glow in dark pendant



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every order untill 1st of August 2016 from my etsy shop will get one of these super psychedelicious blacklight reactive glass pendants ……. dont miss out


A new heart for Valentine’s Day.  Lots of detail - gauges, levers, knobs, a display monitor and grilled vision portal.  It’s a complete control panel needed to run a mechanical flying heart.

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Halloween has hit my Etsy shop! Grab em’ while they last!
Custom orders have been taken down so I can focus on making new items for Comikaze. If you need a custom piece for Halloween please message me asap!


trippy blacklight reactive glass pendants

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“The Charge”

I love all things glowing. If I had another life I would have picked lighting design as my profession. For now I love adding glowing elements into my steampunk jewelry design.

I wanted this to look like it is straight out of Dr Frankenstein’s laboratory - a mysterious green glowing vial that needs to be kept in an arcing electrical field. Yes, it’s a bit clichéd but it’s classic - a trope that has lasted the distance.

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Iron Heart - the reactor core.

Here is another one of my signature steampunk pieces - the mechanical flying heart. Although I’ve made many on the theme, each one is unique with different features and vintage parts.   This is the first using a symmetrical design.

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I made something awesome today 🌚

These Opal Moonlights are going to be in my store when my “Phases of Lunacy” collection launches on June 1!

This is the “Triple Goddess” necklace, which is the most elaborate design I have planned with all these charms I made- I’m also going to offer a simple crescent necklace and a few earring styles.

They GLOW IN THE DAAAAARK and I used opalescent and iridescent pigments and micas embedded in resin to make them super pretty even in the light.

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