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Safe Places.

Based on an ask I received!
I apologize, the story had to be edited so I rewrote the whole thing here!

Original idea by: @lightderin

Lance looked around at the accusing glares of his teammates, all different intensities. He smiled nervously, “Oops.”

They had been mapping out locations in the observatory of safe planets to land, or easy places to wormhole, in the case of an attack that needed quick escape.

The team had been at it for hours, and had over 120 spots pinpointed over multiple galaxies.

Lance, who had found the entire ordeal quite boring, had strolled away to check out the little holograms floating around.

He couldn’t help that it was hard for him to pay attention, ADHD did that to a person. Focusing just wasn’t his gig.

The blue paladin had started across the other side of the room, hands in his pockets and he just looked.

Until he thought he found Earth.

He should know what it looked like, he stared at its little hologram nearly every night.

Lance missed home.
He missed the people back there.

Without much thought, Lance reached forward to zoom in, a happy little smile on his lips.


Look at it, just right there—

“Aw, what the heck?!” A chorus of shouts came from behind and Lance jumped.

He turned to see the team staring at him, looking annoyed and tired. “Hm?”

Pidge motioned frantically to the hologram around them, “Lance, we lost our spot! We lost our points!”

Lance blinked, “…how?”

Keith groaned, “Idiot, because you were screwing around with the screen!”

Lance frowned, looking back at Earth, and saw how zoomed in it was and how the constellations and stars around him had changed too.

Oh, he didn’t think that one through.
Lance looked back at them and smiled nervously, “Oops?”

He was answered with grumbles, and a yawn from Hunk. They were tired and now were too frustrated to get significantly angry.

“Let’s go to bed, we can start again in the morning.” Shiro said, rubbing his forehead. “You too Lance.”

Lance rubbed his neck, looking at the ground as the team and the Altean duo walked past him.

He grunted when Keith bumped into him, “Watch where you’re going, Lance.” The red paladin spat.

Lance frowned.
Keith was the one who bumped into him!

“Oh yeah, mull—”
He was alone in the observatory.

He took a shaky breath, watching the doors close behind his friends, and sulked.

He had annoyed them all, again.

Why could he just keep his hands to himself? Look don’t touch, his mama had always said.

Lance sighed, arms coming up to pull up his hood and put it over his head. A safe place, where he could only see forward, and no one could see him.

Hoods were nice.
When you can only look back at your mistakes, they allow you to dream ahead and block out any side distractions.

It was a new world, your own world, and provided the blue paladin with a sense of security.


He sat down, back in front of Earth, letting it float nearer to him and he watched it carefully.

The blue light illuminating the white space his head was tucked into, and it was just those two.

Lance and Earth.
She was such a pretty lady.

His sadness escaped through a sigh, and he allowed himself to be calm.

Tonight, he would fix it.
Lance would stay up all night and go through the map an replot every point.

And as morning came, the hood would come off, and Lance would feel a little better.

Everything would be okay.

It had to be, otherwise what would have been the point of staying up all night to do all of this for his team?

He skipped breakfast, as that time came the following morning. Not that he was incredibly hungry anyway.

“203…204, wait, no…” Lance put down another point, rubbing his eyes and swaying in his spot.

Lance had marked down every point they had previously plotted, and finding he hadn’t been able to sleep, continued on.

The blue paladin barely noticed as a door opened behind him, and the team entered.

“Wh— Lance? We thought you were still sleeping, you weren’t at breakfast.” Princess Allura said with a hint of surprise in her tone.

Lance chuckled, “Nah, thought I would finish up some of our plotting.”

Team Voltron and the Alteans were staring in awe at the color coordinated dots that glowed amongst the light blue holographic model.

“What is this?” Shiro asked.

Lance looked over, rubbing an eye.
“I felt horrible last night, messing up the work you guys did. So I stayed up and fixed it. I even took the time to color coordinate them by condition, size, and whether or not they are open at certain times.”

Each had their jaw dropped, staring at their blue paladin. He had done all of that?

“Did you sleep at all?” Hunk spoke up, brows furrowed as he stared at his friend.

The poor kid looked drained; skin paled, bags under his eyes, and red in the corners.

He was exhausted.

It took them a moment to process this, watching as Lance sat down and smiled at them. “I even found more. In at over two hundred charted locations giving the correct conditions.”

Keith said it. “Idiot.”

Lance blinked, visibly flinching at the sudden words, not what he had expected at all.


Pidge looked annoyed, although it was probably at the fact Lance had done something tech related better than her for once.

