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Ungloved hands

Request: If it’s not too much trouble, do you think you could maybe write some smut about a girl who gets really turned on by Penny’s ungloved hands. Like, he touches her with them, and she tries to seduce him. But Pen’s *nonexistent* conscience makes him say “but you’re just a girl” (shes of age, but young/virgin) and she goes “well then make me a woman Pennywise”, and he gives in because hearing his name from her mouth breaks his will.

Requester : wants to remain anonymous

Warning: just so much smut

Yo everyone here is my first completed request! I hope this was what the requester was asking for haha it was fun to write. I’m going to do requests in bursts of 10 because that’s manageable. It will also be one request a day that I upload because it’s easier for me and it also doesn’t clog up the tags quickly. Anyway, please enjoy and if you wanna request anything in the future, dm me!


No one knew of your…situation that included a certain killer clown that terrorised Derry. Well, more specifically his hands. You’d had an encounter with the clown a week ago as he cornered you off, trying to scare you and most likely eat you. But as his hands caressed your face, you had shoved them away, accidentally ripping the glove off his right hand. You’d had expected perhaps a disgusting, gnarly hand to be under the glove but it was in fact the opposite.

The skin was smooth and pale and there were prominent veins pushing up under the skin. They were large of course and, well, you couldn’t stop thinking about them. The problem, amongst many others, was that you hadn’t seen the clown since his failed attempt at scaring you so which to most they would be more than happy about but not you. It wasn’t as though he was the prettiest thing in the world, no, he was more the opposite.

You couldn’t miss the giant forehead and strange orange hair. His eyes were very piercing and it was creepy that the left one always seemed to be looking in the opposite direction that the right one was. He had two abnormally large bucked teeth that was slightly yellowed like corn and his white face makeup was crackly. And his brow… you’d never seen anyone furrow their brow so intensely in all of your life! And yet you were intrigued, interested in the possibility of meeting him again.


You were in your room studying the soft, thin glove of the clown’s that you still had in your possession. The glove was so big that it was the size of both your hands side by side, a thought that made you shiver a little.

“You still have my glove, I see?” A strange, gravelly voice startled you. Your head flicked up and a small gasp escaped your lips as your eyes rested upon the tall figure wearing an aged grey suit with puffy pantaloons and bright orange pom-poms. You shivered as his amber eyes stared down at you almost hungrily.

“I-I didn’t mean to take it, I was gonna return it to you but…” You trailed off as he chuckled roughly.

“You are so strange, you aren’t even the slightest bit afraid of me.” His smile dropped and a low growl rumbled through him. “But you will be.” He hissed. Before you could process what was happening, the clown was lunging onto the bed, his hands curling round your neck and shoving you down onto your back as he straddled you. Only a little squeak managed to pass through your lips but it was cut off but the lack of air. And then you could feel the sensation of the skin of his ungloved hand around you neck. It was so silky, so warm. Your mouth lulled open slightly and your eyelids drooped in a hazy fever of delight. The clown grunted in confusion.

“What’re you doin’?” He hissed and you chuckled slightly.

“Your hand…” You trailed off. His gloved hand tightened slightly and your brow furrowed. “No, the other.” You rasped. He was studying you now as his ungloved hand lightly squeezed, producing a whine from you. His eyes widened.

“What…I don’t understand.”

Your legs had been parted whilst he settled in between them to keep you motionless but now you slowly parted them further, rubbing your intimate area into his hips as you moved. You reached your hand to his ungloved one that was still tight around your neck and your smile became sultry.

“I like your ungloved hand…"you whispered. The clown narrowed his eyes and his head tilted in fascination. The gloved hand was gone from your neck and curiously, the clown took the tip of the index finger between his teeth and pulled his hand out of the glove, his eyes maintaining eye contact with you. The smoothness of his skin was revealed and you bit your lip softly. He smirked.

“How interesting. But a little girl like you shouldn’t be thinking of such naughty things, especially about someone like me.”

The clown spoke eerily. You reached out for his hands, carefully intertwining your fingers with his large his large ones. You leaned upwards, brushing your lips against his ear and inhaling his scent. He smelt of cotton candy and popcorn.

“I’m well over the age you think of me being, Mr Clown.” You purred. You could sense the clown’s self-control waning, the weight of his body slowly pinning you down further and his mouth beginning to water.

“But you seem so much like a little girl,” he tried. You chuckled because yes you did have slightly more youthful looks, but you had reached 20 in the past month. You brushed your lips against his ear again and you felt him quiver.

“Well then, Mr Clown, why don’t you make me a woman?” You teased. And then his composure shattered in an instant. His hands were ripped from yours, pinning your wrists above your head and his hungry lips were on yours. It was unexpected to say the very least but you were easily recovering and kissing back, wrapping your legs around his hips. He growled and pulled away from your mouth and smirked down at your flushed and panting form.

“Two things you should know, little girl. First, my name is Pennywise. That’s what I wanna hear when I fuck you. The other, well…” his smirk widened and his teeth changed, becoming more pointed and dangerous, “I’m in charge.”

His hands left your wrists and grabbed at your shirt, taking the neckline and ripping it down the front to expose your braless torso to him. You could only gasp slightly as the air in the room hit your nipples and made them erect. His eyes simply stared at your breasts, worrying you slightly. You wanted to cover yourself but the glint in Pennywise’s eye made you reconsider. After a couple more moments of awkward staring, he trailed a finger down the valley in between the two mounds, causing you to shiver. His finger felt so good, so sensual as it looped round and up your left breast, swirling around the areola but never touching the nipple. You thrust your chest upwards in hopes of him abiding to your needs but instead his other hand slammed your body down and held it in place with a growl.

“What did I say?” He snapped at you and you whimpered.

“You’re in charge.”

“I’m sorry?”

“You’re in charge, Pennywise.” You gulped. He chuckled darkly and slid the hand pushing you down to roughly grab onto your right breast, causing you to squeak in pain and surprise.

“Good girl. Now, I hope you’ll know that tonight is all about me. In fact, every night will be about my pleasure. Your body is now mine, little one.” He announced, drool dripping down onto your chest. You rubbed your lips together and moaned.

