glow in he dark

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Hi, heres a scenario the turtles woke up before their s/o and decided to watch her sleep. How would the s/o react if she woke up to the turtles watching them ? 💚

I think you meant to ask how would the boys react if she woke up to them watching her XD I had to re-read the question a couple of times before I noticed the grammar mistake.  It’s all good though!  

This turned out to be more of a short scenario more than anything though, not necessarily reactions.  Hope you don’t mind ^_^’’


His dream had startled him awake, to open his eyes to see his love sleeping soundly in front of him.  Leo couldn’t shut his eyes again, waiting for his heart beat to slow.  His blue irises were glued onto his s/o’s face for the next few minutes, taking in their features of how bright they glowed even in this pit of darkness.  He lightly stroked their cheek with his hand and played with their hair.  Leo finally smiled when their eyes fluttered open.  “I couldn’t fall asleep.  Sorry if I woke you.” Though there was barely any light, his lover was even more precious in this moment; Leo scooted closer and kissed them for a moment before wrapping them up in his arms before going back to sleep.


He had gotten up for a drink and returned to bed.  He was just about to lay his head down when he heard you move around on your side of the bed.  His eyes landed on you and he immediately smiled as you stretched and made funny noises from your throat; his arm propped him up while his other arm was free; Raph brushed your arm with his hand and placed a kiss on your shoulder.  When you wake to see him staring down at you, you immediately cover your face with the covers and hear him chuckle before he rests.  He doesn’t say anything except give your shoulder another kiss before he closes his eyes.


The guy doesn’t go to sleep until the crack of dawn anyways so he’s exhausted by the time he goes to bed.  He knows you’re there though, so he’s impatient and just leaves all his tools everywhere without putting them away.  He crashes into bed, without waking you, and pulls the covers over him.  But you catch his eye, and he stops before laying down.  He gets all smiley and loves how peaceful you look.  And then your eyes open, and his smile goes away for a moment, like “crap I woke ‘em up”.  When his s/o tells him he didn’t wake them up he smiles again and lays with them.  “You’re nose twitches when you sleep.  It’s cute.”- before closing his eyes.


“Did you know you talk in your sleep?”  Is the first thing he says when you peep open your eyes.  You had gone to bed early due to a headache, and Mikey joined you a few hours later; you stopped him before he had the chance to lay down because of your mumbling.  “You like cheesecake?” // “What.” // “You said you liked cheesecake… in your dream.”  He goes on about it, but drops it when your head hits the pillow again; Mikey smiles and chuckles at how out of it you are.  He leans down and kisses the back of your head before laying beside you.  It wasn’t long before you started mumbling again, and Mikey couldn’t help but giggle as he pulled you closer.

My brother, inspired by the Marth pentagram post, made a pentagram out of glow-in-the-dark duct tape in hopes of summoning Camilla. Instead he got a 5-star Takumi. The irony of it. The Camilla pentagram summoned Takumi. He was attracted by all the Nohrian Scum

UPDATE: he finally got Camilla everyone

So I did A thing…
And I blame all the “Keith being obsessed with Mothman” hcs that are going around…slowly seeping into my brain…

Basically Keith adopts an alien-moth thingy (he names it Moff-Moff)

Might do a comic later about how they met (aka how Moff-Moff sneaked onboard the castle)

These are all quick doodles but I might ink and color them later on…

SpockFact #29

Spock’s quarters are covered in glow-in-the-dark star stickers. They were originally put up as some long-forgotten prank, but by the end of the 5-year mission Spock can’t sleep without looking at the stars. After a few weeks he arranged them into the positions of the stars as seen from Vulcan, completely accurate down to the very last one. He can name all the constellations and spent a great many nights teaching Kirk the Vulcan constellations. He can even point out which star is Earth’s sun. Every night he falls asleep looking up at familiar cosmos that make him feel completely at home, that guide him into his dreams on their soft light and good memories. The only real downside he can see is that as a result of the stickers, looking at the stars for too long can make him sleepy. He has subsequently been found on numerous occasions asleep at his station while in the midst of mapping out new star charts and has even fallen asleep as a direct result of looking out the view screen for an extended period of time. The Captain doesn’t mind, though, and keeps a blanket near his chair at all times for just such an emergency.

ronan goes with adam for his freshman year move-in day and helps adam put glow-in-the-dark stars on his ceiling of his dorm bedroom. he arranges them into a lovely pattern and then takes a picture of the homemade constellation, telling adam that he’d copy the same design onto his own bedroom ceiling above his mattress so it would be like they were going to sleep under the same roof. (so, he wouldn’t say, maybe i won’t miss you so fucking much that it hurts. so it feels like i’m not quite so far away from you.)

