glove actually

     How do you do shadows?! The shading is so off, I mean, look at that shadow on the ground. It looks like a lighter than average oil spill! Also, I didn’t know how to shade a wall, so I just left it blank. I guess that what happens when you have zero idea of how to shade. >_> The good new is that I tried to make an actual background. Actually, I think the floor’s perspective is off, but, hey, at least I tried. The static on Mettaton’s face has no real significance; I saw a video on how to make a static effect in Ms Paint and I wanted to try it out. It looked cool. Oh, yeah, I drew actual fingers for this one. I just didn’t think a blob of flesh would look good on someone’s who’s wearing gloves. :p Actually, on Mettaton, it wouldn’t be a blob of flesh; it would be a blob of metal and magic. So, yeah!

Hoe tips #2 💗🌟

Hi beautiful ladies, I’m here with more tips from my experiences and to help u with day to day hoeing and health n beauty tips 💜 enjoy ur day

✨- every hoe who drives should have a car ‘kit’ in the glove compartment or somewhere to store:
-backup contraception and condoms (sexual health is 🔑)
-baby wipes
-water bottle
-both spare sexy panties and chill panties
-chill clothes than can double as pj’s (tracksuits, leggings, vest etcetera)

✨- use shimmer body lotion to make ur skin n limbs look radiant n a lil sexier than they already do (beautiful hoes come in all shapes n sizes💜) even a cheap one like dove or VS does the trick n ur skin feels soft to touch too

✨- don’t forget to castor oil ur eyebrows every night

✨- be a confident hoe.. Smile more n sit with good posture n u will appear more confident n approachable

✨- warm n wet camomile tea bags help get rid of eye infections n eye bags really well and it works amazingly for tired puffy eyes too lay down for a while and place them on ur closed eyes

✨- WATER n green tea, drink them both (skip the tea if ur caffeine sensitive)

✨- if u self tan like me, get you some exfoliating gloves. Actually everyone get them, they revolutionised my skincare routine n now I don’t need to buy or make body scrubs unless I wanna treat myself on the odd occasion

✨- always wear spf on ur face and under ur makeup even when it’s cloudy

✨- always wash ur face in cool or lukewarm water n avoid doing it in the hot shower as the heat n pressure can upset the skin

✨- as tempting as it is to make it smell like ur shower product for when ur getting head, don’t clean ur coochie with ur shower gel it can upset the pH n cause infections such as thrush and BV as well as parched skin

✨- spray ur pressure points (behind ears, insides of elbows n knees, inner thighs, décolletage, wrists) n ur perfume will linger all day

✨- exfoliate ur lips too! Make ur own white sugar scrub (or buy from LUSH) or use a wet flannel or an old toothbrush n rub very gently

listen I love this early TFA concept art of young Kylo Ren (then just referred to as the Jedi Killer) 


he is literally dressed like an emo

Here’s my attempt at an Aquamarine redesign. The reasons for the changes are summarized below:

I was unhappy with her hair and head shape, as well as her eyes. Both her eyes and head were too circular, so I decided to change them to be more complex shapes. Since her gem is under her eye and teardrop-shaped, I decided to make her eyes sad-looking and droopy. Then, I decided to change her palette and make it more diverse than other blue gems such as Lapis and Blue Diamond, making the blues more muted and closer to green, pulling colors from pictures of actual aquamarines and adjusting accordingly. I also decided to give her a neck, a midsection, and make her legs longer and give her heels to make her less short. Last, I changed her gloves to make it look like she was actually wearing gloves instead of that photoshopped look as portrayed in the show, adding decoration to compliment the magic fairy motif of Aquamarine. 

hm. i had a caption for this for once but i forgot what it was

well here’s flicker in a different outfit i guess

Forever and Always

Pairing: lams (laurens x hamilton)

Premise: In the present day, a young historian named Jalisa finds all the missing letters between John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton.

Word Count: 4359 (yIKES sorry)

Warnings: allusions to suicide, angst

*IMPORTANT* a/n: okay, so this was a number prompt that I wanted to flesh out, so here you go anon!! and just a note, in this universe, the ONLY letter found between Hamilton and Laurens was the “cold in my professions” one. also - pay attention to the dates of the letters and the signatures at the end, they’re important…. that’s all!  enjoy <3

Jalisa felt a twinge of excitement as soon as she’d crossed the threshold of the Grange. She stared around at the beautiful old house, trying to take in as many details as she could.

“You have an hour, okay, Jalisa? And make sure to wear gloves when touching anything. Don’t break anything, and don’t mess up any of the displays,” her professor spoke in warning tones, clearly rethinking his promise to her that she could have free reign in the historic house.

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