“Mmmyes…I belong to you, Pennywise…”

He took this as confirmation to be able to do as he pleased for he settled back on his knees and his hands grabbed your shorts, pulling them off your body and exposing your unclothed cunt. And that was when fear settled in. You knew he had instantly smelt it, his eyes were upon your face immediately as he calculated why you suddenly felt afraid. Then it hit him.

“You’ve…never done this befor-r-re, have you?” His squeaky voice seemed taunting as he questioned you and you shifted uncomfortably.

“N-no…” You avoided his gaze, tilting your head to the side as your cheeks reddened. He let out a giggle.

“Well, I’m sure going to have a lot of fun taking your innocence, little girl!” He cackled with glee and you bit your lip at his eagerness. You jolted when you felt his warm fingers on your scorching wet cunt, his thumb teasing the area surrounding your clit.

Your eyelids fluttered as one large finger circled around your entrance, the area sensitive to touch. Every so often, he would slip the tip in and out again, circling a little more and then slip in and out. Circle, slip. Circle, slip. You weren’t so sure how long he kept it up but it lulled you into a mess of expectation for when he would eventually enter fully but when his long finger finally thrust in to the last knuckle, you didn’t expect it at all.

Your hips thrust up off the bed, only sinking his finger deeper until his hand was pressed fully against your wet folds and a choked moan filtered through your lips, pleasing the cruel clown. And then he began to thrust the finger in and out, in and out over and over and his thumb finally pressed against your throbbing clit, flicking it and tickling it. You were panting and gasping, your hips rocking against his busy hand and he giggled gruffly, saliva dripping from his mouth onto your belly. When he added a second finger into the mix, you let out a cry for he curled the two fingers inside of you into a sensitive spot you never knew you had. You cunt was squelching and gushing around his fingers but you were far too gone to feel embarrassed.

He moved his fingers and thumb faster and faster, a warm and tingly feeling intensifying rapidly. Your whines and moans increased in volume as your orgasm approached, ready to reduce you to nothing more than a writhing mess. But as the last second before you entered oblivion, the sinful fingers were gone completely and a choked sob ripped through you.

“No! Let me cum! Please Pennywise!” You cried. With the hand that was coated in your juices, he slapped you roughly on your pussy, causing a shockwave to shake through your body and a scream to echo off the walls. He sneered down at you.

“What did I tell ya, hm? I told ya //I’m// the one in charge!”

You trembled under him, tears rolling down your cheeks onto your pillows and you sniffled.

“I’m sorry, Pennywise.” You mumbled. The clown’s eyes were so narrow they were mere slits cut into his face as he glared down at you. His hands began to fumble with his pantaloons, and it was then you noticed a very visible bulge protruding from the grey material. Your eyes widened in horror as he pulled them down just enough for his cock to be released from the taut material. It was bigger than you had ever thought it could be, and it was also pale like the rest of him, besides the tip which was a deep pink that leaked precum. There were several visible veins under the skin, a particularly strained one running along the top side of the shaft.

Pennywise smirked whilst you stared but then he was moving you, holding your thighs even further apart and shifting his hips close, his cock brushing up and down your slick. Your breath hitched as he stopped at your entrance and dipped the wide head in, and your eyes fluttered shut completely. It was a strange sensation, not necessarily painful but it wasn’t comfortable either. It was wider than his fingers for sure, filling you completely as he bottomed out, the tip now pressed against your cervix.

Unexpectedly, he waited for a moment whilst you adjusted. It was only when you opened your eyes again to gaze up at him that he slid his cock out and immediately thrust back inside, a grunt resonating from him. You were only barely used to the pressure you felt whenever he thrust in and out for now he began to pick up speed, slamming into you roughly and causing the skin on your thighs to ripple.

The sounds in the room were skin slapping, wet noises and your moans and his grunts. His right hand was down at your clit, rubbing it vigorously whilst his other hand tweaked one of your nipples. His saliva coated your body as it splattered out of his open mouth, but you liked it. You clutched at his back, your fingers gripping onto the material that was flush to his muscle structure and at risk of being ripped open. It felt so good, his cock stretching you and filling you up. The vein along the top of his cock would rub and bump against your sensitive spot inside and add to the pleasure that consumed your senses completely.

There were no thought processes in your head at that moment, only the desire for more and to come were the priority. And sure enough, you felt that warmth in your lower abdomen. You whined and panted, your nails digging into the material until you could swear you heard a rip in the mix of all the other deliciously erotic noises.

“P-Pennywise-! I think-” you couldn’t talk, a moan ripping your sentence apart. He cackled, his entire body shaking as he too succumbed to pleasure.

“You gonna cum, little one? Gonna cum on my cock? Squeeze me tighter, huh? Filthy little girl.” He growled. His pace was inhumanely fast now and stars began to twinkle in your vision. You could feel his cock throbbing inside you, and it was enough to tip you over.

Your entire body began to writhe violently as your orgasm took hold and you screamed the clown’s name, ultimately tipping him over as well. He gripped onto your body, burying his scrunched up face into your neck with a choked up growl. You felt his release in your clenched channel. A thick, hot liquid gushing into you like a faucet tap turned on fully. Your body was too small to accommodate his monsterous cock and his cum for it sputtered out of your entrance and onto the sheets below.

Neither one of you moved for a good while as you recovered from your orgasms. You had never experienced something so powerful, so draining but you were glad you had. You felt euphoric, heavenly and didn’t want this moment to end for even a second. However, that wasn’t to be for Pennywise had recovered and pulled away, his softened cock sliding out of you and flopping down wetly. He chuckled huskily and wiped himself on your bedsheets so he could tuck it away without making anymore mess.

“Ha! That was something!” He chimed. You couldn’t even speak so you smiled sluggishly. Your legs still trembled with aftershocks, still too achy to close. Cum drooled out of your gaped hole to add to the puddle already forming under your ass. You didn’t care yet though, you needed another five minutes at least to settle.

“So good…” You managed to whisper eventually. Pennywise giggled. He was no longer on the bed but instead stood to the side.

