Tumblr Crushes:

Hello new faces! I love your writing!!

Oh Joy? you? here? 1st place? that’s a new one! :P 

Alison, just yesterday we talked about it, tumblr wouldn’t be as great if it you weren’t here… 

Andrew and Cheyenne, I think of you as the ones I’d love to adopt :P 

And Roggs… welcome back, true love never dies, right? :) 

Laurie, my personal blog, which I like to think of as my other mirror, has so much of you not by coincidence, we are like twin sisters and I love it! 

If I were to end up on a deserted island, I’d have nothing to regret if I had these awesomeness to keep me company… well, that and wifi but whatevs..

tagged by whatrot :]

“You can tell a lot about the person from the music they listen to. Put your music device on shuffle and write the first 20 song that play without skipping. Tag 10 people afterwards.”

  1. Till It’s Gone - Britney Spears
  2. A Man Chases A Girl - Donald O'Connor and Marilyn Monroe 
  3. Star Spangled Rhythm Radio Performance February 9th 1943
  4. Hall of Fame - The Script Ft. Will I.AM
  5. Someone Else’s Baby - Adam Faith
  6. Dance Routine - Follow The Boys (1944)
  7. Overture - Waterloo Bridge (1940)
  8. Blue Velvet - Lana Del Rey
  9. No Apologies - Bon Jovi
  10. Bed of Roses - Bon Jovi
  11. Factory Girl - The Pretty Reckless
  12. C'est Si Bon - Eartha Kitt - The Wolf of Wall Street Soundtrack
  13. Hey Leroy, Your Mama’s Callin’ You - Jimmy Castor - The Wolf of Wall Street Soundtrack
  14. There Are Worse Things I Could Do - Stockard Channing - Grease
  15. Do It Again - Marilyn Monroe
  16. Wish It Were Me - The Platters
  17. Hey Little Girl - Del Shannon
  18. Star Struck - Robbie Williams
  19. Do You Want To Build A Snowman? - Frozen
  20. Teardrops On My Guitar - Taylor Swift

** I haven’t actually listened to the ones in bold so um, this is a bit awkward..