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The Daisies Across the Street

Summary: Nico di Angelo, the town’s tattoo artist, has longed to meet the blonde florist across the street. On Valentine’s Day, Nico realized he much more prefers daisies to roses.

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SEPARATE YOUR PRODUCE! I don't care if it's the same price! If it's different things then put it in separate bags! If you do put it in the same bag then don't get mad at me for having to untie it and separate for you! I'm not trying to bruise your stuff I'm just trying to do my job!

I just tell them I have to ring it separate and open the bags and scan it all separate. I grab plastic bags and use it like you would if you were picking up dog poo. Use it like a glove and flip the bag inside out so I don’t actually touch their shit.

You will still get some complain especially if they are trying to scam the $4 per lbs tomato’s as the $1.59 per pound ones. Also there are one or two that will separate it themselves and put each item on the scale for me.


Out of the Park (Finale)

Part Fifteen
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 2010
Warnings: None.


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A/N: Thank you to everyone who loved this series like I do! There is plenty to come – check out the Coming Soon section on my masterlist for hints at what I have planned!

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doodlydoos of Reaper Jaska who will be coming to Entity tomorrow with the merge <3

I think it’s tomorrow. could be wrong. i feel like i’m going to look at this on the computers at work tomorrow and see giant swaths of misplaced color but njsdfks oh wellll felt good to just mess around with shapes and expressions

Happy birthday to this nerd

Fits like a Glove

12 leather and knitted gloves to complete your winter look 

When looking for ways to incorporate new accessories into your look, don’t forget about the perfect cold-weather necessity, gloves. Not only do they keep your fingers from freezing, they also add just the right amount of character. Whether you’re a city girl who wants to look chic in a unique leather pair or you’re more of a country girl who’s looking for a comfy knitted option, shop 12 of our favorite stylish and practical gloves from across the web below.

Leather Gloves

Black leather gloves at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2014.

Leather Perforated Glove with Zipper

Portolano Leather Driving Gloves with Chain Bow, Hematite

Textured Leather Glove

Turnlock Haircalf Glove

Leather wool-blend gloves

L'AUTRE CHOSE classic gloves

Knitted Gloves

Blogger of The Cab Look wearing knitted kitten mittens.

The Cab Look wearing knitted kitten mittens.“ src=";&gt; </p> <p> <a href="" target="_blank">Cabletwist Mittens

Pearl Stone Gloves

Knitted Touch Screen Glove

Knitted Gloves

Knit Flip Top Mittens (Juniors)

Texting Glove

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how do u clean the bones that you find?

I’ll try and keep this short but I have a zine I made a few years ago that I might upload since some of it is helpful but I made it when I was first starting out!

I’ve tried tons of different methods listed for the current bone conditions below but the ones I’m sharing are the ones that I’ve found to work the best! There are other ways to do it so experiment to see what ways you like the most. Also like please wear a glove if you’re touching bones that still have fleshy matter attached to them. I have a super thick like welding glove that is water resistant that I wear on my right hand and I don’t touch anything with my left hand since I only have one glove. 

If you find bones that are sun bleached and have no smell:
I typically don’t clean these types of bones which might be sorta gross but it doesn’t really bother me. You can soak in hydrogen peroxide to sanitize.

If you find bones that are sun bleached and have little to no dried skin/ect on them but they still have a little bit of smell:
soak in hydrogen peroxide until the bones are free of any smell or skin pieces.

If you find bones that have lots of flesh on them still but it’s sorta dry and “crunchy” or mummified:
throw the bones into a plastic tub and fill it with water. Bacteria will form and eat away the fleshy parts so that they detach from the bone in a process called maceration. You’ll likely need to dump out the water several times before the bones are free of any stuff still stuck to them. Usually after 95% is gone, I’ll take them and scrub off the remainder of the tissue with an old toothbrush or laundry brush. After all of that, I like to leave the bones out on concrete in the sun for a few days so that the sun bleaches some of the smell away and usually flip them all once so that both sides get an equal amount of sun exposure. After that if there’s still a smell then you can soak in hydrogen peroxide or you can also remove smells with herbs. There’s a blog called Wolftea and she has a lot of really good tutorials on removing nasty smells from bones.

If you find bones that have lots of raw but decaying flesh still attached to them: find a place in your backyard or somewhere that you have continued access to and place all the bones or the segments of the dead body out onto an area that gets a decent amount of sunlight but also has 100% perfect ventilation, don’t put them too close to where you hang out or close to any doors that lead to your house. Leave the bones alone for a few weeks while the bugs and elements go to work in decomposing the flesh still attached to the bones. After a few weeks/months go out with gloves and flip the bones so that the other side can be exposed to the elements as well. After the bones are in the stage listed above this one, where the skin and flesh left is sort of in the crunchy stage, then proceed to macerate/clean with toothbrush/sun bleach/hydrogen peroxide

If you find a dead animal that is pretty freshly dead (like roadkill ect):
I take a cardboard box and line it with paper or plastic bags and then in a pinch where I don’t have gloves with me, I use an inside out bag as a glove to put the body into the box to take home to work on. When you have a recently dead animal, if you’re not careful about where you put its body to decompose, bigger animals will come and drag it away and you will be really fucking confused about where the animals body went. You can create some sort of “bone cage” (there are a few tutorials around online I believe) and that way the animals body is protected from scavengers that might steal it, but still exposed to the elements so that it can go through the decomposition process.
You can also choose to burry the carcass but I don’t really like this method because it’s easy to break bones when you try to dig them up and it’s impossible to know for sure when to dig them back up so I’ve just ended up waiting over a year before. I don’t like this method much but it’s some peoples preferred method. Once the bones are ready to be cleaned, go through the steps above!