“You’d better clean up, little girl. Can’t stay like that forever!”

And with that, he was gone. You never saw the clown again.


Yoooooooooòo this was very long and stuff but I hope it was alright haha thanks for requesting!

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Autumn Ask Prompt

by @white-pumpkin

September: What’s your favorite kind of weather?

October: Did you go trick-or-treating on Halloween when you were younger?

November: What are five things you’re thankful for?

December: When is the proper time to start listening to Christmas music?

Apples: Have you ever been to an apple orchard?

Pumpkins: Have you ever carved a jack-o-lantern?

Leaves: When the leaves change, what color looks the prettiest?

Rain: Do you wear a Rain coat or carry an Umbrella?

Sweaters: What does your favorite autumn outfit consist of? (e.g. boots, tall socks, dungarees, a pullover, a scarf, etc.)

Candles: What’s your favorite way to cozy up on a rainy autumn day?

Pumpkin Pie: Share your favorite autumn recipe.

Apple Cider: Do you drink your apple cider hot or cold?

Wind: Have you ever been outside your own country during Autumn? Tell us about your experience.

Books: What was the last book you read? What did you think of it? (and/or) What is your favorite book?

Socks: What kind of socks do you like? Do you wear matching socks, fuzzy socks, tall socks, or no socks?

Coat: Is Autumn your favorite season?

Jacket: Have you ever gone thrifting?

Gloves: Is the weather finally feeling more like autumn where you are now?

Campfire: Do you like going outdoors for activities like camping, hiking, or mountain biking?

Cinnamon: What’s your favorite autumn drink?

Forest: What are five of your favorite things about autumn?

Alpha Tendencies

can you please do an “episode” wherein Katsuki, Todoroki and/or Kirishima got hit by some kind of quirk that gave some wolf features and tendencies and with our little Izuka in the middle. Que: Deku Protecyion Squad plus Dad!Might. Que: Kinky/ hot (borderline lemon…only as a suggestion!) scenarios with either of the three boys mentioned (or possbly a dekubowl) due to Alpha tendencies xD And lastly; que: Fem!Izuku being an oblivious cinnamonroll, chaos ensue.

So I wrote this to the best of my abilities! The characters are slightly aged up - being in their third years when this all occurs. The story basically follows along with the three of them getting hit with a powerful side effect from a villain’s quirk, causing them to have some new features and new urges that get them all riled up. It’s a lot more peaceful than when I first planned, but I like the tone of it so far.

IT WAS 13 PAGES LONG. I had to stop it somewhere! XD If people would like me to continue it, I would be MORE than happy to - it might honestly become it’s own little side story with abo dynamics and Izuka’s own little harem ;)



“How the fucking hell did I get stuck with you two fuckers?”

Bakugou sneered as he looked around the large office the three boys were placed in, waiting for the hero known as Hound Dog to appear. He was a counselor at UA and agreed to help with the current assignment the students of 1-A were doing at the moment. Supposedly the class had been split up into teams of students who don’t always pair up with each other - hence Bakugou’s current predicament.

“Aw come on Bakubro! You don’t really mean that.” Kirishima’s grin irritated the blonde further, his palms flaring up within his gloves. “The three of us as a team is like a dream team! I bet we will ace this assignment no problem!”

“That all depends on if Bakugou can control his temper.” Todoroki’s eyes hardened on Bakugou’s shaking form as he sat patiently on the couch. “I’m afraid I’ll never be able to work with someone who is this explosive at times.”

“The fuck you say?!”

“See what I mean?”

Kirishima groaned as he fell against the chair adjacent to the couch. “Come on Bakugou. What has you so riled up anyway?”

“It probably has something to do with where Midoriya was placed.” Todoroki looked up to see Bakugou pacing as if thinking to himself now.

“I almost can say I feel the same. Izuka can handle her own, but the two on her team are a little… frightening.” Kirishima cringed, thinking back to placements and Izuka’s face as her name was called alongside Mineta’s and Aoyama’s.

“If that ball headed purple fucker even touches her I swear to kami I’ll blow him up so fucking good no one will be able to recognize him.”

Todoroki nodded his agreement. “That is something I can actually agree with you on Bakugou. If he lays a finger on her…” The flames on his left side suddenly sparked to life and Kirishima yelped as Todoroki slowly cooled himself down. “Sorry.”

“No dude it’s okay! Honestly! Just- wow you feel just as strongly about that as Bakubro and I do.”

“Midoriya is a close friend… she means…” Todoroki’s eyes looked up to glance at Bakugou. “She means alot to me.”

Bakugou’s teeth grit as he moved to say something before a large howl filled the room. “Settle down you three! It’s time to start the mission!”

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...I Need You...

Soft clicks were the only sounds surrounding the “evil” scientist. His hands were fidgeting with the mechanisms of a familiar box with many, many lethal devices inside. 

There were little buttons to trigger each little mechanic, but Flug found that some of the springs weren’t stable enough to be tested, let alone the chemicals in one mechanism was much too intoxicating.

The chemicals Flug combined had been the cause of dizziness and almost… drunken side effects. He didn’t trust himself around it while the testing happens during the commercial…

He let out a sigh and tried configuring the mechanisms again. “Flug, get in here.”

Startled, he almost dropped the device. As he caught his breath, he stared hard at the small box with negativity. This would be used to kill someone.

He entered Black Hat’s office and held tight onto the device, hoping his boss wouldn’t chose the black button and let the gases fume the room. “S-Sir, Are we d-doing all the b-buttons?”

Black Hat stared at him as if he was a unicorn, “Of course, Flug.”

Flug bit his lip nervously, “C-Can I step o-outside when you p-push the black one?”

Black Hat narrowed his eyes at his scientist, “Excuse me?”

Flug flinched and shook his head, swallowing his pride for a second, “N-Nothing, sir….”

Black Hat blinked and looked away in thought before taking the device from Flug, “5.0.5. Begin.”

The bear nodded, sending Flug a questioning, worrying glance. Flug shook it off as the red blinker began on the camera. He stared at the camera and listened to BlackHat begin.

