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Cat paw print discovered on Gloucester Roman roof tile

A paw print made by a cat in Roman times has been discovered on a 2,000 year old roof tile in Gloucester.

It was dug up in Berkeley Street in 1969 but the footprint has only just been discovered.

The print was found by an archaeologist at Gloucester City Museum who was examining thousands of fragments of Roman roof tile.

The cat is thought to have snuck across the wet tiles which were drying in the sun in about AD100.

The tile, a type called tegula, was used on the roof of a building in what became the Berkeley Street area of modern Gloucester, a spokesman said. Read more.


Today the lovely kakapo (NH.37.59) has gone on his first outing as part of the Arts Council funded Objects in Focus loans programme. We have a selection of objects available for short term loan that come as a package with their own display case, information labels and an event related to the loan.

The kakapo is on display at the Gloucester City Museum and Art Gallery until the beginning of July so go and have a look!