How to clean out the brain cavity in a skull:
This is like the only thing about cleaning bones that makes me really nauseous like I dread this part every time I get a skull that isn’t sun bleached already. What you have to kind of do is soak the skull for several days so that the brain tissue gets loosened, then take a stick or something similar and shove it up into the brain cavity and wiggle it all around, kind of scraping at the sides a little bit and then shake out the skull and soak it again. Most of the brain matter will come out in chunks when you do this but soaking it again ensures that the rest will come out too. If it’s a bigger more sturdier skull, you can spray a hose into the brain cavity (like really carefully obviously like no matter how sturdy a skull seems, like treat it with more caution then you think it needs) and that will get the remainder of the brain out probably. If it’s a super tiny skull like a mouse or bird or something, you can fish it out with a paper clip but be sooo careful because they break super easily, I don’t usually work with bones smaller than an opossum because those tiny bones are so easy to break and I feel bad.

Owl pellets:
I love owl pellets though they’re kind of my only exception to working with small bones and like these bones are SMALL. If you’re not sure about how old an owl pellets is, you can sun bleach it for a few days or heat it in the oven on low wrapped in tin foil. If you open up an owl pellet that is wet on the inside it is really fucking disgusting honestly like you do not want that. However a dried or old owl pellet doesn’t really faze me one bit since it doesn’t really smell that much. Take either your finger tips (if you are down for that) or two sets of tweezers (if you’re not down to use your bare hands) and break the owl pellet in half CAREFULLY (sometimes there’s skulls in the middle or larger bones that will break in half if you don’t separate the owl pellet carefully) then start picking little pieces of the fur away and attempting to free each individual bone from the mass. Drop each bone into a mason jar as you free it. Try and get as much of the hair off as possible before you drop it into the jar. Once you get everything freed, soak everything hydrogen peroxide and change it out a few times.


comes a-long a-love;

It was an honest way of living, this. The fighting. The brawling. Adam spat over to one corner first before holding his fists up. Well…maybe there were more decent means of making end’s meat. Those other methods of employment weren’t so close to the pub though, and with the crowd beginning to roar out their bets around him Adam Walker was given a quick shove into the boxing ring and a laugh that followed from his mate’s mouth. James. The idiot hadn’t thrown one punch in his life yet was keen to make his own fortune off his friends’ fists. All he had to do was bet on Walker, the short, gingery Scotsman who had made something of a name for himself in the streets of London. 1953 it was, and yet the rings were still packed with people calling out just like they had done before the war. Only difference now was the fashion of the viewers, and the cameras that shuttered off in a fury around the pair. And maybe the loose hope here and there that one of the fancy big wigs from the television companies would be sitting in on a match. Other than that though it was a filthy thing. Cigarettes everywhere and bottles being smashed to clash with the ringing of the bell, followed shortly by the low grunt of Adam’s opponent once the first strike was thrown out. There was no way the ugly idiot in front of him was a lightweight. But then again, this was far from the professional shit the sport fanatics mooned over. This was for free beer and just enough to pay the rent, and if he were lucky, the thrill of beating someone twice his size and being able to brag about it to the birds who were far too timid to every step foot in a place like this.

Strange then, that when Adam had reared back from a short burst of punches to what’s-his-face’s abdomen that his eyes fell right under his arm to find a skirt. A skirt that was presumably attached to a girl who had found her way to the front of the audience. And Adam would have seen her face too, had it not been for the clumsy swing towards his head that came moments later. Not that it really took much to dodge and side sweep away from the oaf. Honestly Adam could already tell that this one wouldn’t be much of a challenge save for his size. But that was easy then, to wear him out and keep the hits short until eventually he slowed enough to finish him off. “Knock his teeth in, Walker!” James shouted from behind. As if Adam could reach his bloody teeth from here, he thought right back, wishing his hands were free of the gloves to flip him off. Though he supposed it was a good thing he had them after all when his rival was busy trying to clear his head off his shoulders. Adam scurried to the side again, the glove of the other man whizzing right past his ear to mix with the excited groans and cries of their audience. And then another dodge that actually forced a growl of frustration out past rugged lips. Serves him right, for not sticking to his goddamn weight class, Adam thought as another quick punch was thrown out. But then there was that skirt again, and a wave of long hair that wasn’t covered in tan or black trillby hat hats. And his eyes, blue as anything and distracted for just one moment from his fight landed on a girl wedged between those betting men. A suitcase was clutched to her chest, as though she was fearful that someone might snatch it out of her hands. And even in the bright lights of the makeshift ring he could see the faint makings of a blush. So not only had a bird wandered in, but a pretty one too. Pretty enough to keep Adam staring until the other man’s fist found its way right into Adam’s gut. And pretty enough for him to look right at her eyes before the pain of it all finally hit him. “Fuckin’…” He back peddled far enough to keep away. “Hell.” He was going to make a fool of himself if he kept trying to catch her eye, whoever she was. But it was a hard thing to keep himself away, no matter how James roared from the sides to wake up and the other men who had bet on him, no matter how he needed to focus on his current task of trying to win the damn thing. And as he dodged another blow, Adam had the gall to turn his head ever so slightly in the girl’s direction, throwing her a smile before whipping right along back to fight.