“Welcome, villains and viewers! My newest invention has come and you better buy it- OR ELSE!” Black Hat smirked, his tongue poking out from his sharp teeth slightly, “Dr. Flug will explain the device and each mechanism. We can discuss the prices after.”

“U-Um…” Flug started softly, walking into frame and taking the device from it’s little stand, “Th-this device is for t-trapping and helping euthanize your opponent. E-each button on the surface t-triggers a spring that trips a w-wire… and begins it’s options… Y-you can use them interchangeable to create your f-foe’s worst nightmare!”

 Black nodded boringly, “Yes, yes. Let’s show them how to use it.”

Flug nodded slowly and pressed the red button, producing a ray from a little circle at the very top of the box. Just then, Demencia walked into frame and was zapped automatically. “The ray attacks any motion from your foe…” Flug explained, pushing the green button and so on.

However, as Flug went to put the device back on it’s stand, Black Hat pushed the black button. “You forgot one, Flug.” Black Hat smirked as he pushed it.

Flug flinched away, dropping the device on it’s stand as a black smokey gas formed from the circle, spreading around the room and surrounding 5.0.5. and the doctor. It had no affect on Black Hat, who simply watched the destruction with a grin.

Flug threw a gloved hand up to pinch his nose but the chemicals on his fingers still passed through his respiration system. 5.0.5. had fallen asleep not soon after, his eyes swirling about.

“Well, that’s it for now, ladies and gentleman! The prices are starting at 5 grand and there are only 100 in stock! Better buy some quickly before we run out.” Black Hat smirked, clicking the off button as Flug gagged on the smokey chemicals.

Flug fell to his knees, grabbing at his throat as the chemicals burned his lungs and throat. He sputtered out coughs every now and then as he struggled to breath deeply. His mind began going into the estimated haze.

Black Hat watched with a sadistic smile, “That’s a good one but it doesn’t work on heroes and villains, so you’ll have to make it stronger, Flug.”

Flug inhaled deeply and tried controlling his breathing as the burning subsided. “That w-was t-too much… c-carbon…”

Black Hat’s eyes widened as he watched his scientist rub at his throat sorely, his eyes downcast at the ground in worry for himself. This stuff didn’t harm 5.0.5. at all.

“Carbon?! Flug, why Carbon?!”

“I th-thought it would e-explode the p-person’s lungs….s-sir…”Flug answered, his throat dry and sore and begging for something cold.

“Well, we’ve tested that one now. Go fix it and return again.”

His breath was shakey and he felt like throwing up but he only coughed when the feeling came. In fact, he coughed up red onto the floor and his gloves. Black Hat was gone in a second and back with a glass of water and ice, placing it in front of Flug, “Drink.”

Flug nodded and greedily chugged the cold liquid. “As fun as it is watching you get injured, I can’t have you dying on me yet when my product isn’t finished…”

Flug sent his gaze to the ground again, knowing he was more of an item if anything. He simply nodded and excused himself to his lab, trying not to swallow the water too fast.

As he entered his lab, he placed the cup on his desk and looked at the lunch 5.0.5. brought him. He shook his head and moved it from his workplace before editing the blueprints. Not even twenty minutes later, Black Hat teleported in without a word.

Flug felt his mouth raw and sore once again and tried ignoring it to the best of his ability. He swished his tongue around his mouth and swallowed nervously as the clacking of shoes was suddenly present.

He fixed the solution, adding less Carbon and more of the other elements to make things explode when it got wet. He made sure to add enough to make the explosion enormous enough to blow up a being of over 200 pounds with thicker flesh than a human.

“Is it ready yet, Flug? We have less than an hour.”

“F-for the auction?” Flug asked, glancing partially at his boss.

“Yes, we will have to test it in front of everyone there as well. Might want to perfect it, Flug. And find someone in the crowd or something to test it on this time.”

Flug slowly shook his head, “Y-You mean ch-choose someone f-for death, s-sir? I c-can’t do th-that…”

“Are you disobeying my command?”

“N-No, s-sir…” Flug muttered under hs breath, glancing away to finish his work on the product.

“Good. Keep it that way, Doctor.”

As he finished it, he decided he’d have Demencia test it out. Therefore, when they approached the stage, Demencia was chained by her hands to the stage floor with a frown on her face. 

her arms were crossed as she sat cross-legged on the floor. “Why am I chained here?! Why can’t it be 5.0.5. or something?!” She angrily groaned.

““Do it for Black Hat, Demencia. He’ll be happy.”

Her eyes lit up and she nodded enthusiastically, “Really? Really really?”

Flug nodded, feeling bad for manipulating her but going against his instincts. The crowd began forming so Flug decided to join Black Hat near the front, the device on it’s usual stand between them.

“Hello, every villain. Welcome to the auction of our first product for the week, hopefully our top seller as well.” He sent a grin to the other monstrous beings that slightly frightened Flug as much as BH.

Flug sent a fearful glance around the crowd, a few of them winked at the scientist while others glared or snarled or smiled. He sighed and smiled as Black Hat continued, “This is my scientist, Dr. Flug. This device is called the Lethal-Proctor. It will euthanize and help you get rid of those pesky heroes and maybe even humans once and for all! Maybe help you achieve world domination if you’re ever clever and strong enough.”

Flug shuddered at the mention of world domination. His device being used for that, sheesh… He’d be all over the news and known then, everyone would be trying to kidnap him. Something he most definitely did not want. At all.

“My scientist here will explain the device.” Black Hat smiled at the crowd then sent a smirk to Flug.

Flug flinched and nodded, “Ahem… U-Uh… This d-device is composed of multiple t-traps and lethal d-destructive mechanisms. Such as lasers, r-rays, shock nets, l-lethal smoke, and more. Th-this blue button here-” Flug pressed the least lethal button and points the circle of the box at Demencia with an apologietic gaze, “-will s-send out a shock net th-that will cause h-humans to go unconscious and w-weaken heroes.”

