Glottiphyllum difforme

Glottiphyllums are members of the Ice Plant Family (Aizoaceae), native to the southern part of South Africa. They are notable for their very succulent soft pliable leaves and bright yellow flowers. This one is Glottiphyllum difforme, from near Steytlerville in the country’s hot and dry interior. It is unique in the genus for its two odd little appendages on the leaves (these can be seen in the lower photo). Sometimes these appendages are like little thumbs, but they may also be more tooth-like. 


Glottiphyllum oligocarpum

Glottiphyllums have tongue-like or finger-like leaves which are usually bright green in color, but G. oligocarpum is an exception with its glaucous blue-green coloration. Like other species in the genus, it has bright yellow flowers. It comes from the south-central part of the country, and flowers in fall to early winter.