Dax’s Lazytown Headcanons

((Some Sportarobbie, Fair Warning))

Sportacus is almost never out after dark because his type of elf has a cat-like eyeshine and he doesn’t want anybody to see. The first time Robbie saw just the two glowing orbs in the dark he squealed in fear. He will not admit to this.

Along with the cat eyes, Sportacus can also voluntarily move his moustache like whiskers, but not with as big of range of motion as cats have.

Robbie is not of the Fae, but the closer he gets to Sportacus, the more residual Elven magic rubs off on him. It’s accidental and neither really noticed until Robbie realizes he stopped aging.

Sportacus can eat pie without a meltdown as the fruit balances out most of the sugar, but it still gives him serious fatigue. Level of fatigue seems to hinge on who made the pie.

Stephanie of course becomes Number Eleven, and is the first human to be given a position as a Numbered Hero. She lets Ziggy help her and while he never officially joins The Numbered, he is still known as an honorary member.

Number Six was in a wheelchair and was an exceptional Mage. She is retired but still visits disabled children when called.

Sportacus is a fake name. Elven names are sacred and never given out aside from to mates and family. Robbie and Stephanie are the only ones to know Sportacus’s true name. Robbie snorts the first time he hears it and Sportacus pouts for a solid week.

After wearing the hat all day, Sportacus’s ears feel like they’ve been held to a belt sander. Robbie tells him he doesn’t need to hide them, but Sportacus is stubborn to the point of being ridiculous.

Robbie sings along to musicals and his voice is amazing. When he starts singing in Icelandic Sportacus 110% Cannot Deal ().

The crystal is an amplified solidification of part of Sportacus’s magic. It is tied to his life energy and very powerful. He could use it as more than an Alarm System if a situation where extremely dire but the strain could kill him in the process.

Robbie and Sportacus never adopt their own children but still view Stephanie and her friends as their kids.

Pixel leaves briefly to go to college, but drops out because he’s smarter than the professors and comes back with a boyfriend. Jives is the boyfriend.

Trixie stays in Lazytown but somehow manages to become the Mayhemtown Gang Boss and Robbie is equal parts proud and terrified. His fear is unfounded when she manages to turn the Gang into more of a clean-up crew that dabbles in criminal mischief. The police have no idea how to handle this. “They’re doing community service without being told, do we still arrest them or just let them work??”

Pixel helps Trixie get the Gang online and it spreads to other towns like a slightly more family friendly version of Durarara.

Robbie is absolutely not in the Gang and he absolutely did not yarnbomb an entire building. What are you talking about? Who are you? Go away.

Stingy ends up owning half the town through sheer force of will.

Bessie and Milford get married through human culture the same day Sportacus and Robbie get married through Elven culture. They have a joint party.

Feeling a little panicked rn so here’s what makes the batboys calm down.

Flowers calm Jason down. One sniff and he’s in another world, one without annoying brothers and bothersome fathers. He likes the ones with a strong scent, but the looks aren’t bad either, he’ll write what he sees and smells, make poems and masterpieces. Although they never get to be noticed, it’s nice to get back to his old activities.

Bruce likes pink. It’s a nice color and it takes him away from the darkness in his life, especially the light pinks. Kate got him a blanket that he keeps in his closet so that his kids don’t embarrass him, he sits in there and stares at the color, the pink glow in a dark space, and focuses on the light, fluffy feeling. He’s never as calm as he is with that blanket.

Duke likes to eat. Peanut butter? Heck yes! He sits outside with a jar and some of Alfred’s scones, or on really pressing days Alfred gives him a table FULL of food. The way he decorates them or makes them look SOOOO good, it’s very nice to sit there and feel the breeze with some food, nothing to worry about, even if just for a little bit.

Damian has a lot of things to calm him down. Titus, Alfred the cat, Batcow, Jerry, Painting, Training. Y'know… the usual. What you don’t know? When it gets really bad, he hides out in his closet like his dad. Instead of a pink blanket? He has a stuffed little bat. He hugs it and talks to it, sometimes he pretends it’s his dad. It calms him down just to be near it, sometimes Titus will join them when he notices that Damian is missing but Titus isn’t like the stuffed bat, Bruce got Damian that bat, he won it for him when they went with Talia and Dick to the carnival. It was the best day of his life, nothing else could compare.

Tim likes to yell randomly. Believe it or not, this is the best medicine for feeling sleepy and/or panicked. The reactions to it isn’t so bad either.

Bonus Bonus™:
Cass is never scared when Tim screams, but she knows what it means so she cuddles with him. She’s the only one except for Alfred who knows about the other Bat’s habits because she’s so observant. She cuddles when she’s upset, the grip is deadly, do not break it.