Demencia flinched as the net came in contact with her head and shoulders, wrapping around her whole body and wrapping her up before sending multiple levels of different shock charges through her nerves. It fried her will to move for ten seconds at minimum, leaving her breathless but exhilarated on the floor of the stage.

Flug chuckled softly to himself, it worked first try! He nodded softly before pressing the green button, “Th-this one is a ray th-that sends out flames in i-it’s path.” 

A large combustion of bright blue and red flames engulfed the net and Demencia, burning the net into ash and causing burn marks to form on her skin. Black Hat caught in, “These marks on this demon’s body helps to show just how hot the flames are.”

Flug nodded softly and showcased three more buttons before placing the device on the stand, hoping his boss wouldn’t try and press the black button while he stared at the crowd to see if any of the evil villains had questions.

There was one, “Yes?”

“How much is the scientist?”

Black Hat stared at the boy in unfamiliar shock, “What?”

“How much is Dr. Flug? I’m sure I can buy him with the much I got.” The male smirked and sent a wink to the scientist.

Flug blushed beneath his bag and stepped back slightly as Demencia giggled behind him. “Look, nerd boy, someone actually likes you out there!”

Black Hat snarled, “He’s not for sale.”

“You won’t even take 20 grand for him?” The man frowned, “I’ll give you 50…”

“He isn’t for sale!” 

“I’ll take him for 100 grand!” Another man in the crowd spoke up.

A female grinned with sharp teeth and spoke louder than the others, “I’ll buy him for 10 million!”

Black Hat’s eyes brightened and he seemed to consider the offer, 10 million could buy him multiple scientists and materials. The crowd silenced itself as Black Hat held a finger to his chin and glanced to his scientist.

He noticed how the scientist had his eyes trained on the floor, wet and moist as if he were going to cry. His hands were crossed in front of him and he stepped back again in uneasiness.

“He is not for sale. The device is.” Black Hat spoke out, glared at the crowd, “Take it or leave it. There are now 200 new ones in stock and 100 of the commercial prototypes in stock. The prototypes are 5 grand, the new ones are 10 grand.”

Flug stared at the tall demon with immense joy, he wouldn’t be sold off thankfully and he didn’t have to deal with unfamiliar people or other villains that COULD BE worst than Black Hat.

As the auction went on, multiple prototypes had been sold out of the few 100, but almost all the new ones were sold. With only a sixteenth of the new stock left over and a fourth of the old prototypes left, the villainous crew headed back home.

“S-sir…?” Flug tried to manage out in a mumble but the words barely left his lips.

Black Hat didn’t seem to hear him but Flug didn’t try again, instead he just said, “Thank you..” and moved on.

Found out just now

Originally posted by akamatthewmurdock

Through all years of your training, The Ancient One was your main teacher. She was the one who found you wandering on the streets of Kathmandu, when you were barely ten years old, with no family, nor safe place to stay. She taught you everything she knew, and told you everything. You were like a daughter to her, and she was like a mother to you. It was safe to say that you loved her more than anything and anyone in the whole wide universe. Also, every time when an entire new student appeared, you were the one who stood by the Ancient One’s side through all his learning.
Yet, you found yourself instantly disliking Stephen Strange, the moment your teacher agreed to finally let him into the Kamar-Taj. To you, he was just like Kaecelius, maybe a little more narrow-minded. You were cold toward him, and told him to leave every time you had an occasion. You didn’t want another person stealing your “mother’s” attention and breaking her heart again, just like Kaecelius did.

To be honest, you were shocked when Strange haven’t reacted to your insults in offended way, nor he got angry at you. Instead he tried harder on his studies, becoming a great sorcerer in practically no time. He also tried to talk with you, nervousness radiating from his body with his every try, which was weird for him. You didn’t knew why he tried so hard for you approving him being in Kamar-Taj, but yet you found it harder to dislike him with his every try, even though you tried to not to show it.

When The Ancient One died, you were the one who broke down first, clinging to Stephen like a child, crying in his embrace like never before, not letting him go for a long time, not caring about the world anymore.
It took exactly one Stephen Strange and the sight of the world destruction to get you back to your path, and help him and Mordo fight your old friend, Kaecelius and his new master Dormamu. Thought when everything ended, you left Kamar-Taj with not as much as a mere goodbye.
You wanted to retire, leave mystic arts behind you, and leave world for someone who can find the will to fight for it. But apparently, universe got a better plans for you. It manifested itself in the form of a girl, not very younger than you, who called herself Wanda Maximoff, and she also ham magic, but hers was not because of learning mystics arts, but a mutation. You were shocked when you heard it, shocked and interested at the same time. She was the reason why you became the part of the Avengers, even though you promised yourself to not to be a part of such a group. Yet, you found yourself enjoying the time you spend with the team, becoming friends with them almost instantly. You didn’t know anything about them, taking that you spend whole your life in Kamar-Taj, not really caring about the politics and events that took place on the world, never thinking that you would need such a knowledge ever in your life.
At the beginning of your living with them though, you weren’t convinced to become so called “hero”, but you changed your mind when you meet the infamous “Winter Soldier”. The mentally devastated man who lived through Word War, got himself experimented at, and made so much evil in his life, that you found yourself wanting to help him. And yet when you two meet, you greeted him with a handshake and smile on your face, blurted out the first thing that came in your mind, and that was “You look more like hobo, than killing machine Wanda told me about.” At first he looked offended, then in his eyes you were able to see that you hurt his feelings, but before you were able to apologize, which you centrally didn’t even planned to do, man smiled and greeted you too.
“Why don’t you go back to your Tibet Xiaolin?” Your jaw dropped at that. How could he? As an answer to that, you quickly took your slide rind and teleported him right to the said monastery, at the same time teaching him, that it was in China and not Tibet. Who could have guessed that such an old man was such an ignorant ass?
When he did got back, he was so astonished with your magic, that he almost begged you to show him more. That’s how the two of you became friends in almost no time, not counting the two weeks he took to come back from China.

You and Stephen Strange meet again almost year after the death of Ancient One and fight with Kaecelius. He teleported himself to Avengers headquarters after Tony’s invitation. He was happy to see you, and you after such long time of not seeing another sorcerer found yourself hugging him, only then realizing how you missed his presence and personality. Yet it didn’t last long.

