gloves with nails


Hi, everyone! I got many questions about the gloves and nails, so i tried to create a little “tutorial”.I use basic patterns for gloves, but made the fingertips  longer. Then I sewed the gloves, but left the fingrtips unsewn. Then I glued fake nails from the inside of the gloves to one side. Cut other side of the fingertip and glued it… hope my horrible drawing will help to better understand XDD

By the way, beautiful ring was made by

so i was awake v early as usual this morning and i thought of the Most amazing modern verse ! not human verse but 

imagine this: medusa in modern times making a living as a famous sculptor who sculpts only terrified men bc she’s ‘interested in the language of fear’ (it’s actually bad men she murdered lmao) and like. wears designer sunglasses & headscarves. super rich. owns like 4 women’s shelters in her city and donates regularly to ones she doesn’t own, offers scholarships to lgbt girls, highkey public feminist 

v mysterious, has never been seen without sunglasses and her scarf (’i have an eye condition, i can’t withstand bright light, you understand’); is probably seen as really mysterious. out as a lesbian but hasn’t ever been seen with a lover (bc she’s got that who could love a monster thing) 

the news reports a female monster haunting the streets, men no longer safe (women safer than they’ve ever been)

this could have the best aesthetics and im just. guys !!! someone come plot this with me pls im Dying

- Well straight white people are out yelling in the street and I just watched a bro stop 3 times within 40 feet to vomit onto the sidewalk so it must be St. Fuckass Day and god bless klonopin because come 11:30, I won’t hear a single peep of any of it but really, make this holiday illegal, make men having fun illegal because none of them can do it quietly and I hope they all drown in craft beer

- This week in stupid self-created trauma: last night while working on a light fixture using the flex shaft on my dremel (a handheld attachment ironically not unlike what a nail tech uses) with a cutoff disc, my hand slipped and I dug a hideous gash, through my gloves, into the nail plate on my left ring finger. It didn’t hurt when I did it and it could’ve been a lot worse, like I could’ve cut the entire tip of my goddamn finger off, but I rinsed it and filled the revolting crater with super glue and filed it level which has long since fallen out because as we all know, super glue is in the top tier of Most Useless Commercially Available Substances

-/+? It’s tender now and this will fuck up the growth of this nail forever but my own clumsiness aside, once this heals I’m seriously considering having a purely utilitarian set of short acrylics or gels applied. I know that sounds counterintuitive w/r/t nail health but I am so, so tired of my thin shitass potato chip fingernails which must be filed and buffed every waking moment of my life despite my good diet and my vitamins and are just such a general source of constant minor misery, like I just need some kind of barrier between my natural nail and… the world until I can idk grow new fingers I guess

+/- I’m eating cheesecake while watching the Golden Girls which I gleefully assumed would open a wormhole in spacetime and suck me into it but so far, no dice