glossy orange


by: thesandandslime


ya lit meme: [3/6] locations ≡ the foxhole court

Neil was moving before the ceiling lights turned on, crossing the inner court to the court walls. He pressed his hands to the thick, cold plastic and looked up, where the scoreboards and replay TVs hung over the court’s ceiling, then down to the glossy wood. Orange lines marked first, half, and far court. It was perfect, utterly perfect, and Neil felt at once inspired and horrified by the sight of it.


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Strike- Alex Summers x Reader

Request// @dilemmadoll Can you please do an imagine like you have a crush on Alex Summers, he likes you too. But the reader didn’t know he likes her so she tries to impress him but ends up being clumsy and awkward, he finds it adorable and laughs and fluff? 

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You pulled your hair into a loose ponytail and faced your reflection in the mirror. You were dressed simply, leggings, a pullover, and your favorite sneakers, with light natural makeup, and you were nervous as hell. You were going bowling with Alex Summers, not a big deal, the two of you had been friends for months, but you’d never really done something like this with just the two of you. Originally it was meant to be a group outing including Scott, Jean, and Kurt, but they had all canceled leaving the two of you.

Being as long as it was since the plans had been made, the two of you decided to go anyways, Alex seemingly nonchalant about the decision, while you felt wracked with nerves. 

Alex Summers was easy to fall for, his smile, how polite he was, his ability to make anyone laugh, and fall you had. You couldn’t pin point the exact moment you’d begun wishing the two of you were more than friends, but somewhere between the long nights spent laughing together, starting small competitions over everything, and catching each others glances during a long boring class, knowing just what the other was thinking by their expression, you’d realized you really, really, liked him.

And due to how competitive the two of you were, leading up to the bowling night, you’d talked up your game quite a bit, making yourself out to be some pro bowler, when you’d really only been once before, which retrospect would probably be a problem, but hey you’ll cross that bridge when you come to it. 

It was a short drive to the alley consisting of inside jokes and betting who could eat the most pizza. He held the door for you when entering the place and you couldn’t stop the smile that formed on your lips when he did. 

“Should we get bumpers?” Alex asked you when you finally reached counter. You were so lost in your own thoughts it took you a second to reply.

“Um, no, we don’t need them,” You grinned, trying to hide your nerves.

“Alright miss expert bowler,” he laughed facing the employee again. He purchased your lane, then the two of you picked up your shoes.

“I’ve gotta admit I’m not that great at this, so don’t laugh I keep getting gutter balls,” he shrugged while lacing up his shoes.

“Well you’ll just have to watch and learn then,” you smirked at him, exuberayting faux confidence. You made your way to ball return and picked up a glossy red and orange ball. You almost dropped it instantly while trying to fit your fingers correctly.

“Not learning much,” Alex called to you jokingly. You blushed furiously and bit back an embarrassed smile. You approached the lane slowly, took a deep breath, pulled back your arm, and threw the ball forward. Whatever momentous strike you were expecting then didn’t come, for the ball rolled forward slowly before immediately plunging into the gutter. You titled your head back and groaned in disappointment, then spun on your heel to face the grinning Alex.

“So I’m a little rusty,” You smiled innocently.

“Rusty? Have you ever bowled before?” Alex said in a jokingly chastising tone. 

“Ok ok, so I suck at bowling, lets see what your got Summers,” you challenged him, raising your eyebrows.

“You’re on (Y/L/N),” He picked up a ball of his own and approached the lane while you took a seat in the chairs behind him to watch. He bowled a perfect strike. 

“Really?” You sighed, when he spun around, grinning from ear to ear at you. The second you saw his overjoyed expression, and how adorably proud of himself he looked, you couldn’t help but smile too.

“Come on (Y/N),” he celebration danced his way over to you and taking both your hands in his, pulled you off the bench, “looks like your the one who needs some teaching.”

You let him tug you to your feet and followed him to the ball return where he placed a bowling ball in your hands. “Okay,” he said, steering you by your shoulders to face the lane, “see the ball, be the ball.” You couldn’t help but laugh at his ridiculous statement and the serious tone he delivered it in, he chuckled along with you.

“Alright, alright, I think I can do this,” you raised the bowling ball in front of your face.

