I met her ages ago now it seems and we instantly got on. With her towering hair and heels and her unmistakable handbag which is an antique copper kettle lined with velvet shes a curious creature. When she comes into my work room nothing is safe..everything is tried on as a cocktail hat, brooch or ring. I’ve worked with her many times now and its always a delight….‘The Girl With The Copper Kettle’ now has a blog and Facebook page..you should follow her, she a huge amount of fun and with her amazing talent for styling shes going places fast. 


“Be careful. What slumbers there… is not human.”

Brooklyn, NY-based artist Katie Freeman of Knitrocious knitted this awesome pair of gloves that look like the terrifying hands belonging to the Pale Man from Guillermo del Toro’s wonderfully haunting 2006 film Pan’s Labyrinth, played by the inimitable Doug Jones.

Freeman made these nightmarish gloves to wear when she attended a live taping of Doug Loves Movies and she has plans to knit an complete Pale Man suit.

Imagine wearing these gloves on the bus or train one morning when all your fellow passengers are still half-asleep on their way to work. Hold up your all-seeing hands to your face and listen to how many people suddenly sit bolt upright and start reaching for the “next stop” button.

Head over to Freeman’s Knitrocious Etsy shop to check out more of her nightmarish creations, including an impressively freaky facehugger:

[via Fashionably Geek]