White Noise 

(by Sara Andreasson

White Noise is a norm-critical project resulting in a series of fashion illustrations, through conformity and resistance aiming to expose the hierachies that quietly shape the grid against which we are inevitably measured.

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Yulia Rose for Drop Magazine
One from awhile ago that I never posted - Drop Magazine

Photography jeffboudreau 
Styling un-categorized
Hair Zsuzka Benke 
Make-Up Tabby Casto 
Models Yulia Rose @Premier 


My Make-up Work: STELLAR Magazine editorial Jan 2015

Shimmering silver eye shadow and dewy skin were the order of the day for this all white shoot I worked on for Stellar Magazine’s January issue - although I sneaked in a little hot pink to give the look a more editorial twist. Needless to say it was great fun playing with the snow machine but cleaning it up afterwards wasn’t so great…! 

Beauty note #1: A flawless base with just a hint of blush will give you that flushed, winter-walk look. 

Beauty note #2: Dab a lipstick that matches the pink accent eyeshadow on the inner bottom lip for a just-bitten feel. 

Beauty note #3: Blend silver eyeshadow up to the brow bone and add some high-pigment pink to the inner corner of eyes to get this high fashion look. 

Published in the Jan 2015 issue of STELLAR Magazine // Photography: Eilish McCormick // Styling: Linda Conway // Make-up: Sarah Lanagan // Hair: Aidan Darcy // Model: Li-Anne Small @ Distinct Management

analsexdisaster asked:

Hi! :) I was wondering if you had any suggestions for early anti-aging/ anti-aging steps that an acne-prone person can take? Also wondering if there are anti-aging things that a young person shouldn't do? Thanks! 💕

It’s a myth that you need to be a certain age before you begin using antiagers like retinol. If you have rough, wrinkly skin that you wish to help smooth out, the treatments for a 21 year old are the same for a 50 year old. I’m 30 and I use Paula’s Choice retinol serum twice a week.

Also you need to use SPF daily and make sure you’re nourishing your skin with antioxidant-rich treatments. I wish I’d started sooner, but even though I’ve only been using Paula’s choice serums and exfoliants for a couple months the changes I’ve seen to my skin are massive. Her BHA and AHA treatments make my skin look glossy and totally smooth - I haven’t broken out in ages.

ALERT!! Insiders Scoop…

 MAC now have a brand new Mineralize foundation; Mineralize Moisture.

This lightweight, creamy fluid provides the skin with an instant burst of mineral based hydration, feeding the skin with softening and light reflecting ingredients such as Shea butter and emollients thus leaving the skin looking radiant, refreshed & revitalised. This exclusive product is ideal for the drier skin types, providing a light-medium buildable coverage with a satin finish. This product is truly Kim Kardashian worthy!!

I demonstrated this product today & combined it with MACs Skin Base Visage Primer which improves every aspect of the foundation, Studio Finish concealer as a cream bronzer, Spike brow pencil & to finish the look I coated the lips in ‘Pink Pearl Pop’ creemsheen lipstick. Look how beautiful lovely Emily looks!!