“I believe in you,” Alex smiled. You pulled your arm back and let the ball go flying. You watched, wide eyed as it rolled down the middle of the lane, and rolled and rolled…

“HOLY SHIT,” you spun around, both hands up in the air due to excitement, “I GOT A STRIKE,” you exclaimed. You didn’t worry about the fact that the entire bowling alley was probably staring at your over the top reaction, but you were just so excited. Alex’s face broke into his biggest grin yet and wrapping his arms around your waist he lifted you in a spinning hug.

“YES,” he exclaimed along with you, “(Y/N) BOWLED THE PERFECT STRIKE,” you were both dying laughing and Alex couldn’t get over how utterly adorable you looked when you were this excited about something.





the signs & their makeup looks

Aries: wild brows, bold lips most likely cherry red
Taurus: naturally long lashes, bold brows, nude matte lipstick
Gemini: ombré lips, purple hair
Cancer: glittery magenta eyeshadow, bubblegum pink lips
Leo: gold glittery eyeshadow, shimmery lips, sunkissed glo, remarkable hair
Virgo: perfect concealer, perfect brows, perfect hair, ethereal highlight ✨
Libra: heavy contour applied perfectly, stylish haircut, false lashes, long nails
Scorpio: heavy eyeshadow (probably smoky eye), false lashes, black or wine red matte lipstick, black nails
Sagittarius: orange glossy lips, perfect brows, yellow nails
Capricorn: false lashes, perfect smile, dewy foundation, heavy on mascara and blush, clear nails
Aquarius: wears very little makeup, mascara, lipgloss, aquamarine nails
Pisces: beach hair, long lashes, light contour, stunning eyes, sea blue nails

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Hi! I love your malec fics! I'm not sure if you're taking prompts but if it's possible could you write one based off of the photobooth pictures? Thanks. 😊

Imagine three years from now.

Imagine Magnus Bane’s home; the glossy black doors, the orange-tinted light that casts everything in warm hues. There are so many things everywhere that the eye doesn’t know where to land – leather jackets hanging over chairs, clinking jars of unnameable ingredients lining the shelves, priceless paintings hanging on the walls.

And tucked into the frame of one of the paintings, the one right by the entrance, is something laminated and shiny and incongruous against the black and brown oils on canvas.

Greeting cards, maybe, or takeout menus? But no – they’re photos. Photo strips, the type that cost 400 yen in tiny photobooths in Shibuya or Akihabara or Harajuku. And not just one, but three, laid out in a careful fan.

The first is edged in light blue, corners starting to curl in, the color fading a bit from exposure to the light. There’s Alec and Magnus, the newness of their relationship obvious in the careful smile on Magnus’s face, the particular way they touch, the way Alec stares at Magnus like he’s a bright, shining thing that he can’t believe is real. Is his.

The second… the second is ridiculous. It’s all glitter and hot pink and shooting stars with neon tails, and every photo is a mess. There’s Alec’s face, half out of the frame as he laughs, Magnus’s arms a blur that wrap around Alec’s shoulders. There’s Magnus, eyes scrunched shut, Alec tucked behind him as his lips chase after Magnus’s neck. One of the photos is a haze of swirling sapphire, only the faintest outlines of flailing hands visible through the fog of magic, and one is just the palm of Magnus’s hand pressed against the camera, dark hair and foreheads pressed close the only thing visible from between silver rings.

And the last… the last is quiet. Sweeter, gentler, less frantic and but just as honest. There’s a silent, subtle glow in the way they look at each other, something natural that comes from the security of surviving and thriving in the fire of someone else’s love. There isn’t anything crazy here - just a sequence of barely-there smiles, shared stares, and clasped hands that move higher and higher, from one picture to the next, until it ends with Magnus kissing Alec’s knuckles, the faint glint of golden rings almost hidden by interlaced fingers.

And next year, and the year after, more pictures will join the fray. Maybe they’ll be serious, or stupid, or sickeningly sweet. Maybe Alec will have more crinkles around his eyes, and maybe Magnus will grin and brush his fingers over the lines. And maybe there will be a little scowling Shadowhunter boy who joins them, or a baby warlock with skin as blue as the sea.