“Long time no see, Strange.” He also hugged you, his hands covered with yellow gloves shaking slightly against your back.
“It’s Doctor Strange… or Sorcerer Supreme now.” At those words you backed form him, your eyes wide open, gleaming from already forming tears. He was it in an instant and wanted to explain himself while his cape smacked him on the face, but someone got in his way. To be exact, it was Bucky, hugging you. Strange’s heart stopped for a moment when he was you in arms of a man other than himself.
“Are you ok, doll?”
“yeah, it’s just shock…” You looked at Stephen, watching him for a while. “I… congratulations Mr. Doctor… you are…”
“Second best, but you are retarded, so… I took what they offered, before you changed your mind.” He shrugged and you smiled. Such words from such man, with his ego are very likely to be considered a compliment. You got from Bucky’s arms and punched Stephen’s arm.
“Watch it, or I will change my mind.”

If Wanda haven’t explained it to you, you would die obvious to the fight that was going on between your two friends, Bucky and Strange. Apparently the fight between them was for your attention. The Black Widow, Natasha, laughed at your obviousness, telling you to pay more attention on them. And so you did, which leaded for you feeling embarrassed every time it happened, which were quite a lot, taking that it happened every day, starting over such things as passing you sugar for your morning coffee.
What shocked you most was willingness of Levitation Cape to help Stephen in this war. It would always catch you and pull you to sorcerer, whenever it got an occasion.
You tried not to pay attention to their stupid competition, you really did, but while being in the very center of it, it was almost impossible.
Seeing how uncomfortable you were with it, Tony and Steve took the matter in their hands and scolded the both men, as if they were children.

“Meditating?” You looked from your laps to Stephen. He stood at your balcony doors, the cape and gloves gone. He looked just as he did in Kamar-Taj, leaning against your doorframe, arms crossed on his chest. You smiled at him.
“Just thinking.” You watched as he moved from his spot to sat in front of you. “Where is your relict?”
“I left it in my room. Didn’t want it to interrupt.” You raised your eyebrow at his statement.
“Interrupt with what?” At your question, Doctor took your hands in his scarred, shaking ones.
“You know I like you…” Seeing your shocked face he blushed instantly. “Or you found out just now. Either way, I do like you and I did from the first time I saw you. And despite our beginning, which as you know didn’t went good, I really tried to made you warm up to me… despite you trying to do quite opposite. And to be honest I really hoped that you may start to feel something to me, and I know that I’m a little too forward right now, but it do piss me off when I see this metal-hand frozen killing machine near you.” You opened your mouth to speak in defend of your friend, but he squeezed your hands, looking at you with his deep blue eyes. “Please let me finish. I know that I can’t make you come back to Kamar-Taj, nor made you move to sanctum sanctorum, and I don’t intend to of you don’t want to, but maybe there is a possibility of you giving me a chance and going out with me?”
“Strange I…”
“Doctor Strange, Mr. Stark want’s to inform you, that your cape attacking Mr. Barnes got boring, and he requests you to put a stop for this.” Hearing F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice, you looked with amusement on your face, your eyebrow raised slightly.
“Left it in your room for no interruption, Strange?” Doctor cleared his throat, letting your hands go.
“I… better get going.” He tried to go away, but you got up and stopped him before he could made it.
“I will go with you, but there are two conditions.” He nodded at that, murmuring something like ‘anything for you’, at which you smiled. “You will stop harassing Bucky, he is my friend and your stupid competition is really pissing me off, and no one can make me not spend time with him.” Strange groaned but nodded.
“And second one?” You grinned.
“You let me wear the cape. Like for one whole day, no instructions and no grumbling. Then, and only then I will allow you to take the pretty, intelligent, talented, beautiful and very humble, greatest sorceress of all time – me, to a date. And who knows, if you will show me yourself finally in some good light, then I would allow you to walk me to my room’s doors after that.” After the initial shock, Strange nodded, which made you smile. “Great! Now go and get my cape, I want it clean and I want it untouched. Now, shoo. Off you go.” You pushed him out of your room, wide smile on your face. If year ago someone would told that you would agree to go on a date with Strange, you would laugh right into his face, right before sending him to Mount Everest.

it would’ve been very hard to negotiate while shrouding the plot twist, but I’m still a little disappointed the Relics didn’t recognize Taako, Merle, and Magnus. They’re sentient, after all. Don’t they remember who created them? Just imagine if, when Taako first touched the Glove, it hadn’t gone straight to trying to seduce him but first, “Taako! Oh, finally! Do you know where Lup is? I lost her. I didn’t mean to. But there were some dwarves, and I was soooo bored - hey, wanna set something on fire? Lup always lets me set things on fire.”

Maybe it did, but all Taako heard was static.

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I ship sterek really hard even though ive never seen the show and its hard to fund stikes derek scenes besides the main ones ppl put in youtube vids i was wondering if someone could hook me up lol

Sterek is the only thing good to come out of the show however finding scenes (links or gifs) is really difficult but here are a few I can list off the top of my head (spoilers).

Their first meeting and the way Stiles looked at Derek, shy but curious and the fact that Stiles knew who Derek was.

Originally posted by leftarmbucky

Stiles dressing up in a suit jacket to go see Derek and then climbing into the back of the police cruiser when the deputies arrest Derek. Not to mention, Derek staring Stiles dawn as he says ‘You want it’.

Don’t be such a sourwolf’ (It’s 3 seconds long but worth it)

The fact that Stiles stopped his Jeep and spent his time trying to save Derek instead of running to the first lacrosse game he got to play. That entire episode really. Also, Stiles watching Derek convulse on the ground and unable to control his urges (I wish I had the gif or video of this but the way Stiles looked at Derek and licked his lips just cemented it).

Originally posted by captainpettie

The two times Stiles introduced Derek as Miguel (both classic)

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Originally posted by originallovepassion

The fact that Derek actually wore Stiles’ clothes! (I can’t take him seriously when he’s pouting like that)

Originally posted by psykosomatisk

Stiles rejoicing because he not only got to see Derek strip but he got Danny to do what he wanted by offering him the wonderous sight of a half-naked Derek/Miguel.

