I stopped myself. I didn’t want to show interesting. Even though he was cute as fuck. I would have totally say on his lap if I wasn’t supposed to be doing my job. He stayed pretty quiet the whole time, it came as a surprise to me. But he kept touching my hip when I would turn around or I’d feel his hands playing with each other as they rested on his lap & they would just slightly touch my stomach. It wasn’t like any of it was that intentional but I couldn’t get it out of my mind that they’d all touched me somewhere, in some way at some point. Like… I couldn’t figure out why. It was strange & oddly enjoyable. I was starting to think they were all messing with me on purpose so that I didn’t figure out which one was him. But I didn’t question it. They could do what they wanted. They obviously had some kind of plan. 

Chen was harder to get out of my chair, he wanted to sit & talk to me when I was done with his makeup but the other kept teasing him about it. Telling him he was being a clingy puppy. Which wasn’t a bad thing in my opinion. I thought it was kind of cute. But eventually they won & he got up. He was followed by Lay who I’d been watching out of the corner of my eye the whole time. He looked so cute & nervous. He didn’t actually talk to me at all. Other than a smile & a tiny lip bite, he barely even looked me in the eye. It was so adorable & creepy at the same time. He left without a word, letting Sehun follow him. I kind of dreaded this one. I wasn’t ready for him. Even though he’d been nice about catching me when my knees gave out earlier, I thought he would be the most quiet of them all. He seemed like that type. Apparently I was wrong at thinking these things though because I thought Lay would have actually spoken. Sehun for damn sure did. 

“This was such a pain in the ass to do. I hope you appreciate it.” He said with a snarky tone. I found it more adorable than anything but I pretended. 

“Well, it was your idea, not mine. So…” I gave my best fake snide expression & he smiled a little bit. I couldn’t be sure if he knew I was kidding or not but I didn’t really care that much. It was funny to me that he was trying so hard to be difficult right now. I didn’t know why but I didn’t ask because I’d never really understood why he did or said most of the things he did… or said. 

“Get out of my chair, I’m done with you.” I shooed him away, still only being half serious about it & he smiled again, giving a tiny hint of a laugh too as he lifted himself from the seat & walked off. He was the only one who hadn’t put his hands on me. I was kind of sad, as creepy as that may sound. There was a break in between boys coming to my seat so I could have a moment to rest my hands & I could see a group of them talking closely. They were using their hands a lot & from what I could see, they were speaking Korean. I’d never thought about it, but they could have totally used that against me. The fact that I didn’t understand Korean or Chinese. They could have conversations right in front of me & I’d have no idea what was being said. I didn’t mention it though. 

I watched them all from where I was & my eyes widened when they all looked over at me at the exact same time. None of them were talking, they were just staring at me. I got a weird sense of dread because… I mean, if eight really good-looking guys were staring at you, you’d probably feel scared too, right? Or am I just totally crazy? Because I was really getting a kidnapping vibe from this whole situation. I wasn’t going to say anything though because then that would make me seem crazy & they’d gone through so much to find me, surprise me, basically they did this all for me. Somehow. I still wasn’t totally sure how they knew where I was. But I just kind of looked over that for the moment. If they did kidnap me though, at least I could say I was suspicious.

A/N: I made this SO long. omg. But I wanted it to be a good hearty chapter since you guys were so patient with me. It will continue from there in the next chapter so she’ll actually be one on one with Suho, Baek, Xiumin & Tao too. I just didn’t want to make this super ridiculously long. I CAN GO REST MY FINGERS NOW. Well, I have to make reactions now so not really, but whatever. I hope you’re all still enjoying this! xo