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The Major - Jasper Hale x Reader

Requested by anonymous: jasper x reader and the reader is shy but confident and can be funny at the wrong time. Since she’s dating jasper, she hasn’t met the major yet, so when she does she teases him, but good natured, yet everyone is worried that the major will overreact. The volturi find out about her and her powers *controls the elements* she accidentally makes fun of how Aro giggles, the major comes out but everything turns out okay. I just need protective and fluffy major so much right now

I’m sorry this took so long! I lost all inspiration to write for a while and I didn’t want to just write like complete garbage lol. Also, I changed it up a bit, but protective Jasper is still there. I hope you like it!

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You were sitting in the Cullen living room along with the family, just enjoying the afternoon together.

Suddenly, Alice gasped and the book she was reading fell to the floor.

“What is it Alice?” Bella looked at her with concern and reached to touch her arm.

Alice’s eyes were completely zoned out and she looked faint. You felt nervous not knowing what she was seeing. A few moments later her eyes cleared up and her brows knit together in focus. “They’re coming for her.”

Your stomach flipped and fear burned through your veins. “W-what? Me? And who?”

Jasper moved quickly over to you and held you. “Why? What do they want?” You had never heard him sound so scared.

“I saw them testing her abilities…they must know she’s special…” She trailed off and looked at you.

“Who?!” You shouted.

“The Volturi.” She blinked, still a bit out of it.

You remembered Jasper once telling you about the Italian coven, but you had never met them in person.

“Well what do we do? When will they be here?” Esme stepped forward.

“Soon…I’m—I’m not sure exactly, but soon.”

All of a sudden, Emmett came through the doorway looking angry. “The Volturi are coming. I saw them in the clearing while I was out hunting. Why the hell are they here?!” He raised his voice.

“They want to meet (Y/N).” Esme looked over at him. She moved in front of you and held your hands, looking into your eyes. “We’ll keep you safe, I promise.”

You nod and look over your shoulder at Jasper. You couldn’t quite read his face but you knew he was thinking of how to protect you.

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TF2 Go character selection screen.

No one ever picks Bidwell

George Harrison - “Marwa Blues” - Brainwashed

“For me, it’s not a sad album. I mean, the saddest it gets for me is listening to ‘Marwa Blues.’ And that’s a real beautiful song, but it’s also like a real lament. It’s a man who wants to be somewhere else, or searching for something else. And it’s got no lyrics!” - Dhani Harrison, Guitar World, January 2003 [x]

“I think it’s the nicest piece of music George ever wrote. It seems to reflect, or express a longing that goes beyond this world. To me, it’s a lament, it’s a plea without words…. From the first time I heard it I’ve felt like that; I’ve carried a cassette around of that for years. ‘Marwa Blues’ is my favorite of all time.” - Olivia Harrison, George Harrison: What Is Life, BBC Radio 2 documentary, 2009


I’m not sure with the gloves off one-by-one is even properly *A Thing* as such, but who the hell cares when you see how much Peter enjoys the image he’s just created with his own fingers.

Also, (and speaking of Who who) just from the state of The Greatest Mustache it’s clear this interview was done very very early on in the filming of The Musketeers. So what we know that Peter didn’t know when he said he’d been waiting his whole life for a role like the cardinal is that he was just about to be given the role he’d REALLY been waiting his whole life for.

Which of course was great for Peter, but meant Armand’s reign of delicious theatrical villainy was oh so tragically short-lived alas.