Originally posted by littel-angel-lover

The pool scene

The elevator scene(s?)

The ‘I’m the alpha’ UST scene when Derek saves Stiles from Isaac gone wild.

Originally posted by foreskinz

The glove ;)  (What is subtlety?)

The relentless teasing of ‘big guy’

Originally posted by jemmkdra

Derek chasing after Stiles when he goes to get himself in trouble

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Or jumping int he way when Stiles is in danger,

Originally posted by halekingsourwolf

The fact that they work together to convince Liam that a token has the power to help him control his urges (like mum and dad teaching their pup)

Every time they’re in the car together. Whether it be planning to get into the Sheriff’s office or weakly threatening to tear Stiles’ throat out with his teeth in Magic Bullet. Or Derek pulling up in his car and looking at Stiles with that gorgeous smug smile (the gif of which I lost when reloading this post).

Derek using Stiles as his anchor when he’s scared and confused.

Originally posted by elliotaldersin

Derek shoving Stiles against a door (twice) and then things getting intense as they either stare each other down or Derek backs away and Stiles calms him down. (These scenes are the pinnacle of sterek)

Originally posted by samann98

When they were paralysed by the canima and fell to the floor together.  (I wish I had the gifs for this because these scenes are the pinnacle of sterek).

The pain in Stiles’ eyes as he has to watch Derek in pain/dying/leave.

Originally posted by halekingsourwolf

The fact that Stiles is the only one who’s allowed to put his hand on Derek’s shoulder (after Boyd dies).

And most importantly: the butt caress.

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There are so many scenes for me to list, so little time.

My internet keeps cutting out and I’m not able to add gifs or look up videos but I will leave a message to everyone: please feel free to add onto this post (gifs, videos, scenes, etc).

Lost Boy (Chapter 5 & Epilogue)

This is our final chapter! This fic was both lovely and hard to write, and the amount of love I received has been SO AMAZING!

If you are just joining the story, catch up HERE.


Steve spent every day of the next three weeks re-reading every text in his phone between him and Tony, from the very first flirty texts to the more heartfelt ones later on.
He hated it.
Loved it.
Missed Tony so much it was like a physical ache inside of him.

The day his results came in, Steve actually sat at his table and cried.
Eight years of school were finally over. Countless hours of studying. The last three weeks of pacing and worrying and running every minute of the exam through his mind over and over again.

And he had passed.

Steve poured himself a celebratory shot of his favorite aged whiskey, and picked up his phone to call Tony.

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front page news

for @pizza-is-my-buziness, five times the news mistakenly thought Daisy and Jemma were dating and the one time they were right (also here on ao3)


Daisy was taking to long for something that should have been a get in and get out in five minutes type of job.

Jemma tapped her fingers against the steering wheel in frustration, glancing at the building one more time before deciding it was time to go in.

She shivered at the chill in the air when she stepped inside, a huge difference from the all too humid heat outside.

Trailing down the building she finally heard Daisy’s voice.

“Thanks for the support.” Daisy was saying and… signing something?

It took Jemma second to realize that Daisy had been late because she’d been bombarded by what looked like fans. Jemma hid a smile behind her hand, she was happy that Daisy’s accomplishments were getting recognized and no longer branded as criminal but they were running late.

Straightening her face she stepped into the crowd, right up to Daisy. “There you are, now I see why you’re taking so long to get ice cream.” She turned to the crowd, “Sorry folks but we really need to get out of here.”

She took Daisy’s other hand, the one not holding the carton of ice cream they’d been sent out to get and began to walk them to the front of the store to pay.

Jemma caught Daisy’s grin along the way and turned to look at her in confusion, “What?”

Daisy held up their joined hands, “You know what this is going to look like to a bunch of people with camera phones right?”

Jemma gaped for a second and saw the flash of a camera from the corner of her eye. She groaned and tried to drop Daisy’s hand but Daisy caught it again and was looking far too delighted by events, even going so far as waving with the ice cream in her hand.

The next day Jemma woke up to a bunch of news articles sent to her by Daisy on her “superhero’s secret significant other”.

Jemma took a sip of her tea, mouse hovering over the delete option but ultimately she moved it away. There was no harm in keeping it, she needed more pictures of her and Daisy anyway.

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The Lore You Know (Part One)

Status: Part One of Five
Category: Multi-Part, Mystery, Creature Hunt, Humor, Behind-the-scenes Canon-Compliant
Word Count: 4.3K
Rating: 18+ [for language/sexual situations]
Character(s): Dean, Sam, Reader/Female O.C. #1, Female O.C. #2 
Pairing(s): Sam + Female O.C./Reader; Dean + Female O.C.
Warnings: Coarse language; mild-to-moderate allusions to sex/activities of a sexual nature
Author’s Note(s): Post-story   
Overall Summary:  What started as a typical creature-feature several years ago takes a turn when the Winchesters team up with two very interesting women - one, a supernatural expert in her own right working the same case, the other a waitress who gets drawn into the fray accidentally - and when all’s said and done, our favorite hunters will learn that neither were what they seemed.


A couple of the long tubes of light trapped in the overhead rectangles seemed a handful of flickers away from giving up the proverbial ghost. It would’ve been a bit too on-the-nose, given the locale, except it wasn’t purposeful. No one was being interrogated.

And no one was even close to being intimidated.

“People underestimate what it takes to be a waitress!”

“Yes, ma'am, I’m sure they do.”

“Ma'am, if you could go on and say—”

“Oh, I know, I know - ’servers’, like how you’re not supposed to say ’secretary’ or ’stewardess’ anymore, but it’s just ‘cause I was raised in it, it’s been our family business as far back as… well, as far back as we can tell!”

The detectives nodded, slowly, and in near-unison.

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Lingering Guilt

for @jejecchi just because

 Inigo loved his father very much.

