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Mother Nature's Son leered at the man while her User was working on a potted plant. A green gloved finger flips him off. She hasn't forgotten about Board Game Online.

There was nothing stopping him from making an obnoxiously loud chortle the moment he saw the other flip him off. Truth be told, he wasn’t sure what he did to them considering all the mayhem that was occurring but it was enough to get him recognized.

Was it the time he tossed a bomb next to their corpse or was that another one? Or was she the one that tried to shoot him once or twice? Either way he took delight in provoking them with his cheeky grin, winking a mischievous aquamarine eye.


There was a loud crash from elsewhere in the house.

“Everything all right?” He called out from across the room, gloved hands flipping through a journal that he had picked up in the study. There was a pause before came the reply, his companion confirming the discovery of the two corpses within the mansion, along with the assurance that things were fine.

Were there more bodies in hiding? Rumors were that the head of the household, Sir Victor, had kept his fair share of mistresses. Of the two deceased, one was identified as Victor’s wife of two decades, though he suspected their relationship had long soured. The other body had had its face bashed in beyond recognition, and further tests would be necessary before a name could be discerned.

Sir Victor himself was missing, and that was the most curious finding of all. Had he run, because he was guilty? Or had he vanished without a trace, because he was murdered? Alone in Victor’s mansion, they were both searching for clues to his mysterious disappearance, as well as for any leads that could help them narrow down the suspect of the killings.

Well, at least, he could speak for himself. However, with regards to the raven that he had crossed paths with—her intentions and motivations were still unclear and suspicious. Setting down the diary—there had been no useful facts to be learned from it but merely illegible scribblings hinting at a certain raving madness of its author—he left the study to find the woman.

“Is that all?” He arched a brow. “Only two? It looks as if there were a family of ten living here. We’ll have to keep looking.” It was going to be a long night.

There was also the possibility—an unfortunate possibility—that the murderer was still lurking around inside… since the doors had been bolted shut prior to their entry, and the windows were shut tight and locked.

It was an absolute coincidence that Leviathan had been tagged to go along with this man on his investigation of her little rampage. The man of the house had done his best to cheat on his lovely wife with her, something that infuriated Leviathan. Although she believed one should live their life with absolute pleasure as the main goal, she believed the sanctity of marriage should be respected. As such… the man and his many loves had met their end when Leviathan stepped in. 

           … And she was feeling creative at the time, too… Too bad… 

All of that was behind her now. Now she was helping this man catch the killer, ironically enough. Humans could be so much fun. She had expressed quite the eagerness to help him… Psht… Such compassion did not reside in her blackest of hearts. 

She gave a solemn nod when he questioned if there really were only two bodies. Most certainly there were only two. Only two in that room, anyway. There were more bodies to be found in the house, along with out in the city, but Leviathan would humor the man. 

She approached him slightly before stopping short at the piano - an odd object for an older man to have in his study - and pressing down a few keys in a sensuous manner with her long fingers, scarlet eyes upon the investigator. 

Why do you so fervently search for these clues and bodies….? With the gentleman of the house missing… Who is paying you?” she asked in her smokey sultry tones. And… have you found anything of interest in those dusty old pages?”

Amble 006

{{Set in a Modern AU}}

Antares puts on a denim apron and safety goggles in the woodshop. Their hair gets tied back into a messy ponytail. 

The woodworker’s height makes their presence well known, but despite the large stack of wood in their arms, they somehow move relatively gracefully around other woodshop patrons. Not a single plank accidentally drops nor hits another person as Antares walks around. 

Antares is not working on any significant projects. The planks they have chosen are just planks that have not yet been smoothly planed so there are rough edges. Ones with many splinters and ridges. Antares must smooth the wood before it can be used by general woodshop patrons. They put on thick gloves before flipping the power switch for the planer. As the machine whirs to life, the woodworker places the first plank onto the bench and begins their task.