“You stayed up ALL NIGHT? On a map that wasn’t even that important?” She said, gaping.

Lance paused, “Not that…Wh… But you guys got so upset when I messed it up, an worked on it all day!”

Keith rolled his eyes, “Yeah, it needed done, but it wasn’t life or death. Look at you!”

Shiro, in a nicer tone, agreed. “He’s right, Lance. You didn’t have to do this, and it’s not healthy putting yourself through such stress.”

Hunk bit his lip, “I mean, you’re really tired right? What if, What o Zarkon attacked and you just fell asleep durin battle?”

“He would KILL you.” Allura confirmed. Coran nodded.

“You’ve got to take care of yourself.”

Lance looked around at his friends, not believing what he was hearing in the slightest.

How could they accuse him like this?
How could they be so rude?

Lance had done this for them, staying up all night to fix his mistake. He had wants to make them happy!

The blue paladin wanted to be apart of the team and help out for once, even if it was in a simple manner.

He hadn’t wanted to be reprimanded for a deed he believed was good.

Frustrated tears appeared, and Lance crossed his arms. “Fine, whatever, I’ll go to bed. Do what you want with that.”

He stood up, swayed, and nearly toppled over with exhaustion. Lance couldn’t stand the worried looks he was getting.

The hood came back up.
Things were supposed to have been okay.

Lance marched to his room, rubbing his nose with an aggravated sniff and glaring the tears away.

It wasn’t okay.
Why couldn’t it ever be okay?

Little Enjolras things his friends tease him mercilessly for:

  • uses mom words like “swelligant” and “coolio” in texts unironically
  • alarmingly inept masseuse
  • blushes at e v e r y t h i n g
  • shorter than every other Ami by at least an inch
  • can’t read maps. even with map apps, with the little glowing dot showing where he is, he still gets horribly lost
  • completely loses his train of thought if r so much as sneezes at him
  • can recite every word of Love, Actually from memory
  • takes 3 hours to get his hair perfect before an event

Hello!! I read this post made by @softklanceday and couldn’t help myself on writing a small drabbled for it. 

It was fun and it’s such an amazing and cute concept!Thank your for letting me write this! Read more under the cut.

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me.

Hunk’s fingernails had glowed a deep bright orange, somehow resembling the sunset itself, and it wasn’t long before he found Shay, whose eyelids would glow the same color as his nails in the dark.

Soulmates. His best friend had found his soulmate and Lance had hoped that maybe soon would be his turn.

Two years later and Lance thinks the universe has horrible timing.

Lance purses his lips in concentration, fingers tracing his cheeks slowly, as if studying them. His freckles have never been that visible on the day, except maybe after an entire afternoon at his hometown’s beach, but that had only changed recently.

He found them during one of his beauty regimens, a late one for that matter because the weekly hang out with the gang had ended a little too late but none of them had really complained. Lance definitely didn’t, especially when Keith’s sleepy form had lean against him, face buried on his shoulder before Shiro called it a night and saved Lance’s heart from exploding.

Once back in his dorm room, Lance had been on the middle of applying his green goo face mask on his forehead when the lights had gone out. He’d been a second away from screaming out in annoyance when something caught his attention from the corner of his eye.

Small purple dots glowed back at him through the mirror and Lance remembers gasping so loud that Hunk had come running, a small candle in hand as he looked around the bathroom for any possible danger.

Glowing purple freckles. Lance got freckles as his signature for his soulmate link and they were purple.

Not just any purple! It had been such a rich purple, reminding Lance of a particular nebulae seen in his astronomy class, earlier in the semester. Talking about aesthetic, hell yeah.

The power didn’t come back until next morning but Lance barely noticed. He spent the entire night staring at a mirror. Professor Coran hadn’t been that amused during the class next day when Lance slept through half of the session.

The only downside, though, is that he has no clue on who his soulmate is. It’s been two weeks and he has yet to met anyone with the same color as his freckles.

It’s a fact that he knows them, he must know them because then the link wouldn’t have triggered, but who? The barista at BOM’s Cafe? The librarian where they go to study twice a week? It could be literally anyone.

God, he hopes it’s Keith.

The thought makes him pause for a second before he groans and hides his face in his hands. He really shouldn’t think of someone else when his soulmate might be out there, glowing the same shade as he is, but it’s so hard to remember that whenever Keith’s eyes are on his or when Keith’s touch makes him giddy and happy.

Lance tries to be reasonable, that anything is possible, but every time they hang out and he sees no glowing skin on Keith’s body, his small spark of hope gets dimmer.