 He remembered his father’s laugh; how it bounced with such zest and joy that always, always brought a smile upon his face. He remembered his father’s voice; how it lulled with such love and care that always, always eased his nervous heart. He remembered his father’s smile; how it curved with such glee that always, always splashed red in his vibrant cheeks.

 But most of all, Inigo remembered his father’s hand; how soft they were, clasping against his own, giving him complete reassurance that he was safe; that he was loved.

 Sandy brown eyes only gazed lazily at the sorcerer sitting across the table. He saw as Henry tilted his head left and right while reading the tome in his hands. He watched as the cheerful man hummed a tune that he too felt familiar with. Chin cozily rested inside the palm of his left hand, Inigo let his mind wander to the memories of his childhood, to the memories that he had long kept buried ever since the dreadful years go by.

 The tiny curve of his smile twitched slightly, tugged down to a line that simply showed traces of a frown.

 While Inigo observed his still blissfully distracted father, he let his thoughts wonder to the day that had changed his life forever.

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These screencaps are the exact same moments in Brotherhood and in the manga. There’s something of a distinct difference between the two that I want to discuss

The first image: In Brotherhood, once Mustang tugs his gloves on, he’s gone, and remains gone for the entirety of the fight. The same deranged look, the pinprick eyes, the barely-held-together wrath, they’re all constant from start to finish. Even when he looks at Hawkeye after saving her from Envy, the first image, it is still with those far-gone eyes. He orders her, angrily, to not interfere. And this leads in more easily to the moment Riza pulls her gun on him. He is so clearly not there anymore that he’s now looking at Riza of all people with hate.

In the manga though, we see him soften. It’s a momentary crack in his revenge-fueled state. For just that moment his eyes are soft again. He tells Hawkeye to not be reckless, and you know he’s speaking from a place of genuine grief and fear having almost lost her too. It leads us to believe Mustang still has some control. He can differentiate between enemy and ally. He’s not looking at the entire world with bloodlust. He is gone, just as much as is presented in Brotherhood, but the momentary lapse makes us as the reader trust his state more. We see him looking at Riza softly and are inclined to believe maybe what he’s doing isn’t all that over-the-top.

The second and third images: In Brotherhood, we see Riza cock her gun first. It softens the impact, prepares us. We don’t necessarily know she plans to point it at Mustang, but we can guess. The second image has her standing a foot or so back, pointing from the side, with the threat clear but the risk of bullet-to-the-brain not so immediate. It’s a restrained position she holds. And it leads us more to believe the gun may be more of a tool than a weapon, something she needs to use as a way to just make him listen to her.

In the manga panels, the tone is far different. The very first indication we have that Riza’s moved is the panel showing her pulling her gun on Mustang. It’s an action panel. Her hair is flying. Her body whips around. Her one eye is closed and aiming. Mustang’s clearly-visible, clearly-deranged eyes are shocked and surprised by this. And in the next panel, we see she has the gun pressed firmly to the back of his head. Not gap between them. No aiming from the side. This is a cold barrel gun pressed against the back of his skull. This is a kill shot.

Overall, the manga gives this deeper sense of betrayal. There’s this clear indication that Mustang would do no harm to Riza, and is still deeply concerned for her. Only to have Riza rip her gun from its holster and press it into the back of Mustang’s skull. It’s rawer, and more questionable, and certainly scarier.

Brotherhood pulls off this scene with a completely different tone. And it’s good. My god it is certainly good. I’m here to point out that it is so different. Brotherhood presents this more as a steady, constant rise to the climax. We’re given more visual clues that Mustang is beyond himself. Riza pulling her gun feels more like a desperate digging in of her heels than a threat; it is calm. It is collected. It’s a necessary halting of the rising action, rather than a jarring change in its direction. It rises smoothly, then falls smoothly, with the pulling of the gun being the knoll at the top.

The manga gives this craggy upward climb, this unsettling and haunting line-toeing between rooting for Mustang and being terrified for him. (He’s killing Envy…that’s good, right? He’ll come down from it. See, he can still recognize Riza, so he’s not all that far gone. …Isn’t…Isn’t that the case?) The gun is jarring–as the aiming and the pressing to his skull are far, far more deliberate. It’s close, and personal, and violent, and shocks Mustang in a way he’s not shocked in Brotherhood. It is a split-second of wondering if Riza’s chosen to forsake him. It’s mistrust in her, the way we have this seed of mistrust in Mustang. It’s violentactive tension, which continues to be violent and active through Ed and Scar’s arrival.

The tension only begins to fall once Scar chastises Mustang for acting so recklessly when he plans to someday lead Amestris. And not a single moment before that.

Kiss Me!

Summary: You have yet to kiss your boyfriend, Baekhyun, and it’s driving you crazy. Will your loss of a random item result in you getting what you most desire?

You were a carefree and happy second year student, always focused on your keeping your grades up and being there for your friends. You’d never given much serious thought to dating. Sure, you imagined you would like to have a boyfriend, but you didn’t know any boys well enough to say you loved them. You found days like February 14 a little confusing and embarrassing. Because of that, you were really surprised when you received a sudden love confession from a sunbae you had worked with during a school festival last year.

Byun Baekhyun, a third year student at your old school, confessed to you out of nowhere when you two met again randomly at a coffee shop. You’d always thought he was really cute and seemed fun-loving but despite his outgoing personality you felt weirdly shy around him, so you two never really hung out before. When he told you that he had liked you since you’d met, you were flattered and immediately accepted his feelings.

Since then your life had been happier than ever. You and Baekhyun had been dating for six weeks now, and having a boyfriend was awesome! Baekhyun was thoughtful, funny, caring and loyal – he only had eyes for you and you never caught him so much as looking at another girl. In fact, there was only one problem with your boyfriend. He had yet to kiss you.

You suspected Baekhyun must be shy, and you realized this even more when you double dated with your best friend Hae Ra and her boyfriend Chen. Even though those two had only been going out for two weeks they were always hugging and kissing, meanwhile you and Baekhyun had only ever held hands and hugged. You wondered if this was normal? You had been feeling the urge to kiss him for a long while now but you just didn’t have the confidence to make the first move. How would you even know what to do?

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