“Lance? You there?” Keith’s voice appears out of the sudden, followed by two quick knocks on the door, and Lance’s heart skips a beat without his consent.

Rude, heart.

“Yeah, I’m here, what up?” Lance answers a few seconds later, pushing himself back from the mirror to look at the door.

“Everyone’s asking for you, we are about to start the movie.” Keith says, slowly opening the door and meeting Lance’s gaze, “Come on, Slowpoke, Pidge is this close to flee to the lab if we don’t arrive soon.”

Lance laughs, shaking his head in amusement as he rolls his eyes. “Cheese, that girl needs to learn that being surrounded by robots is not really ‘socializing’.”

“I don’t know, Rover has amazing topics to talk about.” Keith shrugs, a small grin in place before frowning when Lance pokes his forehead, his glasses sliding down at the move.

“Of course you would think so, Mr. Mothman Is Out There.”

Keith scoffs, glaring up at the brunet as he pushes his glasses back up. “He is out there.”

“Sure, sure.” Lance gives in, raising his arms in mock surrender as he exits the bathroom, “How are the new glasses, by the way? Good?”

Keith nods, following him out of dorm quietly. “Yeah, my headaches are starting to lessen, so I guess it was true that staying up with your laptop screen in the dark was not good for the eyesight, huh?”

“Ya think so?”

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I tried to make them kinda different, but in the end they still wound up pretty similar, Please Forgive.

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They say you can draw constellations on his skin
Oh go and burn the stars

Okay, but imagine a Magic/Mermaid au where Merman!Lance has a sort of bioluminescent sort of thing going on. 

The glow just sort of mystifies Warlock!Keith whenever Lance does the thing, and compliments Lance for it. Telling him that it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen and Lance just sort of light’s up and Keith compliments him even more. To the point where Lance dives back under the water to try not only to stop glowing, but to also slow down his rapidly beating heart. 

Because oh no he really, really likes the cute warlock that saved his life. 

Wedding Drama

Originally posted by olvrsfelicity

Series: Peter Parker Imagines

Relationship: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Fluff, Angst, Violence

A/N: My mom had surgery and I’ve been adjusting to having my grandma around. She’s been coming into my room randomly at night invading my privacy which makes it hard asf to type. 

Also btw, If it’s lower than 2k words I’ll put a word count.

[Peter’s POV]

“Peter.. PETER”

“Uh yes?” I blink a couple times to see Tony standing in front of me. He had a scotch in his hand with a stern look on his face. The ice clinking against the glass as he took a sip. His glasses were a light blue tinted lens.

“Kid you blanked out on me, I asked if you were ready… then you spaced out into a different universe”

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pomrania  asked:

Why are they in jars?

Well @pomrania,

I suppose it’s because I like jars. They’re my comfort zone. When I don’t know what to draw, I’ll draw jars (usually with figments in them!). 

They really are a safe place for me. I’ve often felt out of place in my life and when I can put a drawing in a jar it feels like I’m placing things where they belong. It makes me feel like I belong.  

And I just really love the way jars look!!

Anyway hope that answers your question!! And I hope you are all having a lovely night!!


Night Vale Head Cannon

Okay, so while listening to episode 52, The Retirement, I realized something.

-Night Vale has a loud sun rise.

-They have a hastily painted backdrop called “the sky”

-Sometimes the sun doesn’t come up

-Time is slow in Night vale

-Government agents from a vague yet menacing government watch everyone

-There was a rumbling

-Steve Carlsberg sees the lines and dots

I knew all of this already, but what I realized is what it all means.

Night Vale is living in a dome!

The loud sunrise is from the mechanics that have to be used to lift the giant yellow LED lights into the sky, but sometimes the control room guy Bob, falls asleep on the job so he doesn’t raise it till later, or he doesn’t raise it at all.

The reason time is slow is because the control room is hundreds maybe thousands of feet below everyone’s feet, so it’s in a different time zone.

The government agents from a vague yet menacing government watch everyone to report on how the experiment is going.

The rumbling in Night Vale was actually a fire in the control room that blew up a giant radiator and killed Bob.

The lines and dots Steve Carlsberg sees is actually the metal plates fitted together and placed in different places to make the dome. The glowing arrows are just light reflecting off of the plates. The glowing dots are the cameras way up high that watch everyone.

The- wait… Someone has entered my room…

There are two men… They stand in my doorway with black suits and grimaces.

I… I cannot say anymore..